Is there any question that Malik Turner needs all of Noah Brown's minutes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mannix, Dec 3, 2021.


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    eihter miss or mr Mannix---- anyway ...been hearing exact same thing about Malik Turner....and that guy dont drop passes i saw either....i just hope we figure out our O line configuration and adjustments to we can

    be that team that ran or passed and whatever you took away we just go to the other and score 30 by 3rd period.....its our O line and Dak not being same Dak he was starting of season....that calf is still bothering him

    in my lowly opinion and just hope 10 days extra rest is enough to put it behind him?
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    mr conner---i have just started really diggin' the nose swipe thingy.....i want Coop and Lamb and Gallup next year and i heard the amount is going up substantially on those monies every team gets to spend

    dang it i want to keep so many of our guys and lose some like LVE...and Neal i want to give another chance.....and number 27 i hope is not out of our price range he is such a beast on defense...i want all our

    good guys back.....why do the Bucs get to bring back all starting 22?.....come on cowboys ...keep the good lose the rest ...draft like true draft kings and dig down a bit deeper in those deep pockets for just a

    couple good free agents...or how you find these jewels for cheap...and keep our be honest....if Moore dont figure out how to get more out of all the weapons we got...dont care if we lose moore

    just not the DC.....but who am i?....but a lowly 63 yr old cowboy fan....who goes crazy every game.....and if i get too nevous i have to break out the valium cause i quit drinking 92.....can we just win super bowl soon?
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    They are both deep reserve 4th or 5th WR types, and I don't see a ceiling for more. You pay those guys for special teams as much as anything.

    Cedrick Wilson is a deep reserve who IMO has enough physical talent to be a #3 if he irons a few things out with his game. Brown and Turner don't have that ability.
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    When your deep at a position and this roster is when healthy at WR a good OC exploits mismatches.
    Brown may be a better 4 than Wilson in some scenarios and vice versa, Turner has his role as well if the coaching is doing their homework when preparing the gameplan.
    This offense has issues but its not with WR depth and who should be the 4/5 or even the 3/4.
    Problems with this Offense is OL health and the space between Daks ears.
    If the OL can come together and Dak can get his game back, which are both symbiotic IMO, then the value of any WR outside of our top three,, Lamb, Coop, Gallup, become relevant.
    Until that happens, just be fortunate that we have depth with Wilson, Brown, Turner.
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    Came here to say this. One of the better blockers at the WR position I've seen.
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    Malik Turner was praised by Aikman for running good routes. That is a key part of being an effective receiver. Don't know though if he has hands of stone.
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    Have you tried to read your posts? You have no room calling people a sports idiot.
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    I would hardly call that a "drop". The surprise would have been "anyone" catching it.
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    Cap is gonna limit who we can keep
    LVE can easily be replaced
    Gallup is not coming back
    Schultz is likely gone unless we cut Jarwin
    CW is gone
    Kearse and Gregory are two I find a way to keep if at all possible
    The cap is going up and we can clear some money but we will still be tight
    Right now in what the cap is projected to be we are way over
    Normally Sporttrac is pretty close with projected cap but it may not be after the out of the ordinary mess from last season and they could be low but probably not significantly
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    we know its management that keeps us a middling team....Pats have great strategists and even after losing Brady they were not good for one year now # 1 seed AFC...not us.....can anyone really blame if you traded

    places with Jerry? dont have to win to cash in....just saw Cowboys north of 8 billion....Jerry often watches from his quarter billion super Yacht guzzling blue label which is over 200 for fifth.....i dont see Stephen

    doing a lot better unless after Jerry passes Stephen goes all in on top executive manager.......but Stephen will probably just replace his dad and wont be much better?...dang i am so negative today...after i watched

    Kurt Warner break down Dak decision making and mechanics against Saints.....something is causing Dak to regress and it tears me up....and i know Gorico get a life...tried and does not work
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    very interesting
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    I will be curious to see what kind of offers Cedric gets. I kinda think some desperate team for WR's offers him 8-10 mill
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    As long as other WR's are missing games there is room for both to get targets. Turner is impressing though, but too small a sample size to get too excited about.

    Brown is a tremendous blocker as a WR, but it's not certain how that might translate to being a quality blocker at TE, even with added weight. Part of his blocking success as a WR is his size advantage (and, as always with blocking, his desire), but blocking on the line of scrimmage is a different animal.
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    The market will have several WR’s
    Gallup will get that kind of money but Wilson won’t
    The last few drafts have been deep at WR going back to the Gallup pick and those guys will be hitting the market
    If teams think they can draft then they don’t pay and drafting WR’s has been easier the last few years
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