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If Kellen Moore Continues This Success All Year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by nightrain, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. CowboysFaninHouston

    CowboysFaninHouston CowboysFaninDC

    11,664 Messages
    4,931 Likes Received
    why wouldn't he be able to keep him? outside of someone offering him a head coaching position, which I doubt that will happen, nobody can sign him to a similar position on their team.
  2. CowboyFanInLexKy

    CowboyFanInLexKy Well-Known Member

    533 Messages
    425 Likes Received
    Look, I agree wholeheartedly agree with what you're saying. But the truth of the matter is Jerry is never going to just outright fire Garrett. Just put that idea to bed already...

    So that being said, I'll ask you this, Would you rather have Garrett on the field in any capacity (as opposed to putting him somewhere in the FO)? My feeling is get him off the field and put him somewhere in the FO. This way Jerry can keep his boy and we can move forward.
  3. Whirlwin

    Whirlwin Well-Known Member

    9,378 Messages
    5,680 Likes Received
    They have two different jobs you can't compare them unless they swap them
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  4. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

    50,944 Messages
    47,269 Likes Received
    I'm comparing 10 years of coaching stubborn, vanilla, predictable football to 2 games of running a better offense then Garrett ever did.

    Can Kellen Moore be a good head coach? No idea.. But Garrett has taken this team as far as he can and needs real football minds that embrace modern day football to take this team to the next level.

    Right now Moore is much more valuable than Garrett.
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  5. CouchCoach

    CouchCoach Well-Known Member

    22,136 Messages
    38,025 Likes Received
    Need to consider his newness to the job as a positive right now but they will get more film and they will go to work on his tendencies and he's got some appointments with some good D's, NO, GB, PHL, MIN, and a very special meeting with the best D mind in the game on 11/24 and then BUF, CHI, LAR and PHL. The wild card is PHL with all of their injuries.

    As of right now, stat wise, Kellen the Young with get 4 of the top 6 D's. We will have a much better handle on him after he runs that gantlet because we ain't seen nuthin yet.
  6. nightrain

    nightrain Since 1971

    6,574 Messages
    10,851 Likes Received
    The way the Cowboys spread the ball around in the passing game and have the luxury of a world class RB to carry the ball 20X a game, it's going to be tough to dissect tendencies. You have to account for just about everyone on the field every play.
  7. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

    1,302 Messages
    465 Likes Received
    How quickly everyone forgets, lol.
  8. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    26,537 Messages
    17,210 Likes Received
    Garrett looks like an idiot seeing as though a 30 year old one year QB coach can do his job better then he ever could.

    And it was Jerry that made him OC. AND made it clear that Garrett was to stay out of the way.

    LOL...…..Garretts special skill is assessing talent? ahahahaha!!!! You have a great imagination.

    And now Garrett wasn't brought in because of his offensive prowess? Then why was he made OC?

    You are one heck of a liar. I will give you that.
  9. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    26,537 Messages
    17,210 Likes Received
    All you got are insults and lies. :lmao2::lmao2:

    IT must make you angry to watch a one year QB make Garrett look like a fool eh? :yourock:
  10. flosho

    flosho Well-Known Member

    360 Messages
    470 Likes Received
    To me, I think we just back the dump truck full of cash up for Moore... and Garrett can take a demotion to "motivational speaker - HINO or *headcoach in name only"

    Moore will need a couple more years of success then he can be head coach.

    *combined two words to make my acronym work better.
  11. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard Zone Supporter

    20,311 Messages
    17,045 Likes Received
    You need to stop trying to put words in my mouth. I didn't say anything about Garrett's offensive prowess. I don't think I've ever even used the word prowess. I said his special skill is finding talent. I've not once seen a post of yours where you knew what you were talking about. And your opinions are off too. Your favorite pastime seems to be shooting off your mouth with your wild assertions and criticizing those that you disagree with. You need to stop harassing people because you are just being a nuisance on this forum.
  12. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard Zone Supporter

    20,311 Messages
    17,045 Likes Received
    Since when is calling out ignorance an insult? Ignorance just means you have a lack of knowledge at something. In this case, it is the Dallas Cowboys. You should stop claiming otherwise because you are just embarrassing yourself. I'm sure you know other things. Just not anything about the Cowboys or football in general or probably sports in its entirety or anything a normal male would know about. But it's okay, I'm sure you know other things.
  13. jay94

    jay94 Well-Known Member

    1,385 Messages
    821 Likes Received
    If he keeps up this success he will be a head coach next year.
  14. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    26,537 Messages
    17,210 Likes Received
    This is a prefect example. "Garrett's special skill is finding talent"

    Where exactly do you come up with that nonsense? No one has EVER said that about Garrett. Garrett doenst handle talent acquisition here. The Jones boys and Mclay take care of that. EVERYONE knows that but you I guess. Even IDGIT would tell you that its not Garretts job here.
  15. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    26,537 Messages
    17,210 Likes Received
    I see, so calling someone ignorant is a compliment now? Another lie.

    Everyone wants Garret fired genius. The board is laughing at you in case you didnt notice. But at least you have IDGIT in your corner. :muttley:
  16. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    26,537 Messages
    17,210 Likes Received
    I agree. Let Jones have his puppet in Garrett that gives motivational speeches and claps on the sidelines. Its the only thing he is good at. As long as real football minds are handling the product on the field we should be fine.

    Its already been proven that no matter how much talent we cant get passed the 2nd round with Garrett handling the offense.

    With Moore in charge and Garrett out of the way its definitely possible. We will have to see how good Moore really is.
  17. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    46,563 Messages
    46,839 Likes Received
    Garrett to be promoted to VP of Coaching...
    nightrain likes this.
  18. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    35,503 Messages
    6,894 Likes Received
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  19. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    32,434 Messages
    25,906 Likes Received
    Kellen Moore is not a head coach in this league yet. I think even he understands that.
  20. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

    5,342 Messages
    8,678 Likes Received
    You offer Kellen a pay raise but not HC money and if he turns it down so be it.....

    Kellen is going to be A HC somewhere if he keeps this up i dont see us letting Garrett go in favor of Moore

    I can see Garrett being general manager or president and moore being HC

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