I looked at the numbers for Dak

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MoistMayonnaise, Jan 17, 2022.

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    And here they are for the first half of the season (8 games), second half (9 games), and the playoff game. Take what you will from this.

    Result Cmp% YdsGm TD Int Rate Sk Y/A Rush Yds TD Fmb
    First half 6-2 70.01 292.14 18 5 108.9 10 8.22 24 86 0 6
    Second half 6-3 68.94 267.11 19 5 101.93 19 7.23 24 60 1 8
    Playoff 0-1 53.49 254 1 1 69.3 5 5.91 4 27 1 1

    Formatting is garbage, sorry I cant fix it but it looks awesome before I hit post.

    Uploading an image.

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  2. visionary

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    Means absolutely nothing

    Against teams with top 10 defences he’s garbage
  3. SSoup

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    Are you talking about yardage rankings or points allowed rankings when you say that?

    Because Carolina and New England and Philly were all top 10 defenses in yards, and Dak was great against each of them.

    The Patriots and Bucs were top 10 in points allowed, and Dak was great against both of them too.

    Just because you dislike him for personal biases, doesn't mean you're entitled to make up your own alternate version of history where Dak didn't play great against multiple top 10 defenses, dum-dum.
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  4. Jake

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    Versus the NFC East: 17 TDs, 3 INTs, 40.0 points per game
    Versus everyone else: 21 TDs, 8 INTs, 25.5 points per game
  5. Cowboy4ever

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    Dak was great against NFCE teams - 6-0. He was average to below average against NFL teams - 6-6 - he had some good games in the 6 wins but he played like crap in all 5 of the 6 loses against teams not in the NFC East with one exception - the Tampa game. Denver - sucked, Raiders - Sucked for 3 Q, KC - Sucked, AZ - Sucked, SF -sucked for 90% of the game. When we need him to step up and be a baller, he lays on the ground in a fetal position. But keep boosting the numbers - 1 and done is all that matters.
  6. cowboysdoomsday

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    I don't care what the stats say. Anyone watching the games could see he was not the same player after the Denver game as he was before. He had a couple good games against scrub defenses in the 2nd half of the season but struggled most of the games

    But he was not good following the Denver game. Anyone that doesn't believe that has blinders on.
  7. Playmaker3128

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    I’m sorry but those stats are ridiculously scewed 2nd half when 9 of those tds were against the skins who weren’t 100% and the season was pretty much over. And against philly backups.

    Arizonas secondary was banged up….. so was SF last night. We refused to take advantage. Dak plays scared at times
  8. Aftershock

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    Who gives a flying you know what

    The guy choked in the playoffs. Everything else is IRRELEVANT

    This is worse than Romo's muffed snap in '07, at least it was an honest mistake. Dak is just clueless as a bag of rocks. Didn't even know how to manage a coin toss in 2019 in the Rams game. :lmao2:
  9. visionary

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    you’re talking to people with the agenda to prop up an average QB because they lobbied hard for him to get paid 42 million per year. If they back off now they will look stupid (like they are) so instead they will try to poke holes

    these same people made the same excuses for Garrett
  10. d_cowboy31

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    Take away the second Philly game as that was essentially a pre-season game. They have a huge impact on the second half of the season numbers.
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  11. shabazz

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    53% completion percentage yesterday supports that…..
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  12. shabazz

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    we are beating a dead horse here. My only hope now is that the defense somehow turns into the 85 Bears.
  13. Cowpolk

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    Bacon is still good!
  14. Ken

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    Ya, you can't convince the mouthbreathers there is something to this. They only remember the last thing they see.
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  15. GORICO

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    dear hit----your profile picture i would think was your son watching cowboys vs 49ers and how it irked him?????
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  16. Ken

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    The actual numbers don't agree with your made-up theory.
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  17. Ken

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    IT is ok in the mind of the mouthbreathers that Herbert was terrible against the Raiders for 3 quarters bc "franchise qb"

    Dak doesn't get any quarter from them, however.
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  18. Gangsta Spanksta

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    Too bad for us: Dak did not bring home the bacon for us.
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  19. Ken

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    But every other playoff game he played does not support this ridiculous assertion.

    It is so weird the emphasis people have put on certain games this year after he didn't play for most of last year after a horrific injury that threatened his career.

    Not a whisper about the guy in the wheelchair who is lining up behind him though.
  20. ActualCowboysFan

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    Second game yes first game no. The first game was basically for the division and they were mostly healthy.

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