Jabril Cox already showing his value

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, Oct 10, 2021.

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    He would have hit Jones in the back after Jones had dived in for the TD
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    It's a bonus to getting him involved more on the D. The kid can play, so lets see what he can do, each week. The draft class has been amazing so far.
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    i said ONE OF, not The best

    we have yet to see KJ -still curious about him and may take time but even if he simply solid contributor at CB next season that about 5 players that will stick form 7 round draft..not bad

    look at Gholston, OSA the uzi, Cox , & Parsons so far all are contributing far above where we thought they would..

    Gholston was in on that tackle with cox to knock out Danny i gave you change for dime..hes only played 2 games now was shelved all offseason and this season and starting to flash in only two games..

    al defense also very encouraging young and hungry keeps coming up but this is the mirror image of 2016 its the defensive draft picks flashings all over and making names for themselves
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    I'm not arguing, this draft class is off to an amazing start and the second round pick hasn't even been active yet. '89 was another good draft year with Aikman, Moose, Stepnoski, and Tolbert. Of course they had the first pick of the draft which helps!

    Golston is playing very well and there is hardly room to talk about him with everyone else playing so well.
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    True, but back in '75 they usually made players watch their first year, and barely play their second year. 6 pre-season games back then too, the NFL was very focus on making sure everyone was ready to play back then.

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