In classy fashion, Coach McC high hurdles the question you knew was coming

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by _sturt_, Sep 20, 2020.

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    At about 2:30 into the post-game, McCarthy was asked if he'd ever been part of such a big comeback.

    Most of us know the answer to that question, but/and who knows if the person asking really didn't, or if he was just teeing it up to see if McC would say something tweet-worthy.

    To McC's credit, he only briefly mentioned he'd been part of something like that when he was "over on the other sideline," then quickly shifted the rest of his answer to focus on this team today.

    For those with bad memories, this was a good reason to have a bad memory...

  2. Jake

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    That game made Matt Flynn a rich man a few months later. Unfortunately for him Seattle also drafted some kid named Russell Wilson in the 3rd round.
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    Oh, I was thinking the question would be who are you bringing in tomorrow to coach the defense.
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    Imagine being the reporter who gets paid money to cover the cowboys and the nfl and asking this question because you didn't know or remember the comeback the guys team had here just a few years ago.

    This kind of thing is the reason we get these Most talented team articles and spots on the radio here so much.
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    Actually, that game was during Flynn's 2nd tour of duty with Green Bay. He had already been dumped by Seattle after Wilson's rookie season.
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    Who was our QB during that game?


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