I’ll be shocked if Cowboys are better than 8-8

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. Parcells4Life

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    After looking at schedule and taking into account how rushed this whole thing is for a team with a brand new defensive system and way to communicate with the QB (McCarthy is the best QB coach there’s ever been here)

    I just don’t see how the team is better than 8-8.

    Week 1 - At Rams - they’ve lost a lot but they still have the boy wonder at HC and his schemes are not something I like a brand new defense having to face to open. LOSS

    Week 2 - Falcons - Ryan and his trio of WRs return. There’s continuity at the OC spot and Ridley is poised to break out. Defensively they have to be better than last year - LOSS

    Week 3 - At Seahawks - Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. Did it on smoke and mirrors last year and should have some reinforcements this year - LOSS

    Week 4 Browns - Also going through new system. Baker is a head case. Cowboys get first win of season - WIN

    Week 5 - Giants - If it’s going to be a rough transition for Dallas, it will be that much tougher for Giants and Washington again - WIN

    Week 6 - Cardinals - Not a believer in Kliff or Kyler. They’re doing a lot of retooling as well. - Another win comes here. WIN

    Week 7 - At Washington - See the Giants - WIN

    Week 8 - At Philadelphia - If this was after the bye I’d feel better about going into the Linc. As it is I’ll take Pederson and the DL - LOSS

    Week 9 - Steelers - If Big Ben stays healthy they’ll be dangerous. Tomlin is a great coach to have for this season - LOSS

    BYE - this will be where the staff can make better adjustments and team can start playing more to their talent level

    Week 11 - At Vikings - Even without crowds there will still be Viking horn and a long travel trip after 2 weeks of not having to worry about COVID. Minn proved they were a different team going into NO last year and Zimm got the extension. I have Vikings in NFC Champ this year - LOSS

    Week 12 - Washington - WIN

    Week 13 - At Baltimore - I think it will be between Baltimore and Pitt to battle the Chiefs for the AFC Champ spot - LOSS

    Week 14 - At Cinci - Team should start playing to their talent level. This will be a must win to have a chance at the playoffs. - WIN

    Week 15 - SF - Shanahan has his offense rolling. They’ll be hitting on all cylinders this year and lucky that they get Dallas in a fluke year. In a normal year this may be a preview of the NFC Champ - LOSS

    Week 16 - Philadelphia - Team avenges the earlier loss to Philly in an attempt to win out and get a wild card

    Week 17 - At NYG - Giants have mailed it in by this point - WIN

    Obviously we don’t know what injuries will happen or who will miss due to COVID. I think the team looks a lot better after the bye and in a normal year I’d have them beating Atlanta and either the Steelers or 49ers at home.

    Now if they delay the season 3 weeks to allow for appropriate conditioning and practice it’s a whole new season. But this truncated rush job is not good for the team this year.
  2. Doomsday101

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    I have much higher hopes for this team than 8-8. I think the talent in there to work with and I think McCarthy can get the most out of them. I don't expect him to be as conservative especially on the road or when facing top teams. I think Dallas tended to play not to lose when facing top ranked opponents and becoming overly conservative in their game plans. I think McCarthy along with Moore will open things up much more. Big concern for me is defense. Not exactly sure what to expect.
  3. Northern_Cowboy

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    While i hope for better i predicted quite a while ago that we would go anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7
  4. Rayman70

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    first, there won't be a full season. ..secondly, I see a sub .500 year for MM no matter how many games we play. I think the lack of prep, and just being able to sit down with each other as a team...ie mini camp, will hurt us more than your typical team. Reason is we have a new regime, new staff, new playbook, new energy...and a slew of new guys, and SOME vets that will be expected to step up in new roles in a big way. ..ie Jourdan Lewis, the new guy Dix. So we have a ton of unknowns,, especially on D and special teams. NEW KICKER...on and on. This will be a feeling out process this year, a throw away if you will. The season I think we can expect a great year from will be 2021.
  5. Rayman70

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    I DO TOO, BUT lets be truthful, we have a bunch of things workin against us. Lets not forget we have a new center too.
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  6. Rockport

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    Of course you will. But we will revisit this after the season.
  7. Doomsday101

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    Yes and no, on center Looney proved himself to be a good center, not to the level of Frederick but held his own when Frederick missed the 2018 season. Cowboys will not have to rush Tyler Biadasz into the lineup until he shows he is ready. I'm very comfortable of what Dallas has on offense. Defense I have some concerns
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  8. blueblood70

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    plan to be shocked DEBBIE DOWNER!!

    btw how original there most6 any of the good teams you have us losing too.. how long did tjhis take you to get that W and L count? smh..we wont start out 0-3 book that if we do Dak needs to be yaned because it means hes trending from last years bad endign to still not being able to beat better teams and no garett and Marinelli to blame no Maher to blame..
  9. Ranching

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    Great attitude!!! Negative Nancy!
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  10. conner01

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    I’ll be much more shocked if there are 16 games
  11. CATCH17

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    I got a bad feeling this Opt out thing is going to gain momentum and we are going to lose some guys as well..

    I got a bad feeling that Demarcus Lawrence is going to sit out.
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  12. rocyaice

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    Naw man don't give this team any excuses. If they give up 30 points a game alright. But that offense should be putting up more points than the defense gives up so I don't care about how many warts the defense has because it will but it shouldn't be enough to cripple our season and go 8-8. You are trying to save yourself misery or heart break but naw that ain't gonna fly with this offense. They BETTER perform and at a high rate.
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  13. JBS

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    Nothing to see here. Just as easily as you came up w reasons why we would lose each of those games, I can come up w equally, if not, better reasons why Dallas would win. And neither argument would be accurate. That's why they play the game.
  14. plasticman

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    I think McCarthy has a two year window before things fall apart again.

    I also beleive the least that Jerry will accept this season is 9-7. Anything less and both McCarthy and Dak is gone.

    Jerry Jones beleives that he has all the pieces.
  15. FaSho

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    Probably no point in watching this season then...
  16. dckid

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    Thats the sweet spot for Jerry. Week 16 or 17 will be flexed to SNF and all is well in Dallas.
    Let me be clear, Jerry does not care about a SB like us fans do. He has 3 already, the team is worth over 5 Billion dollars, he bought it for 140 million. He is a HOF'r, on all the major committees, top 3 most powerful owner in the league. He was probably the most upset this past season why Jimmy Johnson got elected to the HOF. As long as the talking heads have the Cowboys on their mind Jerry is satisfied.
    His fear is becoming irrelavent. The only way to make him change is go 3-13. As long as the team is average that is all he cares about. Don't let me convince you, look at the team since 1996.
    If Jerry cared about SB's he would have hired a boardroom full of the best analytics people from Harvard/ MIT. There is no salary cap fro front office, coaching, scouting, etc. He runs multi billion dollar corporation like a mom and pop fishing and bait shop.
    Please realize the trick he has pulled on the fans for all these years.
    Imagine for a second if we had an owner with half a brain cell, or someone like Bezos or Gates, heck even Mark Cuban.

    He lives in a world full of yes men/women. He is too egotistical to see the nose on his face. He still thinks we are America's team. 25 years without a championship game.. Without making a championship game. Think about that for a minute.
    Having said all of that, I think 8-8 would be extremely disappointing to the players and fans.
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  17. aria

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    No way are we 8-8. We’ll beat the Rams and definitely the Falcons, even a split would put us at 9 wins. I don’t think we’ll lose all of the games (Sea, MN, Pitt, MN). If we split those that puts at 11 wins minimum. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 13-3 but mainly due to our offense, not defense. I think we’ll win in an offensive shoot out with some of those teams.

    With Hightower opting out, I just hope it doesn’t become a trend (not that I blame them). I don’t want any tainted wins or championships.
  18. Doomsday101

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    That is a concern especially with Lawrence. He is the one guy who can help spark this defense, if he sits the odds of defense struggling goes up greatly. Only thing that could offset that is Gregory and Aldon Smith but that is far from a sure thing.
  19. Rayman70

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  20. Hardline

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    Not if Looney wins the starting center job
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