News: Jake Ferguson Brought the Heat in Cowboys Rookie Camp

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Stash, May 19, 2022.

  1. Reid1boys

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    Why is sitting behind someone for a year a good thing? IM thinking we can agree he is a better blocker than Schultz right now? If he is kicking butt on day 1, hes gonna see the field on this team, especially early. This is the pick that intrigues me the most.
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  2. cmoney23

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    I think we might have a very good player with this kid. Time will tell, but a good early note on him.
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  3. Plankton

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    Ferguson is the type of guy who will have an 8 year or so career in the NFL, but likely will never be a star or a front line player. That being said, special is not a word that I would associate with Jake Ferguson unless it involved playing on special teams.
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  4. jazzcat22

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    I did not mean sit and learn as to not playing. More learn as he played a lesser role as not starting, or being the main guy. Then make his move next year as the starter.
    Depending how Schultz, or even McKeon performs.
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  5. jazzcat22

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    Jason Witten was a 3rd round pick. I bet back then many would have said the same about him.
    I do not remember anyone saying he was going to be something special.
  6. irishline

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    Bjornson? I was thinking Jay Saldi.

    Seriously thought, pulling for the kid like I do all Cowboys.
  7. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Them and Jalen Tolbert. Those are the three solid picks to me.
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  8. Typhus

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    Or David LaFleur, both brought similar hype.
    Lets see what the rook can bring.
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  9. BrassCowboy

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    Uh hum.... Jason Witten
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  10. CowboyMort

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    Watching some of his game film, he reminds me of Shultz as a receiver. Not super fast or quick, but gets open and gets 8-10 yards a catch. My guess is we keep Shultz on the franchise tag this year and Ferguson is our salary saving replacement next year. Use some of that $ they save letting Shultz walk and help sign Diggs, CeeDee or someone with a 1st contract ending soon. We will then get a 4th or 5th comp pick for Shultz.
  11. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

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    Witten 2.0 ain't a bad thing.
  12. Runwildboys

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  13. CWR

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    If he is as polished as said I believe he will afford us the opportunity to run a lot more 12 personnel. Since we excel at the formation I expect we see a surprising amount of Ferguson this season. He may post decent numbers on the year. I'm looking forward to seeing these TEs get back to blocking as well.
  14. CWR

    CWR Well-Known Member

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    I don't pay a ton of attention to the senior bowl, but it's become common to hear of a player doing well that week and then seeing it translate to the NFL. It's almost like drafting the legacy type players who are following in Daddy's footsteps. Those guys are legit more often than not.
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  15. bewp7

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    it would be cool if cowboys could find next kittle or waller i would not cry about that!
  16. john van brocklin

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    Has he signed yet ?
    Our only unsigned draftee I think.
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  17. CooterBrown

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    Something about draft salary slotting I think. 3rd and 4th rounders are often the last to sign.
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  18. MarcusRock

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    They could have saved even more money by letting Schultz walk this year, couldn't they? Not like we would have done even more than we did in FA but hey. Would've been fine having the rook compete with a FA veteran and the rest.
  19. Vinnie2u

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    He's gotta learn the Witten 4 yard Stop, Catch, Drop and Roll......
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  20. America's Cowboy

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