Twitter: I'm convinced this man is going to lead us out of the darkness

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. Dallasfann

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    Parsons is our best player since 2014 Romo and he is a rookie. Can't wait to watch this guys career. I just hope he turns into an iron man type of player like Witten who just is always healthy. We don't get real lucky with that.
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  2. exciter

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    Lol, sure will, and will do so with the satisfaction of knowing we have a QB that can at least compete for one in this league which is more than 20+ teams can say at any given time!
  3. Trueboysfan

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    I thought I wanted Dallas to draft a corner but with the subpar playing of our linebackers and our corners playing much better than expected I dont think we could have drafted a more impactful player. Imho Parsons was the very best player Dallas could have drafted.
  4. Big_D

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    no kidding.. they make the Christmas card list because this kid is probably somewhere else in the division if either corner is still on the board.
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  5. gmb1

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  6. nightrain

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    When his rookie deal us up, the Cowboys will need the QB to be on a rookie deal to afford the highest paid defender in the league.
  7. shabazz

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    ......and clean too
  8. Risen Star

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    How is this not a Trysten Hill thread?
  9. 75boyz

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    You're actually having to explain sarcasm here is funny.
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  10. Big_D

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    Feels like just yesterday we were saying the same thing about Taco Charlton!
  11. Kingofholland

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    Our record is the best thing so far about this season, but in terms of players Parsons play and Diggs INTs have definitely been the individual highlights.
  12. rocknrobcowboy

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    Coach-Q...Love It
  13. KeepinTime

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    Maybe just put Cedric Wilson in.
  14. tcain2004

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    before my time wish I could have seen him in his prime.
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  15. tcain2004

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    it would be nice if we could have these perpetually hurt and suspended players back
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  16. Bugsy12

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    By the way, I’d take LT over Prime.
  17. gp_cowpolk

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    Dude drove a VW in College If he could not find a parking place he found a parked VW got out and moved it out of the way and parked there.
  18. RaZon

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    Here ya go...

  19. JustChip

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    PETA disapproves of this post.
  20. iRepDatStar

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    I'll be around the day you all turn on him

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