How Zeke in a new role would help us WIN more

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, May 9, 2022.

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    I dig. A very reasonable view.
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    The entire offense came to an idle mid season and it wasn't just one thing. The scheme is trash when a team publically calls it out for the world to see and proves the point. You can't run injured RBs and expect things to be playoff caliber.
    Remember how the 49ers had 72 RBs on their roster and just kept plugging them in and kept running the ball? We did the opposite of that. And worse than that, we didn't learn from last season. They STILL haven't addressed it.
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    I was thinking water boy might be a good role for him !

    But a reduced role?????? :muttley: good luck on that.

    Keep in mind bob, the jones boys use hillbilly jones style logic, not normal logic. They dont think like we do, as they are so smart
    they are on a whole different plane of reality.

    Heck they may be planning on not running the ball at all this season lol, 100% passing!
    I mean why wait till they get behind to go all pass lol, just go all pass at start of game!
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  4. Jason 82 Witten

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    You’re right, Zeke will never be what he once was, but I think he can be effective with a better OL.
  5. Praxit

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    ..then OL fell apart. They could not open hole, without holding someone. Zeke had to regress to what OL was giving him.
  6. RonnieT24

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    The entire premise of this post is horribly flawed for the simple reason that the statement that "he doesn't have a productive 20 carry game in him anymore" is patently false. Zeke got 20 carries twice last season.. and topped 100 yards both times. Including a 143 yard explosion against Carolina. There were three reasons why Zeke was not more productive last season.. One was the damage to his knee, second was the terrible play of the line and third was the OC's pass heavy play calling. Assuming the knee heals up in the offseason I expect the Zeke we saw the first 5 games to come back for a visit. How long that guy sticks around is up to Moore and Philbin. Both of those guys need to get better at their jobs.. If they don't Zeke and Pollard will both miss games to injury this year and this team will put up lots of fluffy numbers in the passing game that won't mean squat.
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  7. KJJ

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    Zeke’s role isn’t going to change. He’ll continue splitting carries with Pollard and pushing the pile. He’s declined because he was a workhorse for three years and the OL has regressed. Plus he’s not getting as many opportunities which is lowering his numbers.
  8. Texasfootball21

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    Teams still stack the box when Zeke is in the game in fear that he will continue to move the chains. With a better Oline Zeke would still tear this league up imo...
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    If this thread doesn’t draw out Aria nothing will. Miss my old Zeke hating buddy. Did not see him post during the course of the whole season that we just witnessed.
  10. Coogiguy03

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    Same like 4th and 1 go in jumbo set or bring Noah Brown in it's a run, bring Zeke in on the goal line we all know where it's going.
  11. Coogiguy03

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    Is that really why they do it?? Or is it because they know they can stop him easily!! They did this for emmitt his last year, they said they respected him, yeah right they know he wasn't going past anyone lol
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    I think our FO has an extremely foolish way of getting the best out of Elliott's usage. I do believe they've seen that Zeke is unwilling to take a pay cut and feel as though to ensure that they "get their money's worth" out of him by keeping him grossly overused as a power back. Evidently, that's how their miserly minds operate, instead of being wisely concerned with how he best affects the team's effectiveness.
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    Zeke was never an explosive quick strike back. Methodical? LOL You should have just stopped after SLOW.

    Zeke should get some short yardage and some GL, but thats about it. IF you have to use him at all.

    Maybe have him playing some FB. He could probably be the best FB in the NFL.
  14. CowboyRoy

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    You could say that about any RB. It doesnt need to be Zeke.

    Are you aware that the Cowboys are 11-0 when Pollard gets 10 carries or more?

    Zekes great rushing years coincide directly with our best Oline years. Its the Oline that has always been the key both for Zeke and Dak. As the line has faded, so has Zeke.
  15. Diehardblues

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    I’m good with that . Any RB is fine with those numbers.
  16. CowboyRoy

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    The myth that Zeke is facing stacked boxes when he is in there has been busted a while ago. In fact, the 2nd half of last year they were playing a two deep zone every week and daring us to run the slow Zeke. And he still could only average 3 ypc.
  17. Coogiguy03

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    Their guys can be in prevent, ball is snapped Zeke gets the ball puts his head down FOR CONTACT, as you stated 3 yard gain as usual. They continue to say run the offense through him, for what reason????? He's the reason we pass so much let's be real. Do you think we'd run more if we got better yardage?? Duh!!

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    He will
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  20. Cowpolk

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    Then how did he average 4.2 ypc?

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