If Kellen Moore Continues This Success All Year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by nightrain, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. visionary

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    HC is about a lot more than being young and innovative

    Moore would be crazy to take a HC gig after this year
  2. SoupcanSam

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    Yep. If you came across the infamous unicorn and collected it in your possession, I dont think you would trade me it for my regular barn horse.

    Give you my liability for your asset good sir
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  3. SoupcanSam

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    He has his hands on none of the playcalling and Jerry made sure of it. If you believe motivation without creation will carry the cowboys far then you are in for an unhealthy awakening.

    And let's say Moore does carry Dallas far...you can wait all you want to promote Moore to HC, but if Dallas doesnt, another team will, and it will be the cowboys loss.

    Then we will see how far Garrett can get the team afterwards. I doubt he has anything close to innovating.

    Clapping hands, smacking *****, and motivational speeches wont bring innovation.

    Garrett does nothing, saying he does something is just as dumb.
  4. Whirlwin

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    First of all what do you mean if. LOL he will continue putting the team in the right situation as long as they execute
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  5. Whirlwin

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    Calling offensive plays, and field management at two different things. Don't confuse them
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  6. Reverend Conehead

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    Pay him more money than anyone else would. Money talks. And there's no coaching salary cap.
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  7. Whirlwin

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    I actually don't mind Jason Garrett. I think his field management skills have greatly improved longest Kellen Moore keeps changing it up he will be fine. Kris Richard. I would like to see him be defensive coordinator. Eventually head coaches maybe I don't know his people skills
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  8. CouchCoach

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    Moore isn't coaching for a HC gig; he's coaching for a raise and to move up the "up and coming" ladder. Booger paid Garrett more to keep him at OC, 3M, and will do the same for Moore.

    However, Moore has only OC'd against two teams, two poor teams, and has a long way to go and injuries, like to Gallup, will put him to the test.

    The fear of losing Moore is more about the ineptitude of Linehan and their willingness to put up with that for as long as they did. The OC position looks pretty good for now, it's the DC one that is a concern.
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  9. CATCH17

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    Garrett can lay a foundation and provide structure but he has held us back on Sundays for a decade.

    Kellen Moore is proving that every week he coordinates..

    These things were obvious to everyone except the head coach of the team.
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  10. OmerV

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    It isn't uncommon for a head coach to not be a coordinator. It's no different than in any business where an upper level manager doesn't do all the work that a lower level manager does. That doesn't mean the upper level manager (or head coach) doesn't serve a purpose. There is a lot more to the job. That's why great coordinators sometimes are failures as head coaches. They aren't identical positions.

    We may now have a good situation with an OC who is much better than Garrett or Linehan were, thus leaving Garrett in an upper management role that suits him.

    Time will tell.
  11. IceStarD54

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    Have to give much respect to K. Moore. I never saw this coming from him to be this good so soon. Great job so far, Kellen.
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  12. SoupcanSam

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    This season could be one for the ages.

    So lets say Moore does great job, is a hot name in the offseason and hired as a HC to another team. The cowboys are still with Garrett as HC and no OC.

    Where do the cowboys go from here? Do they hand the playcalling duties over to garrett? I am guessing the players will have to switch back to a more basic offensive approach.

    Or do they bring in another OC and have the players intake another new offensive system?

    Imo if Moore succeeds here, then he is more than likely gone if an offer he cant refuse represents itsself.

    There are desperate teams out there that are willing to do what the cowboys will not do.

    I know most of you will say Jerry will pay Moore HC money as an OC, but if it turns out that Moore wants to actually be a HC then that would become a big problem for jerry&Co.
  13. Rajat

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    Easy: Make JG head of cheer leading and Moore the HC.
  14. zrinkill

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    " Morning girls....... Let's talk about something I like to call the process."
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  15. CouchCoach

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    The unknown in all of that is Moore's timetable, he's not a 45 year old guy that's been coaching for 20 years waiting for his chance.

    I think he's a smart guy and realizes there will be openings every year, 20-25% turnover at HC like clockwork. It's not about getting the opportunity to HC but the right opportunity for success. McVay walked into a sweet deal, a team under coached based on the talent level. I think he's too smart to take on a deep turnaround which seem to spawn coaching carousels.

    And he might just wait to move up with the Cowboys when they move Garrett up.
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  16. ESisback

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    Wrong! You’re not there. You don’t have details. You’re operating under perception. That’s like me claiming I can run your house better than you. Don’t let your frustration as a fan and dislike for Garrett color your judgement. That’s the dumbest thing of all.
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  17. SoupcanSam

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    Pop a volume and simmer down. You are the only one who seems frustrated.

    From the sound of things, you need to go into concussion protocol.
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  18. Loso86

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    I'm not so sure Kellen would want to jump into just any situation. I would think he would want to get a few years in with us and wait for the RIGHT opportunity not just a opportunity
  19. BooBooBear

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    Maybe Jason is a foster child who ages out of the system.
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  20. nightrain

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    If he stays humble, no worries.
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