Jared Goff job in jeopardy?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 27, 2021.

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    The thing is though he has been trending downward now for 2 years. He went from an MVP level to being okay, but coming off an injury to being below average to being bad. The trend for him is decidedly downhill.
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    Not entirely. Especially when you consider that you will have to sign the next QB to an even larger contract. Plus, I don't think it much matters. I think Jerry is probably going to sign him anyway. I just want him to do it more quickly so that we can keep him, but not have to spend as much as we will if we wait too long. And we saw in 2016 alone that good QBs aren't just flowing into the league. There is a lot that goes into a successful QB. We hit the jackpot twice with Romo and Dak. You have to hope that the QB has what he needs between the ears. You have to hope that the QB is a leader. You have to hope that he performs well overall. Dak checks all those boxes. Even in the 2017 and 18 drafts, two very good QB drafts, Trubisky and Rosen, who were taken in the first round, have shown to be no where near what they were asked to be. Oh, and Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins have been shown lately to be mediocre to awful. I'd reckon that the WFT and Giants would've loved to have drafted Dak over those two. And if you ditch a franchise QB like you're suggesting, and it fails, then you risk wasting a lot of other talent. I'd rather keep Dak and fix this defence through the draft. Especially with how this draft is shaping up on defence. Also, rubbish on noncontenders. We can be contenders just fine if we sign Dak to an extension.
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    Fluke years it seems. Anyone who saw Goff knew McVey was protecting Goff. They rarely put the game in his hands to win.
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    If I was LA I'd call JAX and try to make a deal. They are loaded with draft picks.

    I wasn't a fan of his in 2016 and still think he is just above average.

    No question as time goes on one thing is certain.

    Dak > Wintz and Goff
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    Only trouble with that is that the LAR don't have a first to offer until I think 2023. But yes, Dak has been proven to be the class of that draft class. Most importantly, he is getting better every year. I can see the improvement. His accuracy has been better. His footwork has gotten a lot better. This is the other reason I'd resign Dak. He's getting better every year and has been putting in the work. The team clearly responds to him and sees him as the pack leader, if you will. Everyone in that locker room knows whose locker room that is. Those are intangibles that are very difficult to replace. And just willy-nilly drafting another QB in the hopes that we'll be great is NOT a great way to replace that sort of player. Ask the Jets, Browns (before Mayfield), and the Dolphins.
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    I don't even call them fans. They're just trolls. The better Dak gets, the more they cry lol. I know you'll appreciate below that was tweeted an hour ago. [​IMG]
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    Exactly on all of this! I fully appreciate it! We could very easily have sorted Dak's contract out in the 2019 offseason! When his value was less compared to other QBs! Jerry procrastinated and did nothing. He could've been extended last season for a mere $30-35 mil, Jerry did nothing! Oh, and after Goff and Wentz got paid, A contract with Dak wouldn't have costed that much more considering that he's CLEARLY BETTER than those two. Jerry sat back and did not a thing other than tag Dak and kick that can to this season! Now, especially with the plethora of QBs who are getting new contracts and/or getting moved this offseason, Jerry had better get a deal with Dak done quickly, or he's looking at a LOT more for not only Dak but whoever he replaces Dak with if he lets Dak walk. The QB deals are only going up, and, unless you intend to be the Jets in a constant search for the elusive franchise QB. Oh, and we have EXPERIENCED this problem between Aikman and Romo years. That time period SUCKED! Especially for my first years as a fan! Honestly, I didn't think we'd FIND a franchise QB until Romo came around. It was always "well, who'll be our QB next season?". That was FIVE AND A HALF seasons before Romo took over. We got INCREDIBLY lucky with Romo, otherwise, our search probably would've continued until God knows when. I am NOT ready to go BACK to that again! We have a proven commodity, we BETTER be careful to not return to 2000-2005. We could very easily head back to that path if we continue to shun the LUCK we've had with franchise QBs.
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    bad goff is bad goff, shame that he actually made Dak look terrible in one of our matchups.

    edit: This doesn't mean pay Dak more than what they got, clearly they were overpaid.
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    And now! The Cowboys QBs of 2000-2006, brought to you by Furboy!


    Troy Aikman, Randall Cunningham, Clint Storner too, Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Quincy Carter was not in one piece mentally. Chat Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde's play was gone, Drew Henson, Drew Bledsoe, and Tony Romo! *falls*

    That was a rough period between Aikman and Romo.
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    Exactly, another reason why we stick with dak
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    No idea but it's obvious they are not happy with him....at all. Personally, I think they're trying to in his head coz they have to know his contract makes him damn near impossible to move.
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    Exactly.......if we didn't know better, we'd think they're asking teams trade offers (lol).
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    Unless Rams make a bid for Matt Stafford, I’m puzzled the Rams would want an open competition with the likes of a John Wolford, ... one thing for sure, they are not gonna keep a guy
    that cost that much to be on the bench

    Ditto for Wentz.
    Its hard for me to see and its definitely hard for me to see Rams cutting loose their HC Sean McVey,.. as the Eagles did with Doug Pederson.. for the sake of saving investment of Goff.

    And i don’t think it’s been reported Goff has known hard feelings vs McKey,… as was with the much publicized Wentz/Pederson.
    If there is a give up on Goff and a divorce, the Rams are gonna go to another NFL team of interest that finds Goff that much appealing and willing to take on both his contract
    and the Rams asking price for Goff.

    If i were the Rams, I’d have to know that we did everything in our very power to best place Goff with the most equipped supporting talent cast, coaches and schematics to exceed, .
    I don’t think teams like the Eagles did that with Wentz,.. and now that same discussion begins with Goff ..
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    Good post but you are missing the second part. When has paying a good QB franchise money paid off? We can avoid the same mistake by not paying Fak this Albatross of a contract. Get smart sign him to the transition tag allow him to get a deal and shake his hand and let him leave. We got the 5 best years of Daks career when it comes to production divided by salary.
    Signing Dak, Goff, Wentz, Cousins, Jimmy G all end the same way. Why do people not see this
  15. Beaker42

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    I smell potential trade partner on Day One
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    Rams and Eagles are begging to get rid of Goff and Wentz and their massively overpaid contracts. Yeah, Dak is better than those two. By how much is the question.

    Dak is the better leader of the bunch. As far as talent on the field at QB, I’d say Dak is an 85/100 where Goff is an 82/100 and Wentz an 80/100. That was before horrific injury to Dak. Who knows now. I sure would not sign Dak long term with $100M guaranteed and averaging over $35M. He’s not worth it. Dak is basically worth what the market would pay Wentz and Goff today - somewhere in the $20-25M.

    Dak can’t even pass a physical right now. Any idea when he can?
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    Dak is better.
    i was told he wasn't.
    but he clearly is.
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  18. Corso

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    And that's not saying he's the best too.
    But better than Goff.
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    Their contracts hurt their teams. You need supporting cast on both sides of the ball. Bills and browns coming soon. Dak will hurt dallas.
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    I don't think it's Stafford that the Rams want. I think it's Rodgers that they want. He still has a house in Southern California and lives in LA in the offseason (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Rodgers#Personal_life). Coincidence that the Rams put this out there after Rodgers starts questioning his future? Especially after Jordan Love and the field goal? I think not.

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