Is it good for Kitna to be up top during games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Jun 13, 2019.

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    but during the game you aren't going to try an tinker with mechanics. This is done in the off season through many reps to get the motion down without having to think about it. by the time the season starts the QB doesn't have time to "think" about mechanics it needs to happen much much faster.
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    I think they should both be on the sidelines and I should be up top. A little vodka and a headset so I can communicate with them and JG when he isn’t clapping enough.
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    Cameras. Video. Wifi. There's no reason for *any* coach to not be on the sidelines. (Except for Garrett.)

    I especially think that Kitna should be there.
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    Links are helpful...
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    Put Garrett be up top during games, on the stadium roof, maybe?
  6. Cowfan75

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    Moore was in Dak's ear all last season, didn't make any huge difference. I used to cringe whenever they showed him. Guess I better get used to it.
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    You know... this is an interesting topic. Me personally..I'd like to see Moore upstairs. I know from watching games @ BSU whenever i'd watch games from up top or the press can see how defenses are soon as they break the huddle...and you can get a sense from the aerial view that you just can't see from the sideline. It's like seeing chess pieces before the board is even played. You really can't get that perspective on TV...but watching games live in person...oh boy...whole different level. And with today's can get information to the QB...which would give him an advantage. Look how the Rams exploided us in the playoffs. They knew exactly what we were doing on defense...and the timing of their play calls...didn't leave us time to adjust. IMO...there are so many more advatages of being able to see from above...and then relaying that info. I think you lose a lot of view points from being on the sideline...and it just looks like a mass of huminity running into one another. I'm sure you get players telling you what they see...And you get that info in person....but from can get that same seeing the play. I was gonna post I hope this isn't Kellen's first mistake as a coach..because I can see this becoming an issue. I'd even like to see him call a game in the pre-season from above to guage the differences. It's eye opening.:)
  8. Alexander

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    Linehan did it both ways, didn't matter.

    The QB coach though not so certain about. Depends on what Kitna is expected to support on gameday.
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    All 3 guys need to be communicating during a game. But I don't think its a good thing for both the OC and QBC to be in his ear on the sidelines. Moore is the guy that needs to be there talking face to face. So Kitna gets up in the booth.

    Kitna is probably just there to put in some comments about what he is seeing overall from up top. Might present an angle they don't see down there.
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    I can see where it would be a benefit either way. Kitna up high gives him a better view of adjustments and presnap reads he can relay to Dak, before the headset cutoff. While Moore wouldn't have the benefit of seeing the whole field, he does have Kitna that can relay the defenses adjustments to him, but he also then has better communication to the offensive position coaches and players that can give their input quicker. Even if the booth has a better view, there isn't time to analyze each play, position groups, or individual matchups between plays anyways, but on the field he can at least communicate quicker to coaches/players on a play by play basis.
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    I would prefer Moore being on his couch watching the game on his TV with a proven experienced OC in the booth

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