I'm Starting to Turn to the Dark Side

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TexasBacon, Jan 24, 2022.

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    Training Camp 2022 opening day, Jerry will make another speech with tears in his eyes about how much he cares and is dedicated to doing anything to help the Cowboys win another Super Bowl. Do not buy his BS. ;)

    PAPPYDOG There are no Dak haters just Cowboy lovers!!!

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    When did the truth turn into the Dark side????:huh:
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    As I've watched the playoffs unfold, I've actually become less confident in our coaching.
    I mean, down the stretch it seemed as though we were playing checkers & the good teams we played were playing chess. In the playoffs it seems like those coaches are playing 3D chess with mystical pieces. Just a whole 'notha level.
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    We've literally turned EVERYTHING over and the same results. The problem has been and continues to be Jerry Jones. Just from HOW he hired McCarthy told you this was going to be wrong. He invited McCarthy to spend a night and McCarthy lied about the analytics thing and he still gave him the job? Where was the rigorous analysis to determine the best head coach that fit the talents of this team? Did they even realistically spend any real time comparing coaches to each other to see the best fit? Sounds like another one of those 'I hired my bud' decision making processes and we once again got our butts kicked. Jerry got lucky that his bud 'back in the day' was Jimmy Johnson, but he's been engaging in that same process ever since with the exception of Parcells and we've been greeted with a quarter century of mediocrity.
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    The sooner you embrace the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have absolutely no chance to win a super bowl with Jerry Jones as GM (he has hired the bad coaches for decades) the easier it will be on you.
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    Is that you, Garrett? :D :D
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    I'm still positive. Terrible loss and end to an otherwise blast of a season. I don't see how they can improve this roster in talent next offseason given cap issues, but I think they can improve the TEAM if they are intelligent. Some strategic changes, self reflection and continuous improvement. I don't see the rest of the NFCE catching up in 2022 unless one of them somehow finds a way to get competent QB play outside of the draft (though those hoarded picks in NY and Philly are dangerous).

    I refuse to let a loss that I did not contribute to affect me for terribly long. THe 53 players and coaches will still make their insane paychecks regardless, most of them getting paid next year too. It hurts, sure, but I'm over it.

    It's easy to be negative. With 32 teams, with STRAIGHT odds, you have a 3% chance of winning the superbowl any year. There are 31 teams that end the year disappointed in varying fashion - from "I had no expectations and was still disappointed (Jacksonville, WFT, NYG)", "I knew we'd suck but trajectory is right (Detroit)", "Man what a lot of fun, wish it was better but the future looks bright! (San Diego)", "DANG, what a ride (Oakland, Buffalo)" and WHAT HAPPENED DESTROY EVERYTHING (Dallas, Tennessee, Green Bay). So yeah - if you're negative, you have about a 95-97% chance of getting some sweet, sweet confirmation bias and being right. Go you.

    Me? Sports is fun when I believe in my team, when I can believe in miracles and see them. I saw magic happen when an aging Dirk Nowitzki, a guy I cheered for my entire adult life but could never get it done (Dak, Romo) and that team DESTROYED the LA Lakers and Thunder and then owned the Miami Super Team, with one of the weaker Mavs rosters of the 2001-2011 era. NOBODY saw that coming, but it did like a freight train.

    I live in Tampa - the Stars have struggled in the post season, through age, injuries, a mid-season coach firing and pandemic. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they capture magic to make it to the finals. Yeah, they lost, but with that team just getting that far was a win in my eyes.

    I'd hate to be so negative when my team wins. Sure, it'd be enjoyable, and I hope that those who keep saying "they'll never do it" at the end make it known they didn't believe. For my own self, when I see that miracle, I want to have had faith all the way. I want to see the magic having believe in the spell and the wizards.
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    Different players, same results. This team is stuck in mediocrity. Don't know how they get out of it. Watching the final four teams play this weekend just makes me sick. They are so far ahead of us.
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    I'm at a dilemma because I love the Cowboys, and I like certain players. I want Dak replaced as the starter, I'm 50/50 on McCarthy, and I'm totally out on Jerry. But I also like reality, no pun intended @Reality. And the reality is, chances are Jerry will not replace Dak because of what he paid him, and since that's the case, we have to think about plans with him at QB. We can't change what Jerry does.

    Jerry could surprise us and go after Aaron Rodgers which I would DEFINITELY do, cause even if he gives us 4 years and 2 chips, it's worth it. Maybe he can make a deal with Dak to release the no-trade clause and make a trade of Dak and Tyron Smith and maybe LVE with GB for Aaron Rodgers, and go strongly after Aaron Rodgers. And if we get Rodgers, we may have to replace McCarthy with Sean Payton. Can you imagine Sean and Aaron Rodgers here in Dallas? Maybe Jerry goes to Dak and says, we are drafting a QB to replace you, and there will be open competition. And maybe Moore is demoted to QBs coach, and we can get a real experienced OC? Maybe Davante Adams would come here as well to play with Aaron Rodgers.

    Yeah, dream on. But I see the light as well, but we can't do anything about our reality.
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    That's the biggest problem with having a Dak type at QB..

    You will be stuck in mediocrity for ever. You have to hit rock bottom in order to land a legit QB just like we did with Aikmam

    Just like all those teams you listed.
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    what was that about a "Crap shoot?"

    ahhhh... now we have figured it all out. Mahomes was a 1st rd draft pick, 10th I believe, and Allen was drafted with the SEVENTH pick of the draft.

    That tells you what they thought of them. BUT, I will agree, nobody knew for sure, and you never know for sure. The teams that 'Luck out," end up in title games and Superbowls.

    Iknow, I know... the chiefs just have amazing coaching and a far superior front office than all of the other teams in the NFL... bahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahha...smh
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    While those coaches you listed are not the "get in your face" types, they sure are the "get rid of players that underperform" type.

    All of them got rid of their staring QB and upgraded. That move takes footBALLS .

    That's what we need, but it will never happen with Granpops Jerry and his children(players)
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    Picking an elite qb is difficult. Nobody in the scouting circles thought these two would be this good this early. Allen was considered a project coming out of Wyoming as his accuracy was only 58% in college. Mahomes was compare to Manzel of all people. So drafting qbs is crap shoot. No one know the mental makeup of these qbs coming out.
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    Don't think I'd call it the dark side. It's just reality.

    I remember how it felt as a fan when this team was on the top of the mountain, although I was a little kid. The best in the league and then the best maybe in history at the time we won 3 titles in 4 years.

    Now, after 26 years, the feelings are the complete opposite. The reality is that this team will not win anything with Jerry Jones at the helm. I doubt my son will ever see the Cowboys win anything. He won't get to experience what I did as a fan as a kid. If you want to call that dark I guess you can make a good argument to do so.

    Lots of my friends have never seen their teams win a Super Bowl. I've seen mine win three of them.

    I think we all know why it's been so long and why we feel like we have little hope to change things. In the end, I'll keep watching them and hoping someone else acquires the team although I know that'll never happen.
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    That’s exactly where I’m at as a fan also, OP. I wish I could trust this team to be good when games matter, but the last 25 years of failure has conditioned me to expect failure. And the worst part is that they seem to always find new ways to fail! It’s maddening
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    We all float down here.
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    I would love to know how many people were banned in those playoff threads as I noticed a LOT of the usual posters were absent.
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    I merely quoted someone that had mentioned the Cowboys and my pee pee was spanked…..well actually flicked more than spanked……a minor transgression
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