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Is Micah Parsons the best rookie in Cowboys history?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. perrykemp

    perrykemp Well-Known Member

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    What, no votes for Billy Cannon Jr.?
  2. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Nah. You changed the convo. I just played your game.

    Henry wasn’t very good early in his career so no guarantees.
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    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    Here's a few greats who made their mark on the defense side of the ball when they were rookies: Roy "Horse Collar" Williams, Randy " The Manster" White, Harvey Martin, Darren Woodson, Lee Roy Jordon, Mel Renfro, Bob Lilly, Ed "TOO TALL" Jones. Each one of these players were bad *** dudes who could take over a game one hit at a time. Hopefully, Parsons has a great long career like each one of these players did. One Note: Williams career fell off a little when he was asked to drop back in coverage, didn't have the speed necessary to be great, but ball carriers feared him because hit so dam hard!
  4. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Yep. Dak was good. Zeke and the OL were the reason. Deal with it.
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  5. Hagman

    Hagman Put Niland and Green in the ROH

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    They played 12 games in 1960. The Cowboys went 0-11-1

    The league expanded to 14 games in 1961.
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  6. MarcusRock

    MarcusRock Well-Known Member

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    That's what has him above Parsons in my book. That's extraordinary for a rookie. 4th highest number of INTs ever, and as a rookie to boot. Parsons was great and leaped off the page at you but in terms of accomplishments, Walls' feat tops what Parsons did even though a lot of what Parsons has done doesn't show up on the stat sheet like impacting the culture. I guess that's what the OP was going for to vault Parsons to the top but you can't ignore the tally of on-the-field contributions. Those change culture too.
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  7. phildadon86

    phildadon86 Well-Known Member

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    LOL. Dak was great. And put up one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time. Regardless of "help". Believe what you want.
  8. Typhus

    Typhus Captain Catfish

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    Larry Allen was pretty good, but Parsons is the King.
  9. MountaineerCowboy

    MountaineerCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Nah, Emmitts rookie year and his last year was the only 2 seasons he didn't rush for 1,000 yards with the Cowboys.

    Zeke's rookie season was MUCH better than Emmitt's.

    Tony Dorsetts rookie year was also better than Emmitt's.
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  10. conner01

    conner01 Well-Known Member

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    Dak, Tony D, Walls, Parson
    One could argue any of them as best rookie season ever
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  11. bigE79

    bigE79 Well-Known Member

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    That honour will always belong to mr cowboy#74
  12. Blackrain

    Blackrain Well-Known Member

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    As far as impacting the game Bob Hayes completely changed the game. He is the greatest Cowboy rookie IMO . Tony Dorsett is next because he propelled us to winning a SB

    Was too young to see Bob Lillys rookie year

    Risen you are getting a bit ahead of yourself , Lets see how Micah impacts the playoffs before we pass judgment. We will need him to really step up and support our lowly run defense . It will be a true test of his ability .

    From what I see so far he is the best defensive rookie we have ever drafted Im excited to see if he can dominate the playoffs . How nice would it be to see a savage pummeling of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers from our young Lion
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  13. MountaineerCowboy

    MountaineerCowboy Well-Known Member

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    One of the greatest rookie seasons of all time?

    That's' where you lose me. Maybe for a QB, but overall not even close.
  14. Bullflop

    Bullflop Cowboys Diehard

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    Many of us were ready to crown Parsons the best rookie ever before he ever stepped up to offer his case. In truth, there have many saviors that stepped into the rookie role to be great in their own right. This year isn't over. Let's just see how well he performs in the playoffs first, before getting carried away.
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  15. Hawkeye0202

    Hawkeye0202 Well-Known Member

    CowboysZone LOYAL Fan
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    Agree 1000%......
  16. MountaineerCowboy

    MountaineerCowboy Well-Known Member

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    How can you say Dak and not include Zeke?

    Zeke rushed for 1,600 yards and 15 TDs and caught 32 passes for 400 yards and a TD.
    He was first team all pro and won the rushing title.
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  17. TheDude

    TheDude McLovin

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    Jethro Tull beat Metallica for the first Heavy Metal grammy
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  18. Manwiththeplan

    Manwiththeplan Well-Known Member

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    You obviously have forgotten about Taco’s sack celebration, Micah has a strong case for second though
  19. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    Dorsett in 1977 leading us back to SB would rank up there.

    The entire Rookie class of 1975’s “Dirty Dozen” as a group best ever including some greats like Randy White and Hollywood which helped lead us back to a Super Bowl.

    Bob Hayes rookie 1965 season definitely turned the league on its ear and made our offense a threat leading to first non losing season.

    And as much as I’m sure this will draw a reaction Prescotts rookie season would have to be up there as well.
  20. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard

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    That was a travesty.

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