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Video: Is Dak Prescott A Top QB In NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DogFace, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

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    Pet peeve, but can we stop talking about "Top 10" in a league with only 32 teams? Doesn't mean much to be borderline top 1/3 in anything.
  2. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    Their opinions of Dak would be totally different if he continued to play the way he did the first seven games of the season. They picked Herbert ahead of him and although he has great potential he hasn’t been to the playoffs and he lost to Dak in week two. Herbert didn’t come through in a do or die game for the Chargers late in the season. They knocked Dak's 1-3 playoff record and one of them referred to Lamar Jackson as a winner when he has the same 1-3 playoff record. Jackson only played well in one playoff game. Lamar Jackson was 7-5 this season. Dak played well in all his playoff games except last Sunday.
  3. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    Basically we have the teams with Elite QB’s and the rest either trying to find a QB or building around a lesser QB.

    Unfortunately there’s only so many to go around . You either keep swinging for the fences or you try and build around a good average QB.
  4. Haimerej

    Haimerej Well-Known Member

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    That seems to be making the case that they're damned if they do or don't. Everything being the same, I think if he got the same contract on another team you would have to argue Dallas dodged a bullet, right?
  5. TheMarathonContinues

    TheMarathonContinues Well-Known Member

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    I agree and disagree with you....I think top 10 out of 32 teams is pretty good....but i'm tired of hearing top anything. I'm tired of it all.

    I'm tired of hearing Dak being top 10 when he's struggled.
    I'm tired of hearing about top 3 receiver group when they lead the league in drops.
    I'm tired of hearing about the best running back tandem......
    I'm tired of hearing about Micah being the best...

    Who cares if you are top 10? Who the hell said Bengals had a top 10 receiving group? But you know what they are playing like it.

    I heard nobody say anything about the 49ers receiving group and they sure tore up our receivers.....Brandon Aiyuk made Diggs his *****. Nevermind Deebo.......
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  6. bigE79

    bigE79 Well-Known Member

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    He's top 15 at best.... depending on who were playing at the time.
  7. kwcool619

    kwcool619 Well-Known Member

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    It's a No for me.
  8. CowboysFaninHouston

    CowboysFaninHouston CowboysFaninDC

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    We should be competitive in all positions.....the problem is outside of rush, who else was available? I was clamoring for Mr. Mustache from Jax and was upset it took a 6th round pick to trade for him.....he is not a really good starter, but can hold things up and push the starting QB.... he was heck of a lot better than Rush and what did we end up with the 6th round pick?

    I don't advocate for drafting a position for the sake of drafting for the position, but if the player is there and highly rated, then you take him.....you never know.

    with that said, not sure what caused the collapse in second half of the season, but hoping that we can recover from it. we defintley need to rebuild the OL and Dak needs to get back to his fundamentals. I can't stress enough how bad his foot work was last half of the season.

    BBGTYCOON Well-Known Member

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    In salary Yes, in ALL other important metrics relative to a NFL QB's proficiency NO, heck NO!!!!!!
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  10. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    Never was Never will
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  11. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    The way Dak played against the better defences he is not a top 10 QB
  12. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    The Jones listen to the media and sign contracts accordingly..they are not qualified to run a wining sport team
  13. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

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    and crap happens

    crap happened last sunday
  14. JJHLH1

    JJHLH1 Well-Known Member

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    Clearly not.

    1 playoff win in 6 seasons.

    That’s Romo-esque.
  15. mardwin

    mardwin Well-Known Member

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    QB I would pick ahead of Dak in no specific order:

    1. Rodgers - GB
    2. Brady - TB
    3. Mahomes - KC
    4. Carr - Oak
    5. Herbert - LAC
    6. Stafford - LAR
    7. Jackson - Bal
    8. Burrow - Cin
    9. Tannehill - Ten
    10. Cousins - Min
    11. Wilson - Sea
    12. Goff - Det
    13. Jones - NE
    In my book, he's the 14th best QB.
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  16. BobSacamano

    BobSacamano Well-Known Member

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    Idk. Against crap or no crap, not many QBs in this league throw twelve touchdowns in three games. I definitely believe people swing too far to either pendulum as it pertains to the Dak Prescott colloquial.

    So…top ten? IMO most definitely. Is he flawed? Indubitably. Are the Cowboys able to replace him? Naw.
  17. mardwin

    mardwin Well-Known Member

    4,782 Messages
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    Let me introduce to you Mr Nick Foles

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  18. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

    46,857 Messages
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    This is why I try to stay away from these hypothetical situations and stick to actual events.

    Our situation is difficult and complex enough to cypher thru without throwing unsubstantiated hypotheticals into the mix.

    Honestly I’m not sure Dak would have as much value to another team as with Jethro. But again , who knows, we haven’t had to find out.

    I’d have to know the contract he received and what our actions were preceding and following addressing our next QB prospect to draw some conclusions.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2022
  19. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    Any list that includes Cousins, Tannehill, Goff and Mac Jones ahead of Dak is laughable! As for Derek Carr he’s 0-1 in the playoffs. It took him 8 seasons to lead the Raiders to the playoffs.
  20. G2

    G2 Taco Engineer

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    False narrative, he can read defenses.

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