If you owned the team, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by My3Sons, Jan 19, 2022.

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    lol...I need you as my financial advisor. Tad, is that you?
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    You are a genius.
  3. Jake

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    So you would run the team like Jerry the Owner/GM? :huh:

    My entire focus, from a football standpoint, would be hiring the best GM I could find. I'd talk to as many people with managerial experience in the league as I could, get their recommendations, schedule interviews, then make a decision.

    I'd tell the GM my expectations, we'd agree on a contract length, then I'd put my time where it belongs - running the business - and get out of the way. The GM's performance would then be measured on the field. He would be responsible for hiring the head coach and working with him to manage football personnel.
  4. MajesticRey

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    I wouldn’t do anything other than hire a proven/competent GM. Why would I make football decisions when I am not a football professional?
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  5. jazzcat22

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    Take my profits and sell. Make the fans happy going out the door.
    Buy for what, $100 million, and it now worth what, $5 billion.

    You are almost 80 years old, family is set for life. Take the money and run.
  6. CowboysFaninHouston

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    focus on the OL. any free agents and Draft to rebuild the OL, specially the center and LG as you said. First two rounds we should draft OL men....I am sure some will be rated high enough for us to take in first and second round.
    Cut D-Law post june 1 casualty. not worth 20M.
    Tell cooper to take a pay cut, if not, then we cut him and go after Gallup (that he maybe cheaper now) and resign Wilson. we could end up with both for cooper money. Cooper is too soft IMHO
    Cut Zeurline...he cost us too many games.
    Cut Jarwin. Not worth the money
    Resign Schultz
    Give Gregory a smaller contract, he doesn't like it. then see ya...too many penalties in critical games....
    Tell Zeke to take a pay cut. I am pretty sure he says now, but we can't cut him and Lawrence the same year.....then tell him he will have less carries and Pollard will get most of the carries.
    Find a QB coach that can work with Dak on his throwing fundamentals. his footwork just went to hel! for whatever reason.
    If Moore walks. Moore walks, else I am going to tell McCarthy he needs to be more involved on the offensive game planning and play calling. that's why he is the head coach.
    I would walk away from LVE, unless he resigns for 2M per year.

    give ultimatum to the team. clean it up. stop drinking your own kool aid. the playoffs and performance against playoff teams was pathetic. if you want to really win a superbowl, then stop making excuses. look in the mirror and committ to it.
  7. CowboysExchange

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    Change this vanilla predictive offensive scheme that hasn't won anything in 25+ years. How many qbs in 25 years have been able to succeed at the playoff level here?
    The next man up mentality only works when every skilled player has the skillsets for every down and distance.
  8. My3Sons

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    As in the title of the thread, this hypothetical has Jerry not owning the team
  9. Shane612

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    I would move the team to Sioux Falls South Dakota, and change the name to Dak In the Box.
  10. TheMightyVanHalen

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    If I owned this team I would have enough money to move out of my SE Side neighborhood of San Antonio and move into a beautiful home, but not extravagant. I would sit on the sidelines with my players and kid with them and make fun of them too. I would use my power to try and track down the numbers of Salma Hayek, Gina Carano and Serena Williams, and try and convince them to be my side chicks. Lol jk

    I would get our cheerleaders and wave their pom-poms and do high kicks when watching film of a good play. I would pay a JAG (a JAG because it would be no loss when he gets kicked out of the league) to take out Aaron Rodgers or any big name star we're playing that day. I would be a terrible owner but loved by my players. It would be a country club atmosphere for sure. We would go 0-17 but we all would have fun. :cool:

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