I fear Dak is a Jerry Jones puppet

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFever1973, Jan 26, 2022.

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    I think we all wish that Jerry Jones would had the reigns to someone who actually knows how to build a football team. A lot of pieces are there but we have enormous holes in the linebacking corps and the offensive line. We also need a coach who knows to use Tony Pollard and can come up with some more creative run plays than cramming Zeke into a stacked box.
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    Or sit on the sideline and sulk when the chips are down.
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    He got hissy and called people "band wagon fans" at the start of his bad play this year also. Which was called out:

    The Cowboys did not hold back about their feelings on the officiating, but not everybody believes the team is handling the loss the right way. Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher noted that it is a “bad look” for Prescott to be discussing “bandwagon junk.”

    “Dak and many other Cowboys players pulling that ‘bandwagon’ junk regarding fan criticism,” Fisher tweeted on November 25. “Fellas: It’s a bad look. It’s a bottom-line business. You lost. Fans have EVERY RIGHT to feel disappointed, excited, pissed … whatever they want to feel. Deal with it.”

    I know you'll say "It's Fisher", but he's right on this on. It's a bad look anytime you call out fans for being frustrated with your play.

    He also said “I feel like I’m seeing it fine,” Prescott replied. “I don’t know if y’all differ. It doesn’t really matter to me" toward the end of the season like an arrogant brat when he clearly was playing bad football.

    It seems he can't handle the criticism for his bad play so he lashes out like a teenager.

    As a poster above said, usually if you're called a "great leader" its to take attention away from your other flaws. It's like being called a "hard worker" or a "gym rat".
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    Perfect summary.

    To the OP:
    No, Dak isn’t a “Jerry puppet”. I don’t think players can be considered puppets since their performance on the field is their own. Jason Garrett was a puppet, for example. He was directly influenced or managed by Jerry.
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    I understand why those comments, if accurate are not ideal. But the fans aren't suiting up to play football each week in and out, and it's the players that vigorously support Dak and that's on offensive and defense. So perhaps Dak is not the best public or media relations spokesperson but I bet that if you excerpted all the Dak level headed, positive comments that are on record they would far outnumber the critical Dak outtakes you posted.

    I just think your comments are a bit harsh and misapplied calling him an underrated leader and that his true colors are showing. Just my opinion and I have no issue with you posting yours. We all have our points of view.
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    ........and a product of the dysfunctional franchise.
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    He’s not a great leader.He’s personable and says all the right things like a salesman(Jerruh).No wonder why Jerruh loves him.A great leader goes out and leads by example which Dak has certainly not done.
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    It's kind of pathetic this 'dance' will in all seriousness be Dak's greatest legacy once he's out of football.
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    I don't even understand what being Jerry's puppet means for a player.
    All players serve at the will of the owner. If an owner wants to get rid of a player, he can.
    In that sense, every player is an owner's puppet. But most owners know their place.
    Jerry doesn't.
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    This is exactly what you intended it to be…another Dak hate thread.
  11. SpaceCowboy99

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    No they don't, at least Brady doesn't. He always says they could have done better and has never blames refs for a loss. He might yell at refs during the game but after the game he is respectful and a true leader. Unlike Dak.
  12. cowboyec

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    he's not.
  13. Cowpolk

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    Brady is a big league whinner has been for years
  14. G2

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    I hope all of you pathetic haters are at least covering the utilities. Lmao, so funny this place.
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    Really :facepalm:The one thing you did say that makes sense is the fact Jerry babies the whole team. Not just Dak. So we are right back where we always are. Jerry is the problem. Not Dak.
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    In the game or outside of the game. Big difference. Dak whines and complains outside of the game. True beta loser mentality.

    If you keep insisting Brady does it outside of the game please find me a clip, post, or sound byte. That was not taught in New England and he spent 20 years there.

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