Video: Is Dak worth 30 Million? *MERGE*

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PAPPYDOG, Jul 10, 2019.



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    Summer time tunes......:popcorn:

  2. Tangle_Foot

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    Is there anything else on the menu other than Dak refried beans?
    I have a severe case of gaso_O
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Pappydog + Dak can only equal one thing.

  4. QuincyCarterEra

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    Know we know how Sharpe, Bayless, and Cowherd keep their jobs.

    Mommydog is their exact target audience
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  5. rocyaice

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    These guys have no idea what they are talking about. Dak's contract will not stop them from signing defensive players. We don't even have any meaningful defensive players to worry about any time soon. LVE and Jaylon are years down the road.
  6. Eanwen

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    I'm less worried about Dak's salary than whether or not the Cowboys O can be better in the red zone.

    What I want from Dak (and Moore I guess) is to focus on getting rid of the ball quickly; whether it's a completion or intentional incomplete it's better than taking a sack. I want Dak and Gallup (and the newer receivers for that matter, assuming they don't get cut) to get on the same page. I'm really interested in seeing if we can come up with some plays for a 21 or 20 personnel assuming Pollard is everything they hope he will be.
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    Again, so many people are stuck on this fantasy idea that we have some all-time great roster. :laugh: I bet 5 teams in the NFL have equally as good, if not a better roster than we do. Thinking our roster alone is gonna win the Super Bowl, but Dak is just there.

    We DO NOT have a juggernaut roster. Drop this fantasy. And again, with the speculating.... "What would Tony Romo do if he had this and that and so and so." He had great players around him many times, and an 1,845 yard running back. As for this "He never had this defense" point, might I remind you again they gave up 273 yards rushing against the Rams.

    These 3 people are just spewing random BS sporadically by their convenience. They didn't watch every Cowboys snap last year like I did, or most people on this board has.
  8. rocyaice

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    Truth be told...most of these NFL teams have similar talent. All NFL Teams do. There are some bottom feeders like the Dolphins, Bills, etc. that are the floor........then there's the rest of the league and there's the Patriots. And talent wise....I'm not sure if they are even that talented. What sets them apart from other team is coaching.
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    It's not hard to figure out who at the table has a Championship Ring.
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    Surprised to hear Avril with that take as most of the Seattle defenders (along with Marshawn Lynch) view Russell Wilson how Wiley and Merriman see Prescott.

    Then again, in the production meeting they probably asked someone to take the opposite stance and Avril was the choice.
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  11. rocyaice

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    I did not know that was Cliff Avril.........
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  12. Ranching

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    I'm gonna grill some Pappy Hotdogs, when Dak signs his HUGE contract!!!
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  13. rocyaice

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    Not at all and probably the only one that seems like he knows what he's talking about. Merriman and Marcellus sometimes talk like they have never even played in the NFL before. I don't know if they are just playing up to a role or what but I constantly see one guy on there whether its Greg Jennings or whoever sonning them.
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  14. Philmonroe

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    I agree a lot of people see Dak as average but no matter if you’re a fan of the team or not but emotions rule some. You’re not allowed to say Dak is average before all the online fans start making up things about you because you don’t agree with their echo chamber view of Dak.
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  15. slick325

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  16. glimmerman

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    30 million is a deal now. Lol.
  17. rocyaice

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    That's crazy unless my eyes are playing tricks on me he looks a lot smaller. I thought that was a receiver lol.
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  18. America's Cowboy

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    That video was full of lies, especially this one: "If Tony Romo only had the Pro Bowlers and talent around him that Dak has, Romo would have led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl!"

    Well...let's see if these Dak hating clowns were telling the truth or not? .......

    Published: June 26, 2015 at 01:26 p.m.
    Updated: June 26, 2015 at 07:05 p.m.
    Dallas Cowboys have drafted most Pro Bowlers in last decade
    Jim Reineking
    NFL Media editor

    Which NFL teams have been the most adept at drafting quality players? Glad you asked. This is a breakdown of the teams that have drafted the most Pro Bowl players in the last 10 years (2005-2014)...(the Tony Romo era).

    Keep in mind that the player drafted by one team might have been a Pro Bowl selection for another team.

    » NFL draft classes by team of last 10 years: Five best | Five worst
    1. Dallas Cowboys -- 13

    Pro Bowl players drafted: Zack Martin (year drafted: 2014), Travis Frederick (2013), Tyron Smith (2011), DeMarco Murray (2011), Dez Bryant (2010), Mike Jenkins (2008), Martellus Bennett (2008), Anthony Spencer (2007), Nick Folk (2007), Jason Hatcher (2006), DeMarcus Ware (2005), Marion Barber (2005), Jay Ratliff (2005).

    I guess they also forgot how Romo inherited a team in 2006 that by the following year in 2007 (Romo's 2nd year as starter, his 5th as a Cowboy overall at the time) had a franchise record and NFL record 13 Pro Bowlers on the team surrounding Romo. ......

    Wikipedia › wiki › 2007_Dallas_Co...
    Web results
    2007 Dallas Cowboys season - Wikipedia

    The 2007 Dallas Cowboys season was the 48th season for the team in the NFL ... 13 players were named to the Pro Bowl, an NFL record.

    So, folks, you might as well grab this video from these Dak hating clowns and simply flush it down the toilet. What a joke of a video! If only Dak was ever lucky enough to have as many Pro Bowlers surrounding him to start his career the way Romo did throughout his.
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  19. slick325

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    He was always a slimmer DE (around 260-265 at max) but you're right, he has to be around 200 to 210.

    Off topic but have you seen what Joe Thomas (Browns retired all-world LT) looks like now? He lost 50lbs since retirement. Lineman try to purge that weight ASAP once out of the League.


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    Pappy Hotdogs hmmmm tasty stuff.....hey guys I do not appear on that video and you might not like what these ex-players and reporters are saying concerning Dak and you feel the need to insult the Pappy but sometimes the truth hurts!
    We give this QB of ours a huge contract we are R.I.P. for the next 3-5 years for reasons explained in the video!

    Now keep them insults coming but it won't help Dak become a better QB.....or our Cowboys win our 6th Superbowl...

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