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I hope. DT Emerges for us

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by KingRah, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. KingRah

    KingRah Well-Known Member

    1,270 Messages
    785 Likes Received
    Otherwise, this defense will be average.
    kskboys and Melonfeud like this.
  2. Rayman70

    Rayman70 Well-Known Member

    16,536 Messages
    14,553 Likes Received
    GONNA FIND OUT TODAY. We will be tested until we prove we can stop the run.
  3. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

    19,451 Messages
    21,641 Likes Received
    Man, I can't think of who it would be. Our talent level overall at the DT position blows.
    CF74 likes this.
  4. CF74

    CF74 Vet Min Plus

    26,201 Messages
    14,680 Likes Received
    We are devoid of DT’s...
    kskboys likes this.
  5. armadillooutlaw

    armadillooutlaw Well-Known Member

    2,053 Messages
    2,970 Likes Received
    That's true. The only guy worth keeping next year is Woods, IMO. As a backup.
    Collins, Covington, Crawford, ect. can hit the pike.
    3T and 1T are the biggest needs on the defense, IMO.

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