Javon Kinlaw is my early favorite for who I want to pick

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CATCH17, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. SeanLee50

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    Simmons is one of those guys, who depends on what scheme he lands in. He will either be good or outstanding.

    He can play every position from linebacker to safety. He’s going to be a huge gadget player for a team. Hopefully they don’t put him in one position
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  2. armadillooutlaw

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    Kinlaw would be a stud.
    Might instantly be the best DT Dallas has had in a long time.
  3. CATCH17

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    Yeah.. I was thinking of the wrong guy. I meant the Alabama safety McKinney when I typed that.
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  4. DanA

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    really? I’m quite high on Fulton and Diggs as first rounders with Okudah up there with Ramsey and Lattimore as top 10 talents.

    I have CB as most likely to be BPA at pick 17.
  5. Flamma

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    Okudah sure, but he won't be there.
  6. bodi

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    While Chase Young and Jeffrey Okudah received a lot of national media attention, there’s a hidden gem in the interior that’s setting plays in order for them to be successful. Davon Hamilton is a true space-eater that also has plenty of nimbleness in order to generate vertical power. He’s an immovable force as a run defender and can easily eat up double teams which allow others to roam free.

    In his first season as a full-time starter, Hamilton’s production took an expected massive leap forward recording 28 tackles, 9 1/2 tackles for loss and six sacks. He's an underrated name teams may try to hide their true feelings toward because of how bright his future may be.
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  7. SportsGuru80

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    I am right there with you... This young man is going to be special at the next level.
  8. Malhavoc

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    Kinlaw in round 1 and a Fotu in round 3. Build from the front back.
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  9. unionjack8

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    Dream come true
  10. garyv

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    Unionjack what about starting Fotu and Kinlaw at the DT spots
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  11. unionjack8

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    I'd love it
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  12. conner01

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    Love to have him but he’s the best DT at SR bowl and I suspect he shoots up boards, maybe top 10
  13. Alexander

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    Word is that he killed his press conference and he is getting a ton of buzz. Might be like how it worked out with Aaron Donald. He may be getting a big push.
  14. CalPolyTechnique

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