Jerry is a Businessman not a GM!

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by rwalters31, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. rwalters31

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    Over the last 20 some years, which of the two has he been most successful at?
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  2. jazzcat22

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    Over the last 2 months, how many threads have there been with different titles saying the same thing?

    Well, make that how many years. :muttley:
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  3. zrinkill

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    Water is Wet
  4. JBS

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    We have the absolute best marketing guru running this team..are you guys excited you support the most valuable franchise in all of sports?
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  5. JoeKing

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    Trees are wood.
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  6. CelticPunk

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    I get the frustration and I want us to win as much as anyone. But, it seems many on this forum think Jerry is pocketing the money we don't spend on free agents. That's just silly and not how it works. The issue is not about Jerry the business man. It's a question of whether the Cowboys overall approach/philosophy is right. They have decided to build through the draft, focus on signing their own players first, and then supplement the roster via free agency, but only if the contract is worth it. I think we've been very good at drafting players, but like anything else, their is room for improvement in finding cost effective free agents. Just my opinion, thanks.
  7. zrinkill

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  8. OmerV

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    Rich people have expensive toys? Who knew?
  9. Trendnet

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    Water isn't wet. Things that get water on them are wet. But water itself isn't wet. :)
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  10. JPM

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    The money saved from not spending on FA wouldn’t buy the anchors for that thing.
  11. elcowboi

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    That's pretty obvious. It's not going to change. Did I miss something? Wasn't there a thread like this last year and the year before that?
  12. OmerV

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    Lol - I started to make the same point, but you’re version was probably funnier than mine would have been.
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  13. OmerV

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    Over time there were probably 12 threads like this last year and the year before.
  14. garyv

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    This is why Jerry looked great as a GM the years Jimmy Johnson was with Dallas because Jimmy helped with those duties but after Jimmy and Jerry parted ways and Switzer came in basically Switzer and Jerry were reaping the rewards of what Jimmy left behind but after that it's been minimal success.

    Jerry is great at marketing but needs to get out of his GM role and I'm starting to think Steven Jones is not the answer either he's too conservative and want take risks. Sometimes you have to take risks to achieve the rewards.
  15. mattjames2010

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  16. Noclaf

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    In other words be as cheap as possible, don't forget this team almost got this coach fired if not for a trade. (wait you mean they got someone they did not draft!) they screwed up last year not signing a wr and it cost us our first this year, yea they are brilliant
  17. Noclaf

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    Jimmy ran that team, Jerry just said yea to what Jimmy said, it's been proven now over 20+ years who made the boys in the 90s, sure in hell was no one named jones
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  18. GMO415

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    I don't see the third option.... partying.
  19. acr731

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    Methinks Jerry might be over compensating for a vital 'shortcoming'.
  20. Silver Surfer

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    Its nice to see all of these people who share Jerry's interest and passion in the Cowboys.

    Unfortunately, there's only one person who's profiting from that interest and passion.
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