Twitter: I don't buy Zeke's knee injury excuse

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 20, 2022.

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    It's absolutely crazy in here man. Lol
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    Another thing I find interesting......How this dude just continues to live one lie after if it's no big deal.

    @ some would think Jerry would catch surround yourself w/ good people...good things happen.

  3. Mk2_Cowboys

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    Jerry Jones ordered Zeke being featured.
  4. Floatyworm

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    By week 5......I bet he had put on all the weight he had lost during the off-season. He probably eats like a pig during the season. He is just one of those guys that never "gets it"...and has lived off his natural ability. Well guess what??? Father time is calling....the shelf life of a running back like over. Look @ Earl Campbell....

    Look familiar????

    1978 Houston

    1979 Houston

    1980 Houston

    1981 Houston

    1982 Houston

    1983 Houston

    1984 Houston/New Orleans

    1985 New Orleans
  5. kramskoi

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    You guys just won't quit with this nonsense. Geez. Ever wonder what happens when a quarterback's yearly passing attempts rise from 459 to over 600? I'll tell you...running attempts as a causation must come down. Couple that with split carries and a pass happy OC and you don't exactly have fertile ground for the RBs. Hobbled and misused he still gave you 1300 all purpose yds with 12TDs...on split carries. Elliott avg 4.2 ypc in 2021...4.1 ypc in 2017.
  6. ESisback

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    McCarthy knows more about football than probably 99% of the posters on this forum, but because they lost, he’s a boob. Of course, he’s overweight too, which certifies his incompetency.

    People want/need one or two people to blame for the team’s lack of success, but I always like to think it’s a collection of variable—a literal “death by a thousand cuts”.
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    its like garrett wait for 4 damarco lol
  8. Jfconrow

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    I buy it week 4 or 5, then a big drop off. The thing is I looked up the pcl injury it takes 6- 12 weeks to heal or if he has surgery 12 months recovery. That means you shut zeke down week 5, that didn’t happen.

    Zekes what almost 30? You think he’s sitting out a year without pay(not sure how the guaranteed money works w injury). Why didn’t they shut him down? It’s got to be they knew he was already paid and try to win one last time.

    Now he’s done for sure. a pcl is the same as an acl 12 months at least. But I guess maybe they all knew that anyways. It really jacked up the season and if you knew it week 4 then bring in another RB, too me that’s the frustrating thing.
  9. lukin2006

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    You can argue about the bum all you want. If he’s on the roster next year then Dallas don’t wanna win. There is nothing likeable about Elliot…
  10. AzorAhai

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    Never wanted him to begin with. We were at the start of the trend that saw RBs come back to the forefront due mostly to 2014. After a few years of no 1st Rd RBs being taken it happened a lot the next few years. Gurley, Zeke, Gordon, Fournette, Barkley amongst others all taken high. All mistakes. It’s well documented Ramsey is who most wanted who were opposed to a RB at 4. He’s going to be a decade plus All-Pro caliber player while Zeke is just another flash in the pan who couldn’t buck the steep RB decline trend.

    You don’t draft RBs high and you don’t pay them big money. Anyone who can’t see that it’s a fundamental team building rule is foolish. Of course we did both.
  11. JoeKing

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    When you use a bomb-thrower like Cole Beasly to make a point you ruin your own argument.
  12. visionary

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    even after 5 videos?
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  13. Sarge

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    Welcome to the club…
  14. MountaineerCowboy

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    Just because you don't like it doesn't make it not true
  15. G2

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    All of this would have been prevented by not drafting a RB in the 1st round, 4th overall. The O line and D line are always the priority.
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  16. khiladi

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    Well, Dak-stans blamed a shoulder injury on their QB when he lost to the garbage Eagles to choke away the playoffs in 2019, when he threw over 40 times that game.. Now he sucks because of the calf injury..

    And then they cry about Romo being ‘injury prone’….
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  17. khiladi

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    Zeke was drafted for Romo, period. He was the replacement for Murray, after Dallas didn’t pay him what he wanted.

    The idiocy was in starting Dak. The rest is just a chain reaction to that move. They had the OL and RG in place, with the QB to make a run.
  18. JoeKing

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    It's not about me not liking it. It's about you doubling down on your own ignorance. ;)
  19. HungryLion

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    I’m not arguing the blocking wasn’t an issue. It certainly was. We need to improve the interior OL.

    But just look at Zeke. Everybody knew he was hurt and wasn’t the same. Everybody. Everybody.

    Every cowboys podcast talked about it.

    the radio stations all talked about it.

    there were articles written about it.

    every single person who watches the cowboys knew Zeke wasn’t healthy and wasn’t as effective because of it.

    Yet they didn’t even give him a single damn game off to rest all season long.

    It was malpractice.
  20. MountaineerCowboy

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    All I did was post the Beasley quote reference what most of us knowledgeable people are able to see.

    You say things like "Micah Parson is a bad draft pick and will be a bust".

    I have a hard time talking to people that don't know football.
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