News: Jason Garrett has more wins in the NFC over the last three seasons

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Htown-Cowboy, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Some people might be surprised to learn that no other NFC coach has more wins than Jason Garrett over the last three seasons. If your measuring stick is winning football games, then Garrett rates pretty high in recent years with his 29 wins over the last three years.

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    How many playoff wins?
  4. Bleedblue1111

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    Not surprised. The only thing that's surprising is the lack of playoff success considering this fact. Since the 3rd year (this season) is not complete yet, perhaps the playoff success is right around the corner?
  5. MikeT22

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    Yes, we know we won the regular season in '16 and then went one and done in the playoffs.
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    Garrett's issue is not winning enough in the regular season. Post season disappointment is the problem. Yes he and the team got totally screwed in 2014 but so have a lot of other teams over the years. I know he does not use that as an excuse but many fans and some in the media do.
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    So JG has more wins in the last 3 seasons after Romo got hurt and a 4th round rookie QB had to step in and lost the best RB in the NFL to a 6 game suspension ect ect ect and the GM did not replace the #1 WR spot....ect ect ect? Why have we not fired Jason yet? He obviously cant win unless everything is perfect.
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    Why all of a sudden we have threads comparing wins in the last 3 seasons to justify Garrett and / or Dak.

    Give me playoffs wins, and that is "wins" to at least the NFCCG.

    Other than that, it means nothing but some numbers.
  9. Elusive6thRing

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    Garrett is a genius, Belichickesque.
  10. stasheroo

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    "Three seasons" huh? Man, it feels like Garrett's been here a lot longer than that...
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    lol cherry picker
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  12. Turkish-Cowboy

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    With whom? A qb we don't know of?

    Let me write it before anyone does.

    Dak sucks.
  13. Melonfeud

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    I'm kinda' picking up on that vibe,myself, BRO!
    These young guys on the team seems to have that " fire in the belly" & it's contagious:starspin:
  14. gimmesix

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    This is a stat the supports mediocrity. Garrett rarely has those 4-12 seasons, but he also doesn't have many playoff seasons and little playoff success.

    8-8 or better seasons are built on beating a bunch of underachieving teams and a few good ones, like the Saints. Give him credit if you must for having teams good enough to beat the average to less-than-average teams. I'd rather have a coach who has the ability to put together the occasional run that at least puts his team in contention for a championship.
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  15. Melonfeud

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    Our Esteemed FELLOW FORUM MEMBER @T-RO has done beaten you on the 6 gun draw,there COWBOY! BY PROLLY 24 HOURS with this news.
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  17. robjay04

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    I can say one thing. I don’t think we aren’t winning playoff games because of lack of preparation or our guys just underperforming.

    His first playoff game was a win but shouldn’t have been as close(Lions) but still a win.

    We both know the Packers games. Both came down to a freak play. If I recall, both games we came out flat but warmed up in the second half. Two crazy plays—and could’ve should’ve would’ve been two NFCCG appearances.

    We need to be better. Everyone knows that but his playoff record isn’t as bad as Wade’s team being the best in the league and looking like gabbage again the Giants.

    He doesn’t really have many excuses this year. No Rodgers and a defense that should be able to make a stop when we need it.

    Also I’ll add...our “seal your own fate” games have been better the last few years.

    Namely 2014, second against the Eagles and the colts.

    2016....after the Giants game, we could’ve fell apart but we soundly beat the Lions and Bucs to seal our own fate.
  18. DasSchnitzel

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    Noooooooooooo! Not this thread again!

    What has gotten into you people? Be gone with this participation trophy, moral victory bologna.
  19. Bobhaze

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    Regular season glory. Wake me up when he wins a divisional round playoff game.
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    Lol.. this is what's funny about you people. All you hear is how bad a coach Garrett is, his offense is outdated, stale, and predictable, he's a horrible game manager. Yet he has more wins than any other NFC coach and more than any other coach except Belicheck. Now to add , in 1 of those years he had a rookie 4th rounder at Qb and a rookie Rb. Damn that's an amazing feat when you're thought of like that(sarcasm). So he doesn't have the playoff victories you'll want, although who knows how 2014 and 2016 ends up if, the refs don't screw up the Dez catch(2014) or if Jones and the defense makes 1 play vs Aaron Rodgers(2016). Time to at least give the man his due in this case, even without the playoff victories.

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