Is it worth being vaccinated for someone in their mid 30s?

Discussion in 'COVID Zone' started by Walker, Nov 19, 2021.

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    Don't need weapons to fight a war.

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    There are "typographical errors", like punctuation and mis-spellings?
    Definition of typographical error

    : a mistake (such as a misspelled word) in typed or printed text. The book contains a number of typographical errors.
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    You actually gave credence to that "Herman Cain Awards" nonsense propaganda?
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    No.. you see, it’s making fun of people who spread incorrect propaganda about the disease only to die of the dis…. Aww, forget it. Wasting my time.
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    Get vaccinated. I don’t get the “no vaccine” movement. We owe our long lives to them. I don’t want to hear the bs about being rushed either. All data has shown they are highly effective for hospitalizations and death. Flu shot helps too folks. I almost died from a flu bug attacking my heart. Theses same drug manufacturers make 100s of meds used daily with no thought that cause issues. Tylenol being one. We are getting variants because of the unvaccinated being Petri dishes. Even if a vaccinated person is exposed it is for shorter periods. There are incredible people and scientists trying to help us. Just do it. I’ve had Pfizer snd the booster. All my kids have gotten it now. Btw when kids are babies they get jabbed 2-3 times a visit and most people don’t blink. The minute a “no vax” person is about to get bad at a hospital they will beg for anything in the world to save their lives and see their family again but won’t do this one simple, safe act. We just got back from Germany last Thursday and they have a 69% vax rate. Over 90% of the people hospitalized or dying are unvaccinated. It’s not made up. I got a flu shot. I may have a chance to still get it but guess what My duration will be shorter and less severe snd it won’t attack my heart again.
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    Using "humor" to disguise their own misinformation/propaganda. You wasted your time on reddit is what you did.
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    It's also weird they wanted 55 years to release the findings in their study isn't it?
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    why are you being dishonest? According to this study 96% of Medical Doctors have gotten the jab.
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    Word gymnastics

    "Surveyed" physicians are not remotely the same as "all" physicians.
    But then again, I'm sure you realize that (I give you more credit I guess) but you felt the need to call me dishonest anyway.

    Unvaxed will generally not participate in these surveys.....especially if the AMA is behind it.
    There is zero benefit of them doing so.

    But I admit, the number increases monthly so past surveys are not as valid.
    I don't know what the numbers are as of today.

    And certainly, those doctors working in large urban hospitals are far more highly vaxxed as it is pretty much mandatory.

    I don't care either way. I'm vaxed, for example.
    I have doctor friends and family that are both vaxed and unvaxed (but have had CV). None that haven't either been vaxed or had CV already.
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    Ya think?

    It's comically unethical
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    You claimed that 25-35% of Doctors refused to get vaccinated. Where did you get that number?
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    The FDA employee part came from a report in an FDA release in November. The reduction of unvaxed doctors (from 40% down to roughly 25-30%) was reported a bit before then.
    I guess I should screenshot this stuff because Google will scrub it as fast as possible and then you will call me a liar.
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    I only got vaccinated for others, as for myself I never experience flu's or fever's in my life and covid is within the same family.
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    You should get the booster. Do it for me.

    I've never had the flu either. But I have had fevers. But they were not viral and could be dealt with through antibiotics.
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    Coronavirus and influenza viruses are different. What is your definition of 'family' regarding two different viruses?
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    The question is, which side (if any) is being irrational.
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    Real amateur data scientists use twitter
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