News: Jabril Cox shares first impression of Micah Parsons

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hardline, May 24, 2021.

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    The DTs were not fine but the LBers were worse.

    Capture the shoulder, fill the gap, make the tackle is fundamental LB play. It is exactly how it works, especially in the modern game, because teams do not run the ball unless they have a numbers advantage.
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    Surely they can make some improvement up front with a real training camp and time to adjust to Quinn's game.
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    Had a discussion with a guy I play in a band with. He’s a business owner and often makes posts on social media regarding upcoming performances that are rife with spelling errors, bad/no punctuation. I told him it makes him look less professional and he told me in so many words that “Nobody cares about spelling.”
    To each his own but in my mind, I’d think he’d want to represent himself and his business in a better, more educated light.
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    There are a lot of things not deemed as important as they once were by a lot of people.

    It's just me but I am about simple grammar and spelling mistakes with a business as I am about the dirty engine on a commercial airliner. I connect something that might not really be applicable, but I do that anyway.

    And I make a lot of typos here because it looks like I am typing in boxing gloves because I suck at it. But I will change them when I find them and I do not proof read most of the time. However, I may use the wrong spelling of that word but it is not the spelling that is wrong, it is the word. Like I screw up form and from all the time.

    I will have fun with spelling and grammar mistakes but I am not making fun of that poster, we all make mistakes and no sense getting all "make fun of my spelling, I'll kill ya. Make fun of my grammar, I'll kill ya. Make fun of my punctuation, I'll kill ya".
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    The linebackers were not worse than the DTs. They looked worse because of the DTs. You cannot capture the shoulder when you are cut off because a DT didn't get his job done. You can try, but you are not going to often win that battle. The idea is for the NT to hold up two offensive linemen long enough to give the linebacker the advantage. When they don't, the linebackers have to work around/fight through offensive linemen who are in position immediately to block them. Linebackers lose those fights most of the time, which is why it is so important to have DTs who can slow up the protection.

    The purpose of the NT position in schemes is to negate the numbers advantage. Teams with NTs who do their job generally have good linebacker play. Teams with NTs who don't generally have weaker linebacker play. All good linebackers need is a second or two to get the edge.

    The videos I posted show how good Smith can and has been when he's given that precious second or two that allows him to capture the edge and run to the ball. Much like a corner jamming a receiver disrupts the offense's timing to give a pass rusher a chance to make a play on the quarterback, the NT tying up blockers disrupts the timing of the blocking scheme to give the linebackers a chance to make a play. Like I said, it's a team effort, when one of those things fails, the other is likely to fail.
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    Your entire premise that LBs are only good depending on the DT play is wrong, because you don't understand what LBs are supposed to do.

    Jaylon is not fast enough to diagnose and beat blockers to the whole, nor does he play physical enough to defeat blockers. His highlight film is irrelevant.
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    I can live with misspelling. You can generally understand what is being said. Punctuation and capitalization are totally different things. I’ve read paragraphs with little or no punctuation and proper use of capitalization and didn’t have the foggiest idea what was being said.

    Then there’s @Melonfeud and his postings are from a totally different galaxy :). I take it as a personal challenge to understand what he’s saying. Maybe it’s like the acid rock of my younger days and need to be stoned to get it.
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    *The Man comes around*
    Johnny Cash:thumbup:
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    I get it, but he's not all that wrong either. These two will be the most important part of the LB corps.
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    You're a very respectful poster.
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    The most interesting issue with Jaylon is that his issues are mental, not physical; however, most fans/media believe the opposite.

    He was better in the Marinelli scheme than in the Nolan scheme, but that was true for everyone on defense that played in both.

    If he receives really good coaching and if the scheme keeps the requirements of his position simple, then he can be a OK player, IMO.

    That video emphasized that if healthy LVE is a much better player than Jaylon, IMO.
    - Jaylon made plays that "came to him" but LVE was doing the things that project to a great player at that position.

    - I'm hopeful that LVE can remain healthy.
    - I'm hopeful that Jaylon get the right type of coaching and that the scheme is not too complex for him.
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    The scheme/coaching was a disaster in 2020. Jaylon looked like the worst of the worst but it's really difficult to judge any player from the 2020 defense.

    In the Marinelli defense the issues that you're debating about Jaylon were not really his primary problems.
    - His issue in the Marinelli defense was with regards to playing laterally against zone run blocking teams.
    - The outside with the option to cut back inside based on the RBs read is designed to trap LBs inside against outside runs or trap them outside against inside runs.
    - It becomes a mental game and timing becomes very critical.

    Nolan's scheme tried to address the issues that Marinelli's scheme had against zone run blocking forcing the LBs to get extended laterally; however...
    - That just enticed teams to run right at the Cowboys and their players just we not ready to handle playing that style.
    - It definitely forced Jaylon to make decisions about which gap to fill and forced him to stack-and-shed blockers which is obviously not his strong-suit.
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    If everyone is healthy, I expect Cox to be limited because Neal likely plays the same position and sub packages that Cox would play if Neal was not on the roster.

    My expectation for Cox to make a big impact is more about 2022.
    - In general NFL teams should draft based on what draft picks will do starting in their 2nd season with any contributions as rookie being a bonus.
    - This is especially true with picks after the 1st round.
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    Yes, his high tackle total is due to a very high number of snaps played.

    He was on the field in base, in Nickel and in Dime.

    He played 98% of the snaps in 2020 and 100% in 13 games.
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    Linebackers line up and play at the center of a defense. Hence they are the core.
    :muttley:tomatoes/ tomotoes!
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    Hahahaha, I generally tend to make up words I've deemed suitable & of a fitting nature,,,er,,,make fun of me, and I'll seriously consider catnapping ol' Otiso_O

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    there’s a huge difference between:
    “Knowing your crap” and
    Knowing your’re crap”
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    True. But generally one can ascertain which the writer meant from context. Certainly that doesn’t always hold true, but those are the exceptions, at least in my experience.

    Believe me, I take great care to try to punctuate and spell EVERYTHING correctly. If you’re going to take the time to write something, or do anything for that matter, do it right. Admittedly, I grew up in a different era and recognize what is acceptable today is different than when I grew up.
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    Parsons biggest concerns about his play is his diva attitude. It has been compared to Odell Beckham’s attitude.
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