I got pulled off the Prescott fence

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Doomsday

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    Look at the two playoff games Dak lost vs Green Bay and the Rams.

    The defense was total trash in both games, giving up TDs on the first 3 drives vs the Packers and over 250 yards rushing vs the Rams. Not to mention a FG in 20 seconds after Dak tied it up.

    Playoff success matters, but a QB can only cover up so much.
  2. atlantacowboy

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    Dak was putting up big numbers when the team was already down multiple scores against defenses trying to keep the clock moving. He's put up a lot of stats when the game was already out of reach. So, lets look to last year when he was healthy. 8-8.

    Chido sucks.
    Lee is at the end
    LVE hasn't been good since his rookie year.

    The problem is you see the roster through rose colored glasses. The evidence your wrong is on display every week. Enjoy.
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  3. CATCH17

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    McNabb was a big play machine. I can't stand him though.. One of my most all time hated players.

    Our division was terrible at that time too. He did get to a Superbowl though.

    Merton Hanks, Shockey, McNabb. I'm sure im forgetting some.
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  4. uvaballa

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    If he’s the 4th or 5th problem on the lust why would they try to get the number pick to replace him? Might as well focus on problem #1 the defense!
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  5. CATCH17

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    I agree.. Now we couldn't provide him what he needed while on that rookie deal.

    Now he wants 40 million a year and we've gotten worse everywhere and there is a lot of high salary guys on the team.

    So he has to either overcome or we just pay him and accept that we suck and can't provide all he needs.
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  6. BourbonBalz

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    I’m beginning to go in the opposite direction, but it has nothing to do with Dak. I’ve always been a big Dak supporter and I have no doubt he can win a Super Bowl. I’ve always wanted him to be signed long term. But, this team seems so far from being a true contender now that I’m not sure investing that much money in Dak would be good for either side. IF, and it’s a big if, we were to end up with the number one pick, it might be best to draft Lawerence and let Dak walk. It would save us a ton of cap space and allow us to shore up the defense. On the other hand, we could sign Dak and trade that # 1 draft spot for a lot of other draft picks to shore up the defense and Oline. Which way would you go? My guess is the answer would come down to whether you’re pro or anti Dak. I’m very pro Dak, but I don’t know which way I’d go given this scenario.
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  7. ItzKelz

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    That's funny I just got pulled onto the Zeke fence,,,,,,,,,
  8. CATCH17

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    Salary cap space which helps the entire team and much much higher upside as a player.

    Dak provides a high floor but he doesn't impose his will on other teams. We play to our opponents level.

    Lawrence has Pat Mahomes type of upside. He could be the worst QB ever but the upside is tremendous.
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  9. Doomsday

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    The reason they have gotten worse is the front office sucks.

    Drafting an RB at #4 instead of an elite CB, reaching for Taco, paying Zeke, Cooper, Tank, and Jaylon while letting Byron Jones walk, ignoring the safety position for a decade.

    They have made so many poor personal decisions, drafted poorly and spent money in the wrong places. Like Jerry, this team is all sizzle and flash, with little football substance.
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  10. Bigdog

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    I know and I would just shake my head when I see that. Prescott's leadership skills is something that a lot of players rally around. I like him as our qb but I will say that if we get a chance to get Lawrence (highly doubt it) I pulling the trigger although it would be still tough to let Dak go due to his intangibles. IMO, I think Lawrence just has a better skill set than Dak.
  11. BourbonBalz

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    I agree with everything except Zeke. I don’t have a problem signing him. He just simply has no room to run with the Oline in a shambles. All the others were bad contracts.
  12. zerofill

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    The problem is, this team needs so many pieces to be balanced on both sides of the ball, it is damn near impossible with what this FO has done.

    First and foremost this team is a bunch of man babies. If anything, Dak not being there as their leader, should be pushing them to do better for him at least.
    No... these guys suck. They sucked with or without Dak.

    This team needs so much on both sides of the ball, I would be doing everything I could to get out of paying Dak, Zeke, Cooper, Dlaw, etc...

    This team is finished for years.

    You are fortunate enough, to be playing a game... a damn game, for insane money. But, you don't care enough to play the game.
    These players make me sick... garbage.
  13. kskboys

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    Not really.
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  14. CowboyRoy

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    More than just leadership. The guy can throw. Tearing up the NFL. He took ANOTHER step beyond what I thought he was capable of this year when he was tearing it up with a bad Oline. Dak has turned out even better. Dak is now approaching elite status.
  15. starfan1

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    lol Dak detractors have been un-admitting. at least catch is not nearly as bad as pappypup and Khalidi and shabazz. My favorite denial comment thus far was @PAPPYDOG saying the other players are sabotaging Dalton cause they want Dak to look better(paraphrasing a bit). I mean that comment says it all
  16. atlantacowboy

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    Daks not even on par with Danny White at this point. McNabb was a better runner and more elusive in the pocket. He lead his team to 5 NFC title games and one super bowl. Dak is a stat compiler who hasn't accomplished anything more than a rookie of the year honor.
  17. Dorsett33

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    Like I said this season....he was carrying this team on his back
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  18. CowboyRoy

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    To some extent, I agree. But its nothing to do with Dak. Dak MUST be retained. Dak will play for another 7-10 years.

    What we not need to get rid of to become a true contender is Lawrence, Jaylon, Zeke, and probably the Cooper contract. And we need two very good drafts in a row and probably a third quality draft.

    But that doesn't mean we cant be competitive or do some damage in the meantime. A great start would be a top 5 pick. Honestly...……..if we get rid of all 3 of those bad contracts then we have tons of cap space. And in two years is when we would want to use it.
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  19. atlantacowboy

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    The division was terrible but the Eagles were pretty good. McNabb lead them to 5 NFC title games......... something Dallas hasn't seen since 1996.
  20. sean10mm

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    What confuses me is people who talk up how the organization is a trash fire top to bottom, then turn around and bag on Dak for not winning a Super Bowl.

    Just think this through, if the organization is a trash fire then no QB in the NFL is taking it to a Super Bowl.

    Aikman and Staubach played with Hall of Famers. Who are the Hall of Famers on the 2020 Cowboys?

    I don't really have a good idea what Dak is capable of, it looks like he's headed on the exact same trajectory as Romo when it comes to playing for clownshoes coaches.

    To be honest I think they need to purge the coaching staff and give whoever the new guy is carte blanche to tear the roster down to the foundation and start over. The team is an atomic waste dump of dumb players and worse coaches.

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