Jan-Michael Vincent, Star of 'The Mechanic' and 'Airwolf,' Dies at 73

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    Jan-Michael Vincent, who starred in such action fare as The Mechanic, White Line Fever and TV's Airwolf before a raft of personal problems and illness sent him on a downward spiral, has died. He was 73.

    Vincent died Feb. 10 of cardiac arrest at Mission Hospital's Memorial Campus in Asheville, North Carolina, according to his death certificate obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

    Vincent had a very public battle with drug and alcohol abuse and his career was already on the wane when he was drunk and involved in a 1996 car accident in Mission Viejo, California, that broke his neck and damaged his vocal cords.

    Twelve years later, Vincent was in another car crash, then contracted an infection that led to two sections of his right leg being amputated. He spent his final years broke and living in the South.

    So very sorry to hear this, loved him in Tribes, Hooper, the Mechanic and Defiance.
    RIP JMV and thanks for the memories.
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    I first remember him from Danger Island on the Banana Splits
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    What a handsome man he once was. His personal demons got the best of him. He can now rest peacefully.
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    Very good memory, I remember the show but not him. I was always more into HR Pufnstuf
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    The guy was absolutely on top of the world during that time period, and those looks. My Lord as a young man growing up I have to admit I wanted to look like him.
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    One of those B-List actors who added great value to films yet rarely got the recognition he deserved.
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    Boy, I'd never heard of the troubles that he faced (created for himself) post-acting. Sad deal.
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    Was a good actor,just was a train wreck in real life.
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    The Mechanic (1972)
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    That was awesome! Mr Bishop

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