Jaylon Smith 3rd in tackles among all linebackers in NFL

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mk2_Cowboys, Dec 30, 2020.

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    Unfortunately it seems like a high majority of his tackles are in the 2nd or 3rd levels.
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  5. Mk2_Cowboys

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    Laugh out loud funny ROTFL!
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    Nothing like tackling someone after a seven yard gain, jumping on a pile or tackling a dude after he’s beaten you to pad your stats!

    Tackling stats are what kept RWilliams31 here three years too long, so why wouldn’t it work for Jaylon as well?
  7. Captain-Crash

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    yeah, he's awesome. he's now jumping on his own players back to get a piggyback ride. Get him a red ball for his nose and some big shoes. sheesh.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    King of the downfield tackles.
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    Tackles are a stupid stat. Every stadium does it differently
  10. 4lifecowboy

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    That really points to ineffective DL play, more than his abilities to make plays IMO.
  11. Typhus

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    Agents actually teach and promote padding stats.
    Numbers are money.
  12. Cmac

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    That's exactly what my eyes have been viewing all year.....poor interior line play reflects on LBs, including LVE and Coach.
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  13. Cannibal_Cowboy

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    It's all about context here, and the tape doesn't lie.
    Watch the film and the majority of his tackles are 7-10 yards downfield.
    Most of those are made after 2-3 other guys have already made the stop.

    There's a reason he wasn't voted in the Pro Bowl, the guy is absolute trash as a linebacker.
    We've had small guys and we've had slow guys, but going back to the late 70's I don't recall any Cowboys linebacker being this horrible.
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  14. Melonfeud

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    * Reasonably sound fiscal wisdom
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  16. DuncanIso

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    but the stats say otherwise...

    funny thing about stats...they speak truth.
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  17. DuncanIso

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    they are solo tackles....
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  18. baltcowboy

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    The problem with Jaylon in the Mike Nolan defense is that he can’t cover in space. Teams just send a running back or tight end to his area and get easy completions. The Football Team killed us both games doing just that.
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    Guy is a trash player, it'll be good to see him gone.
  20. jaythecowboy

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    55 pff grade is not good
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