Hope, springs eternal!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Feb 27, 2021.

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    You mock, you continue to exhibit whale **** morals.
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    In my expected lifetime, it will be whatever time Jerry has left and then Stephen calling the shots. So you see my dilemma. What you say about the young ones possibly being different is factual, I'll give you that but I won't see those days so they are no concern of mine for this discussion. We are not going to see the Cowboys improve to the degree it takes to win a super bowl in our lifetime.
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    More discipline. Game after game people breaking contain and no adjustment.
    Let's take the Washington game, you have a guy who's been destroying you all game. In the 2nd half there he is standing on the flat and no Cowboy within 10-15 yds. OVER AND OVER!
    Discipline and accountability.
    All I ask.
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    Exhibit A: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Dwellers in the NFC South basement for a decade (except for two seasons)
    Two offseasons ago --changed the head coach; one offseason ago --changed the quarterback (along with a few other additions)
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    Cowboys were on their way up in the middle of the 2010s decade, but took a downturn the last two years. Is a bounce back possible \ probable for 2021?
    A lot of things have to fall into place.
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    He's the biggest POS on this forum. He thinks that he better than you because he drinks the kool-aid and feels that it's okay for him to call people names for who don't drink the kool-aid. He's an annoying jackass.
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    Its guys like you that ruin this place. Why break his chops on what he did for a living and is paaionate about it. Problem is you are probably 21 and not used to getting reprimanded on immaturity. How would you feel if I walked into Burger King and kicked the mop out of your hand while you were working. Grow up
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    Sorry Amigo, can't agree with you here. You can get upset with a team you care about and still be very hopeful. We're all different but I don't judge you or any other fan's loyalty.
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    Hope is the necessary companion to every fan, even the most dour and down on everything still have that little sliver of hope. The negative fans hope their wrong.

    It's where hope meets expectations that we get derailed.

    My father stopped expecting me to change and hoped I would change my wild child ways. He was better off and so was I.

    It's all in what you hope for that makes the difference. Hoping for a SB? Naaaah, you're just setting yourself up and do that every year and I think you like the pain.

    I hope for a good season but that involves heart. My mind looks at the team and that's where my expectations come from but I really don't see this battle between fans over their expectations. Why does anyone here care what any other poster thinks is going to happen? I just don't get it.

    Here's what I hope. I hope these attacks because someone's opinions differ or someone doesn't buy into the season as you do or the reverse stop.

    If you are an overly optimistic fan and that's what you need to do to roll into the season, great, but don't get defensive and feel you have to protect your optimism. If you feel you are a "realist" that's how you feel, doesn't make it so and it doesn't make it OK to rain on the optimist because you really want to feel that way.

    I hope we can respect the right for any poster to feel the way they do without having to defend themselves. And I sincerely hope the labeling someone because of an opinion stops. What posters think of the Cowboys season has nothing to do with who they are.
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    I’m not judging anyone or anyone’s loyalty

    my point is that the whole “hope for next year” thing only gets you so far and then appathy sets in....which was my point with this fan base. We have been 26 years since a nfcc game and have an entire generation that has not know success.

    At some point hope just won’t be enough for a lot of fans and the fan base will contract....that’s all I’m saying
  11. CouchCoach

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    What is the price of hope? What does it cost you if you are wrong? For that matter, what does being optimistic cost you, if you are wrong?

    Disappointment? Surely, we can all handle that being sports fans.

    Allow me to share something with you. I was a card carrying proud pessimist for most of my life, that was my shield against life and I would gladly tell anyone either I am right or I am pleasantly surprised but I win either way. Then an event came into my life that forced me to be that which I had made fun of in the past. a positive optimist for to be any other way was unthinkable.

    I was also quick to tell anyone that being an optimist about things completely out of your control was ridiculous. You will, most likely, be disappointed and not be rewarded for your optimism but I was wrong because optimism is it's own reward.

    My forced optimism worked except on the event, that did not turn out well at all. As I reflected on that for many dark and deep hours, I realized that optimism is it's own reward for during those 11 months, I made it better for another and myself by holding onto hope. Had I been wrong to hope? Absolutely not because hope isn't about the results.

    What do the words "lost all hope" bring to mind for you? Does that sound like a fun way to go through life and that's what hope is all about. It is not about the results, the endgame, it is about how you minister to yourself at that very moment in time. Because hope heals.

    I think one thing that dashes hope is this 25 years of misery crap, have all 25 of those years been miserable? 8 double digit win seasons and 7 division titles. They've not been good in the playoffs but they have had some good seasons and a few very good seasons mixed in that 25 but it has become this weight around our neck, dragging these 25 years.

    Give yourself a break, hope. If you are wrong, give yourself a bigger break and hope again.
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  12. CouchCoach

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    Then what would we have to complain about?

    What many don't want to admit is that this 25 year malaise reeks of entitlement. To rid ourselves of that we have to accept these Cowboys are not those Cowboys. We are owed nothing, we chose this team as a fan.

    I look at being a fan like being a friend and this team has been a good friend to me. I will not desert them because they disappoint me.
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    For sure, the few people like him are why I don’t hesitate to use the ignore feature, it makes my browsing pleasure so much more enjoyable.
  14. CouchCoach

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    Wow, I wish he coached for this team. But, I would miss the Game Day Menu thread.
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    this site is mostly die hard fans which are in the minority of cowboys fans, I do not worry about fans on here deserting as they are the ones that will likely stick with it no matter....I worry more about the casual fans and them passing on the opportunity to their children for the next generation of fans, which is happening less and less than it did in the 80s 90s and 2000s

    apathy is a real thing and a lack of success for generations will hurt the fan base of the franschise going forward.
  17. Rockport

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    Well, I disagree. I think we’ll be competing for one this year.
  18. DFWJC

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    You grew up

    Fwiw, I’m kind of with Coach Ranch here in that the offseason is a time of optimism.

    But what you wrote describes where I’m at personally.
    Was heading that way already, but 2014 post season finally got me all the way there.
    Love the game, but I wont break things (like a child) if we lose.
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    Maybe if there were fewer fans willing to accept the poor job he has done, he might actually have to be accountable to the remaining fans? He is the most unaccountable owner to the fans of a sports team on the planet.
  20. aria

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    I look at them as an acquaintance, friend at best.

    A good friend doesn’t let you down time and time again, after awhile I will only start giving what I get. I don’t keep loaning friends money who squander it away, I’m not defending a friend in a fight when he is the one starting them, I won’t continue to be taken advantage of.

    The Cowboys and Jerry are the ones that love to have a lot of friends but it’s a one way friendship to their advantage.
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