Twitter: Jerry: "I really look forward to a powerful and dynamic Zeke"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Dec 3, 2021.

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    I feel like I haven't seen you around in decades lol. It says you joined in 2017 but I remember seeing your name well before that. Maybe this was on the other board before it became in 2004?
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    :laugh: Fantastic username. :thumbup:
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    He has ten days to rest a bruised knee, no structural damage.
    Even a bruised knee had its effect when playing 3 games in 12 days, but now he will look very much different after 10 days of rest and therapy.
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    I'm really looking forward to the truth when it comes to injured players. I guess Jerry and I are both going to be disappointed.
  5. Kingofholland

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    Did Jerry watch the one outside run where Zeke had room but appeared to be running half speed?
  6. RonWashington

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    I think that was Devin Street when signed his rookie contract .
  7. Aviano90

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    Zeke hasn’t been dynamic since 2016. That ship has sailed.
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    Why? He’s the owner, the GM, the biggest fan, HOF, etc. etc.
  9. obidiah

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    Sounds like Jerry is trying to collect the rent with a positive tone.
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  10. Beast_from_East

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    I guess Jerry was on Bourbon Street instead of watching the game.

    Watching Zeke hobbling around on one leg was just sad.:(
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  11. Sarge

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    Tires are worn and players can’t change their tires. It’s not going to get better, perhaps the injury part of it will but the mileage is speaking.
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    PAPPYDOG Bench the Deer ASAP!

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    The NFL is a passing league think I've heard that more than once since the rules changed.
    GL with that....
    P.S.Zeke is only good for blocking now.....wear and tear since 2016.
  13. Section446

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    Dude hasn't been "dynamic" since his rookie year.
  14. Bullflop

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    So true -- when push comes to shove, Jerry is far more about promotion than the unvarnished truth. He'll sing a player's praises if he feels that guy can do the job. Problem is, he'll run a player into the ground by overusing him, without hesitation, if he thinks it suits the team's sucess. Is he usually right about that? Not necessarily. Jerry has his favorites, whether he's right or wrong at the time. Once he picks his fav guy, that's usually it for the duration of said player's ability to contribute and oftentimes, well beyond. There are times when Stephen has to step in to, finally, change his mind. :oops:
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  15. MyFairLady

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    Jerry finally did it he invented a time machine.
  16. glimmerman

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    Elliot is clearly hurt. He hit tackled on a play and looked like his ankle should have been broken. He was dinged up before that.. Gonna take some time for him to heal up..
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  17. blueblood70

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    yup 10 days off that all i see lol

    hopefully less carries..

    im betting if we wrap up the division by the last game or even 2 that when Zeke will get sat down to get ready for the payoffs..i believe the coaches knows how much these next 3 games mean to the season and don't want to sit zeke as hes still a decoy, much needed blocker, and can run IF and big IF the issue is the OL, they all know it we know it not like pollard was doing much outside one run..

    fix the OL!

    get Moore to buy into a run game and stick with it MORE THAN 15-19 carries..that's ridiculous and comes up with a better blocking schemes and formations to run out of..i mean seems to me the biggest issue is the OL seems to be playing a lot of man to man block trying to run over people the old Garett way..blame garett all you wan to we can see now that that 20189 finish with the disappearing offense was all Moore the same issue reoccurring all over again,,big scoring droughts, lack of run game, too many getting cute pass plays that are slow developing against a DL that are getting to dak before he can set his feet and throw..

    same chitshow my friend , and anyone who think as this is a zeke issue IS NOT WATCHING..

    The biggest issue with this team right now is the OFFENSIVE LINE..

    Its not even close..they are why the offense is out of sync.

    the way i see it the next 10 days need to be all used to create and repair the OL , ef practicing passing or anything else, line our starting defense 11 on 11 and have DQ go after our offense like irts real game and hes trying to wreck the OL..i say practice like you play and get it right..dont use zeke or pollard as RBs thigh use Clements and the practice squad guys to get feel in this 11-11 just how nice the holes are getting opened. If they can get through them zeke and pollard will eat..

    there arent any holes, the rbs are having to make their own , defense is in the backfields and quick..

    change is needed..period..zeke would have an easier time if hes not being met at or behind the lone by 2-3 defenders..its sad really and curious where it went wrong given during 6 game win streak we had the run game humming..

    I say it on Moore and the OL to get this fixed..the rbs can and will run if they have holes..any holes that Line looks like chic filet drive through all clustered up in ball, what pocket, theres a blob most snaps....
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  18. glimmerman

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    And Pollards big run came from Tyrons side and had another O-Lineman actually outside of him lined up like a TE. They knew who to block and TE got to the next level to spring him. Moore can design run plays if he wants to. But more in love with the passing game. I am almost convinced that the 6 game streak that Moore had a game plan for each team picking on the other teams weakness. For some reason it’s like he quit or is using a old game plan from a different team.

    And we have 1 really good RB and 1 pro bowl hammer for a RB. If Elliot is hurt then sit him or use him to block. We will need him for these division games coming up. This is the stretch we have to win. It wraps the division.

    O-Line has to step up. I don’t fault them completely. When teams are lining 8 in the box every play it makes it harder. I liked the hulk package to run behind. Blast those guys out and make a whole. And Moore really needs to roll Dak out a lot more. Dak needs to also take the 5-7 yards the defense gives him by running when nothing is there. He can slide and get down. Wondering if the calf injury is not worse than we know about. I have seen these last games where nothing is there or hasn’t developed yet and he has wide open field in front of him and won’t take off.
  19. Risen Star

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    I thought Zeke was very close to breaking off several big runs.
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  20. blueblood70

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    and still pollard had dot dodge players one behind the LOS that wasn't that great of blocking go look again. away one Lineman/TE getting beat badly.. so they had one decant series and big run and the rest were under 2YPC for both backs and you cant see the issues?
    stop focusing on one run its the lack of consistency that's the issue, this offense is out of what because of the OL and Moore., am putting it all on them

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