Interesting Cowboys Rumors Regarding Odell and Sean Payton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. darthseinfeld

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    If they wanted to fire Garrett, they would have. Payton or no Payton.

    They arent satisfied with the job Garrett is doing. That much is clear. But they also arent convinced he can take this team where they want to go. Garrett is coaching for his job. He isnt a true

    Frankly I think he should have bee fired. Wouldnt be the first time a coach got fired after a playoff season. Shottenhiemer got fired coming of a 13-3 year. They are being too passive with Garrett. You have had him long enough to know whether he can or cant take you where you want to go
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  2. JoeKing

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    There has to be a Cowboys coaching job available if Sean Payton is going to fill it. So what made you think that was remotely possible. The people on CZ don't know what they are talking about half the time, why would you give what they say any credence?
  3. RoboQB

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    Actually, Marty's Chargers went 14-2 and had the Patriots beat until a DB went from hero to goat
    in the span of one play. Then they fired Marty... smh.
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  4. Irvin88_4life

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    Sometimes you hit and sometimes it doesn't work. Trading for Cooper worked and should be our number 1 receiver for years to come regardless of HC.
  5. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    We will be taking L's this season, just as sure as the sun will come out in the desert.
  6. Hadenough

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    Payton has a clause in his contract that lets him out if the Saints owner changes! Benson died and he can leave at his own free will.
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  7. Furboy

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    I don't know what OBJ expected. Did he honestly think the Giants would trade him to us? I would very much like to see him here. However, I can't imagine the Giants trading him to us. For one thing, the NY media would explode. Now, perhaps after a few years in Cleveland, we might be able to get him.
  8. ItzKelz

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    Mr 7-9
  9. Hadenough

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    The funny thing is Jerry and the front office are usually a year late with what the fans say! This is just another reason some of us would do a better job making decisions for the team than Jerry!
    Jerry got lucky hiring Jimmy when he first bought the team! Since then he hasnt done squat! Just confirmation how football dumb he is! Jerry needs to stop running this team like a mom and pop business.
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  10. iceberg

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    i simply can't get into players doing this to garrett after all these years. for this to even be a remote possibility all this has to fall into place:

    1) the jones' must agree to lose. never seen that in them.
    2) garrett must agree to coach them to a loss. however, given his past yo-yo history, maybe they're keeping him in the dark and just letting his natural ability take over to a great 5-11 campo'esque season.
    3) key players must agree to give up a year of their career so they can play badly and have that effect them on the next round of contract negotiations.
    4) key lower level coaches must be clued in to this 8-men out scenario to help ensure we stay on the bad track
    5) every one of these people has to keep it quiet
    6) every one of the people who said HELL NO to doing this would also need to keep it quiet.

    i simply don't see all that happenin.
  11. Southern0005

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    Stop reading BS that some fantasy writer dreams up. OBJ would have been on suicide watch and dividing the locker room after 4 games with dumpster Dak passing and Saints will have Payton extended by the end of this season. You think personality like Sean Payton is coming to a team just to let a withered senile owner tell him how to run a team? SMH
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  12. darthseinfeld

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    Was that the Rivers ACL game?
  13. Aerolithe_Lion

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    It came from a source of some kind. The logic just isn’t there, even if Garrett does get fired. He has a better job.
  14. JoeKing

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    He's doing a better job than you give him credit for doing.
  15. CATCH17

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    They have loads of cap space and they aren't going to upgrade the team except with rookies and no first rounder.

    They didn't extend Garrett and they gave Kellen Moore the OC job by default.

    It just doesn't scream like they are trying to win a championship. More like status quo or worse is what they are shooting for.
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  16. JoeKing

    JoeKing mrtxstar

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    So what! There are a lot of "sources" that say all kinds of crap. Why give it credence until it's official? Payton can make up his own mind where he'd rather coach. Just because you have a preference on which job is better doesn't make it so.
  17. Silver N Blue

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    No reason to tank when this organization has excelled delivering a mediocre season for ever and a day.
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  18. Aerolithe_Lion

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    I’m speaking objectively. He means something to the saints, to New Orleans. He’s not the GM but he has real power in that organization. If he went to Dallas he’d just be Jerry’s HC #8
  19. stasheroo

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    By an incompetent buffoon who soon after never found work in the league again.

    That's not an indictment on Sean Payton, it's a compliment.
  20. InTheZone

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    Two of our best receivers walked away from Dak, and a guy that demands the ball more than anyone wanted to come here? k

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