Hopefully with Gregory back, Parsons back to LB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Praxit, Sep 21, 2021.

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    He hasn’t even scratched the service on what he can do. We don’t even know what his best asset is yet. He could be Von Miller or he could be Ray Lewis.
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    Yah, I just dont think they plug in Cox. I would love that. Lets also remember that Parsons was going up against a backup XFL last minute replacement. I think that is one of the main reasons they made the move. I think if we contain Hurts in the pocket we win this game. Parsons can rush from all over the field if they like him to from the linebacker position. And on certain downs I am sure they do have him rushing from the outside.
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    we will need MP to be all over with Tank out and pressure not coming from normal sets and yes not even from Gregory game 1 was gettign it done..

    i mean if we need Parsons to be DE all season IODC if it worlds why not didn't we move the Manster out of his natural LB position to DL and history was made... not the rifts time player gets drafted and ends up being very good at one position and finding out he can be a HOF at the other.

    lets let Quinn and other Defensive coaches figure out what's best..
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    Buddy I absolutely agree with you and hope like anything that you are right and I am completely wrong ........ Because if he starts having a great career it will be great for our team.

    I hope I am able to eat all the crow ....... All of it.
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    i'm not sure why i'm as delusional about randy as i am, but i make no apologies lol
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    Mr Parsons needs to play linebacker. He has a lot to learn about playing at the professional level. Cut his teeth early so maybe by half way through the season he is a bit mo savvy.

    The Dallas Cowboys front office is paying other dudes millions of combined dollars to play that position...let'em do it.

    Go Cowboys!
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    IMO, with Hurts, I do everything I can to keep him in the pocket and throw it instead of him breaking containment and running.

    While I think Parson should blitz on occasion, so that we make Hurts think about it some, I think Parsons spying from a LB position, especially on 3rd down, improves our chances against Hurts quite a bit. I honestly feel like the only way Hurts can make an impact on this game is with timely runs for 1st Down.

    Now against QBs that actually a threat throwing the football? Ya, rush Parsons early and often.

    Again, JMHO.
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    A nice genius?
    A nice tactician?
    A nice handsome bloke?
    A nice future brother-in-law?

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    In general

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