I’m still burned up about the SF game. Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, May 13, 2022.

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    100% disagree with your disagreements... we in a circle of death,..wasnt top keep going..:facepalm::angry::rolleyes:
    not even reading past first 3 words of your replies, so its MOOT..

    but go ahead type away:popcorn:
  2. KJJ

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    I just hope the team isn’t suffering the hangover from the playoff loss that the fans are suffering.
  3. stuckindc

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    The 94 NFC championship game. The non PI on Deion was so blatant. That would have completely changed that game
  4. Flamma

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    Right. You still have to maintain possession if you're simultaneously catching the ball as you go to the ground.
  5. Diehardblues

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    Please don’t hand over your credit card at any point.,

    But seriously most saw our loss coming to SF.
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  6. Cowpolk

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    I dont know because I' not normal :omg:
  7. plymkr

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    It's lingering with me too brother. That game hurt for so many reasons. One it's the 49ers, I hate losing to the 49ers in any capacity and especially in the playoffs. Two, we were unprepared and beat ourselves. Three, I got tricked by the regular season that we were legit. I'm still hurting from that game, sucks.
  8. 75boyz

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    THIS is the Dallas Cowboys. You kinda covered ALL the bases here with these simple few remarks.

    Great post.

    Accountability is either a bad word or an oxymoron type water and oil mixture when mentioned in conjunction with The Dallas Cowboys.

    The two just don't mix.
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  9. Nova

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    Deion interfered Irvin

    I’m still mad too, and I was 7 at the time
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  10. Fmart322

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    It used to be for me but 25 years of failure has made me numb to that sf loss. It's our normal now.
    I totally get how fans for bad teams feel.
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  11. GimmeTheBall!

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    Believe me, Jerry is just as burned up about the 49er game.
    Just keep buying merch ad watch the games because Jerry is about to take us to the Super Bowl with Dak, Zeke and Micah!
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  12. Cowpolk

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    And me rrrr me bucko
  13. RonWashington

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    They looked totally spooked and unprepared . I know the offense with 17 points in a home playoff game is horrible but when SF gained 10 yards or more every play opening drive made it look like a Blue White scrimmage up 7-0 before Jerry finished shaking hands I knew it was trouble .
  14. plasticman

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    LOL...."Is this normal?"

    I'll never get over losing Super Bowl 5, Super Bowls 10 and 13, The 1981 NFC Championship game........never.

    This most recent loss to the 49ers was a mere divisional playoff game. Just wait until they lose the game that would have sent them to the Super Bowl. In my opinion, those are the ones that sting the most.
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  15. Streifenkarl

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    I totally feel you man. I'm 42 and witnessed those sweet SBs in the 90s. As a kid these were great times. But that doesn't have anything to do with this game. This was just an utter embarrassment. I still hate them for their f**king "it's alright" attitude late in the season when every fan with half a brain knew, that they wouldn't stand a chance against a real team. Even got me pumped up, won't happen again.
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  16. noshame

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    Yes it's normal.
    The good news?
    Jerry saw the game and I believe it was MMs CAREER ending loss. You just don't pull a no show in the playoffs.

    IMO MM will be out early after a rough start and Quinn will be the interim HC.
    it's his chance to show what he can do.
    I think this is the year we finally turn around and head down the right road . Jerry has let go of the draft and now it's time to let a coach.....coach.
    Time is forcing Jerry to change paths. He doesn't have a lot left
  17. TheCritic

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    I have my own list of Cowboys regret games, but the 49ers loss isn't one of them. Once I saw the way the Broncos manhandled the Cowboys last year, I knew deep down that we were not SB contenders. We had talent and depth but we were not a physical team. Hence the 2022 draft to address this.
  18. Flamma

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    All true. Those are the absolute worst. But I think some fans thought we were actual contenders this year. It's not the same kind of pain as a championship game loss, it comes as an unexpected shock. But there's a considerable gap between the contenders and the Cowboys.
  19. starfan1

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    You are a cowboy fan after all the years of futility and failure at the hands of the Jones boys! No there’s nothing normal about you
  20. Hadenough

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    Finally someone sees that! I just can't believe so many Cowboy fans are so blind to Daks performance especially when Kurt Warner a SB QB points out Daks problems.

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