Isn't it embarassing to the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by basel90, Mar 10, 2019.

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    A team like the Rams , moved from St. louis and was in shambles , got to the super bowl so quickly and beat the cowboys handily on the way , While the cowboys have not reached the super bowl or conference championship game since 1995? and the cowboys are about to pay Dak Presscot 25-28 million ?? and cannot sign Dlawerence without breaking the bank ~~?
    When will they learn ?
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    I’d say your attempt at spelling is the most embarrassing thing on this thread.
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    You do know that the Rams have been winning with that shambles of a roster from St Louis? It was Fisher who was the problem for the Rams. So, yes, it should be embarrassing for the Cowboys fans that kept calling for Fisher to be HC in Dallas.
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    When you become the owner and GM. Now hop to it. Chop chop!
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    How many times are you going to beat this dead horse?
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    Learn what exactly?
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    Our FO cannot be shamed......they really do think they're the smartest guy in the room.
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    How many years in a row does this have to happen? Yall really didnt expect them to sign a bunch of high priced FA's did you? Last one was Carr 7 years ago. Yeah they tried with Watkins last year and struck out thank god. But this team used to get ripped for blowing money in Free agency now they get ripped for not blowing money. Especially when other teams prove it isnt worth it over and over.
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    It is embarrassing for Cowboy's fans that Garrett is still our head football coach. We have a clown for a head coach. The shame, the shame.
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    Thanks for sharing that fresh perspective. I have heard about endless threads and posts on the subject, but appreciate you bringing it to light.
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    Not ashamed at all! I’m a fan of America’s Team! Who cares about other teams? Irrelevant to me!
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    New ideas are always welcomed!

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