How should the ‘Boys greet Jon Bostic?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. Bobhaze

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    A little over a month ago, WFT LB Jon Bostic put a cheap shot hit on Andy Dalton that looked closer to a decapitation than a tackle. Bostic was fined, although I was a little surprised he wasn’t suspended at least one game.

    The Cowboys players’ response to that hit has certainly been cussed and discussed ad nauseum. What I want to know is, if you were a Cowboys player, how should Bostic be treated Thurs?

    Obviously IMO, you should never cheap shot anyone period. Ever. But if I were wearing a star on my helmet Thurs, I would relish every legal hit I could give that guy with a little extra sauce on top. At the very least, he should emerge from the game sore and with plenty of reminders that this game can be played physical without cheap shots. In fact, I hope the Cowboys remind his ace every play how physical this game can be.
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  2. xwalker

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    I'll take odds that Cam Erving is the first to greet him...
  3. garyo1954

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  4. JohnnyTheFox

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    Forgot about that, time for some payback indeed.
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  5. Direwolf63

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    The NFL let him get off scott free.

    So I guess the Cowboys have no other choice but to take matters into their own hands. The team was slammed for being soft after the hit. If the team does nothing, they will be slammed again. Deservedly so.
  6. nightrain

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    With a blowout win and 200 rushing yards.
  7. JoeKing

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    That punk better watch his back.
  8. CouchCoach

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    Do nothing, the refs are well aware of what happened. Don't give them a reason for flags. That said, doesn't mean they can't run some plays at him and let Elliott pop him.

    Bostic's own players weren't on board with what he did judging by their reaction and why he wasn't tossed in that game and suspended for the next one is puzzling. The very thing these rules are designed to prevent gets overlooked by that ref and the league office? So much for their BS about player safety.
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  9. GMO415

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    Big Payback
  10. thunderpimp91

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    Thats a really good question. Typically i would downplay this idea, but after the backlash this team took for just letting it happen, and even the head coach calling out the o line a little bit it should probably be getting more attention. I'm sure teams are very cautious of having actual bounties anymore, but i guarantee there is some chatter in the locker room about the situation.
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  11. viman96

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    I'd be disappointed if there was not designed run plays and slants to specifically single him out so the OL, TEs, and WRs can put some hits on him. Of course I'm old school.
  12. phildadon86

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    Such a joke he won this fight lol.
  13. Plankton

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  14. catiii

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    I'd hit him head on with a legal hit, given the chance, with a combined closing speed of 30mph so they hear the crash in the press box. If I accidentally got a penalty, as they say in hockey, "well worth it." :eek: <----big meanie :grin:
    "We're gonna bloody their nose. Then they'll get back up. Then we're gonna' do it again. Then we're gonna' hit em in the mouth. We're gonna make em bleed." Paraphrase of Keith Brooking :D
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  15. Bobhaze

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    Yeah, I’m not for any kind of cheap shots- ever. But I’m all for making sure he’s wearing ice packs from head to toe after the game from all the legal hits he took all day. Might call for a trap block featuring Zack Martin with a legal blow up block.
  16. Hawkeye19

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  17. Bobhaze

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    Like to see a Zack Martin pull with this result.
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  18. dcstar

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    Call him a meanie.

    Go Cowboys!
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  19. catiii

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    :lmao2:Almost spewed my coffee all over the keyboard LOLOLOLOL
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  20. gimmesix

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    Hopefully, the players are focused on something more important. The best payback would be defeating Washington. Then, after the game, if they want to rub it in his face, I'm all for it.
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