How would you rank Meredith, Staubach, White, Aikman, Romo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Oct 10, 2013.

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    This is true. Both Aikman and Staubach have said as much. They both had defenses Romo can only dream about.
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    1) Staubach
    2) Aikman
    3) Romo
    4) Meredith
    5) White

    I have a lot of respect for White but he had some darn talented teams around him, left from Roger's years, that he wasn't able to get the big W with. That hurts him, IMO.

    Meredith I didn't see play while he was actually playing but I've seen stuff from his days and the guy could flat out play and was tough as they come. I definately would have loved to have watched his career.

    The first three are self explanatory but I do personally believe that if Romo can win a couple Superbowls (which will be tougher the older he gets) that he could easily be discussed as better than Aikman. But he's gonna have to get the rings that Aikman was able to get to be in that discussion. Which, of course, means the team around him has to play better since QBs don't win SB's on their own.

    There is simply no chance that Romo gets enough done in his career to be above Roger. Unless Romo wins 3 Superbowls in a row I wouldn't even entertain the discussion.
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    Maybe because that was over 30 years ago. Time has a way of doing that. During the time when it did happen and for years after it was something brought up over and over again.

    1A. Staubach
    1B. Aikman
    3A. Meredith
    3B. Romo
    5. White

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    This can be said with regards to just about any modern QB who is able to stay with a team for any length of time. If Kerry Collins were our QB right now, he too would hold all the team records. Does that say more about Kerry Collins or does it say more about how the game has changed?
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    Including 4th quarter comebacks and Game winning drives? For a guy with such a poor reputation, it seems he would be behind others like Captain Comeback.

    Truth is Tony doesn't have the GM, coaches nor the right teammates around him to win like the others did. That's the facts here based on pure statistical analysis and not human bias based on an emotional foundation.
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    That doesn't make sense. Romo has almost all the records now and has only played 6 full seasons. Just because you play a long time doesn't mean you are good enough to break records.
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    And Darren Woodson said Troy must have been drinking when he said that.

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    He's not. In fact, he's ahead by a pretty good margin. The issue of Coaches and GMs is a good point but the discussion is if you sent Romo back to those teams, would he be better or would he win more Super Bowls, so the point, while a good one, is irrelevant. He would have the same GM/Coaching Staff that existed in each of those Eras.
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    1. Staubach - To put Captain Comeback any lower than #1 is blasphemy.
    2. Aikman - To put 3-time SB Champ any lower than #2 is blasphemy:)
    3. Meredith - Didn't see him play. Underappreciated in Dallas. He was one game away from each of the 1st two SB's.
    4. White - Yes, he was a very good QB. 3 straight losses in NFC Championship. Can't help but wonder what if Roger played a few more years.
    5. Romo - He can climb to #3 if he could just get to an NFC Championship. No doubt, an exciting player. I'm rooting for him every week.

    Based on talent at the QB position;

    - Nobody could scramble like Roger the Dodger.
    - John Madden and many others would marvel at how Aikman never threw an incomplete pass in practice. (I'm sure he did once in a while:)
    - Nobody has ever been asked to do as much as Romo.
    - White often threw as many picks as TDs. But then again a lot of QBs did in the 80s.

    I was very little when I saw Staubach play. I can only remember games from his last two years, plus the Denver SB. I still remember that heartbreaking loss to the Rams in the playoffs.
    To me, Staubach was larger than life because my father respected him so much.

    I lived in the agony of being defeated three straight years in the NFC Championship with Danny White. Of course, The Catch. Also, seeing Drew Pearson ALMOST turning White into a hero.
    Wilbert Montgomery running all over Dallas in Philly. Can't believe we allowed Jaworski to experience a SB. And the hardest one for me, because of where I grew up, the Diesel, Dexter Manley and Daryl Grant putting the last nail in the coffin on the Cowboys third straight NFC Championship loss.

    The Aikman era. I can remember hoping the new ownership doesn't screw this up and draft Tony Mandarich. I remember the high of knowing my favorite team was the best in the league and would remain there for a while. I spent thousands of dollars on Cowboys gear and merchandise in the 90s.

    I would love for Romo to make it possible for my sons to know the feeling. Sticking with "your" team and seeing them reach the highest level. That is why we watch. That is why we live and die on every play each week.

    Okay, sorry for the rant or babble. Slow rainy day today........Go Cowboys!
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    everyone else :)
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    Well I have a lot of respect for Woody but I think Aikman is more credible in this topic than Woody is lol.
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    Seen em all. List like this are purely subjective but for me it's
    2- Troy
    3-dandy don
    5- Danny boy
    With this side note : don Meredith was the toughest sob I ever saw play the qb position. tony has it easy around here compared to what don had to endure from the fans.
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    I checked the stats and it's true in some cases but a lot less that you would think. All of the modern QBs who top their teams in stats are considered good to great. The difference with other teams is how much better Romo's numbers are in comparison to Aikman, Staubach, etc. I know they are inflated because if the eras but it's stunning to see how much better they are.

    I'm just talking about stats here.

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    The statement, "played 6 full seasons" is a bit misleading. While he only started 10 games in 2006, he was still the Starter for the majority of that seasons and he is clearly the starter this season. I think you have to put that in the proper perspective. For the record, it makes all sense in the world. You throw the ball way more then you ever did in the 90s and certainly the 70s, you play more games today then you did back in the day, the Defenses of today have been so severely limited in what they can actually do that the Offenses ability to basically play pitch and catch impact the numbers in the extreme. It's not about how long you play. It's about the time in which you are now playing.
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    So true. I run these stats out every couple of years. It is the QBs passer rating compared to the average passer rating of the league. There are a lot of things to consider when looking at these numbers. The quality of the team around them their entire careers and the types of offenses they ran, but it does provide a decent look at how well each QB did during their respective era.

    65.7 league average
    26.9% above average

    75.2 league average
    8.5% above average

    66.4 league average
    12.7% above average

    72.2 league average
    13.2% above average

    80.4 league average
    20.3% above average
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    What is a lot less then a person would think? I believe the statement was, by the time Romo is done, he will own all of the team records.

    Well, by the time any modern QB who stays with a team their entire career is done, they will also own all the team records, by and large and they are going to be by wide margins in most cases.
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    Staubach could have at least matched the success of any of the others on the other's team.

    Same for Romo.

    Aikman and White would have gotten killed on most of the teams Romo has had.

    Aikman was all about toughness. He didn't scramble much he just stood there until the last possible second and delivered a strike then got plastered. Then did it again.

    White had to deal with immediately following a legend while playing a different style than the legend.

    Give me a solid o-line and a Dorsett or Smith in the backfield and I'll put Aikman at the top.

    Give me an undependable o-line and RB and I'll put Staubach 1 and Romo 2 because the magic those guys bring is needed.

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    It's funny Josee,

    I was actually thinking about this very comparison, though I must admit, I did not remember who had presented this data before.

    Thank you for posting it again Josee.

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