Jason Garrett Interviewing with Chargers

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by robjay04, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. dplant22

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    He needs to go to an east coast team. If he signs with a west coast team I'll hear about him too much
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  2. CowboysDrew

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    Move over Patriots then.

    In 2021 the Chargers Dynasty begins.
  3. AmericanCowboy

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    Yes. This just proves how trash our defense is. We couldn’t stop the guants number 31 ranked offense when it counted, and yet we have to hear Jaylon and DLaw talk about how good they were down the stretch lol
  4. Beast_from_East

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    Exactly, I made the same point in this thread as well.

    Virtually everybody in the league moved the ball against us, so the Giants and their 31st ranked offense doing it means nothing.
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  5. Aviano90

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    He’s always seemed more like Danny pennies to me.
  6. TheDude

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    LOL. Chargers were always known as "Cowboys West" here in Cali - new heartbreaking ways to lose, bad time management, wasted talent, etc.

    Makes perfect sense
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  7. BHendri5

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    Chargers will be getting a Great coach if they hire Garrett and plus it will be great for us because he will no longer be a thorn in our side by calling plays for the Giants.
    People forget that Garrett knows each and every player on our team except for the rookies and the free agents that signed with us. He knows the Scott Linehan clone. Kellen Moore he knows the tendencies and the abilities of all those players he drafted and the OC, that was a big reason why they were able to expose our OLINE who did improve the previous 5 games before the giants game, but that improvement was nullified because Garrett knew the OC well.
    I believe and truly hope he gets the Chargers job. He is that good of a HC
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  8. Carter

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    I actually think he an O.K. HC. Not great, not innovative but ok. He just needs a great OC and DC. You cant say he cant motivate players and is loved by them.

    Actually after this year i rather had Jason Garrett than Mike McCarthy and that is even hard for me to say as i wanted him gone for 5 years or so.
  9. CalPolyTechnique

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  10. Dre11

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    exactly, those people are so clueless about things like this. they're couch jocks.
    I clap at my boys when they come off and make a bad play at times too, they also understand what that means, I didn't like the play and I'm pissed, but I'm also saying forget that mistake and go out there and make the next play and redeem yourself.
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  11. stasheroo

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    So how did "worst talent" manage to be 16th and 18th in points scored the previous two years?
  12. stasheroo

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    Definitely not winning any games when your starting quarterback is out. That NEVER happened with Garrett.
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  13. Dre11

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    lol...2016?...you're a joke
  14. 65fastback2plus2

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    yup, lovie smith and marvin lewis keep getting interviews/potentials too.
  15. stasheroo

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    That's why I'm first of all shocked that any team would even want to interview him, and secondly, I don't feel that he's a contender for this or any other job.

    Jerry couldn't shine this turd any longer and lord knows how he tried. How exactly do the Chargers sell Garrett as head coach to a fan base that's already shrinking in a big way?
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  16. jsb357

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  17. stasheroo

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    And you're trying to give Garrett the credit for the rookie Dak Prescott? Yeah, easy to see how the real "joke" is here.

    But that's been easy for everybody to see for years punching bag.
  18. McKDaddy

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    he must be fulfilling the mentally challenged requirement.

    on two separate notes, please God don't let this fool become a head coach so that we have to see\hear him 12mths a year.
    please God don't let this fool have anything to do with the development of Herbert.
  19. stasheroo

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    That's the fact that they don't want to acknowledge. I believe that the Cowboys defense set records for ineptitude, didn't they?

    For the overall season when it's all added up, Garrett's offense ranked 31st.

    That's the truth of it.
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  20. stilltheguru

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    Straight clowns. Both of you

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