News: Helman: Stop Trying To Make Dalton About Dak

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Doomsday101, May 4, 2020.

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    FRISCO, Texas – Never before have I seen so much uproar about the Cowboys doing something so smart.

    That's the territory we've entered into with the quarterback position – specifically, with Dak Prescott and this ongoing contract dispute.

    The obvious news, in case you haven't heard: the Cowboys agreed to terms with veteran quarterback Andy Dalton on Saturday, and they signed him Monday. The longtime Cincinnati Bengal joins the Cowboys with 133 career starts, three Pro Bowl bids and five playoff appearances under his belt.

    What's more, the Cowboys got him at a pretty great bargain. The reported terms of Dalton's one-year deal are for a total of $7 million, but much of that is based on playing time incentives. If Dalton holds a clipboard for 16 games as Prescott's backup, he'll be due just $3 million.

    Essentially, the Cowboys have found themselves one of the most experienced backups in the league for a solid discount. Dalton's base salary is less than at least four other backup quarterbacks. It's a fraction of what the New Orleans Saints just paid to their Swiss Army Knife backup, Taysom Hill.
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  2. Jake

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    It's never going to stop as long as Dak is unsigned. People will make what they like out of it.
  3. Maxmadden

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    I would be literally shocked if a light bulb didn't go off in Dak's head when he heard the news.
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    Seems like Hellman’s feelings are hurt by this great signing.
  5. John813

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    Welcome to Dallas sports fans Helman.
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  6. Doomsday101

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    I agree, you have some who have a fantasy that this will somehow derail Dak future in Dallas. I just do not see a situation where Dak will not sign a 31 mill dollar deal if it gets to that point. Meantime the Cowboys and Dak have until July 15 to get it done. I tend to think something will get done but in the end either way Dak will be starting QB this season.
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  7. RS12

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    Helman is on the team payroll so.....
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  8. jazzcat22

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    right, you don’t see fans calling him a homer like they do Mickey. When they are both employed by the same guy. :laugh:
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  9. Doomsday101

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    Seems he stated he liked the signing.

    "To be clear, I'm not knocking Andy Dalton's ability. On an offense this loaded, I think he could be quite successful if he had to start. That's what makes it such a smart signing."

    Had Dallas not signed Dalton who is the backup? UDFA in Rush? a 7th rd pick in Dinucci? I highly doubt McCarthy would be that thrilled with a position such as QB to not fill the backup role with a vet.
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  10. GMO415

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    Helman gets on my nerves sometimes....he's too smug.
  11. anava

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    I dont care what side of pay Dak or dont pay him you are on but if you dont see how this plays into what they pay him then you're blind. There was no way the Cowboys were going to go into the season starting Cooper Rush, so they were going to have to pay Dak and he knew it. But now Jerry can drag this out because Dalton is more than capable of running the show for a while if need be.
  12. RS12

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    My point is there has been a narrative amongst the local media to go out of their way to say Dalton is nothing but a backup. The national media not so much. You read it however you want.
  13. sean10mm

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    I mean people believed that Jon Kitna was going to challenge Romo's position on the roster too. There were probably some maniacs who thought Kyle Orton would usurp him too lmao.
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  14. JoeKing

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    They totally intended to go into the season with Cooper Rush as the backup QB until Coach McCarthy came on board. I see people trying to credit Stephen for this move but that's just wrong. This move started with Big Mike making a call to Stephen. Okay, give Stephen some of the credit but it wasn't his original idea, it was McCarthy's idea to fix his QB room.

    As for Helman's 2 cents, there is something he said that was just wrong. Taysom Hill is not a QB, he's just a gadget guy. He's not even a backup QB. When Brees went down last season, did Hill get the starting job? No, it went to Teddy Bridgewater. This year if Brees goes down, is Hill getting the starting QB job? No, Jamies Winston will get that nod.
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  15. GMO415

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    Talk about a waste of talent...Orton was pretty decent.
  16. PhillyCowboysFan

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    Little mans syndrome!
  17. Cowboys22

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    I'm not saying the signing is all about Dak. Actually, I think it just fell in their lap. I think Dalton contacted them because he simply wanted to be at home for this year and didn't want to move his family with all that's going on. He presented a too good to pass up situation and the Cowboys jumped at it. So now that it's done, it's impossible to totally separate it from Dak because it puts the team in a totally different situation than it was in a few days ago. When you have viable options, your decision making can be affected. When you know the other side has options, you are put to the test. It really wouldn't surprise me if the deal doesn't get done quickly now. For the first time since he won the job and kept it when Romo came back, he is seriously looking at the possibility of not being the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. There will have to be some budging from his side at some point now.
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  18. krimson

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    I think that there is huge piece of the puzzle that everyone is ignoring when it comes to this signing. Yes, it was a cheap move for arguably the best backup QB in football, 3 mil for Dalton vs 2.5 mil for Rush, but that is only half of it.

    This upcoming season is going to present some obstacles that we have never seen before. Imagine this Dak, who is well known for not abiding by social distancing rules, contracts COVID 19? He could be out for a month or more after recovering and being quarantined. Having a solid backup at QB is much more important this year and probably for the near future. Eagles did this by drafting Hurts. Personally, I prefer a proven starter at backup than wasting a second round pick on a QB that may not live up to his draft status.

    This was great move by the front office. Dalton is a great insurance policy to have. It's nice to know that the drop off will not be as significant should Dak not show up or go down to illness or injury. Say what you will about Dalton, but if you switched Dak and Dalton's teams last year I'd bet that Dak wouldn't look much better.
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  19. texbumthelife

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    Only one person can stop the speculation and posturing, and that's Dak. He doesn't seem to be in any hurry though so get used to it.
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  20. Hawkeye0202

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    :clap::clap::clap:Bingo!!!!!! In other words, IF I'm caring the clipboard this year, why do it at home if possible so I don't have to relocate my family again after a year. We heard nothing to suggest Cowboys/MM were looking to replace Rush this year and honestly why would they, Dak's never missed a game. What they have promised is to have a young developing QB in the room. I'm guessing his desire to play here on a cheap deal was just too good to pass up. Some are making seem as if the Cowboys recruited him coz of issues with Dak. I don't see that at all BUT now that he's signed his presence will obviously create ongoing questions.

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