Twitter: Jerry: "I've got a lot to think about regarding these coaches."

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, Jan 21, 2022.

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    I think they have done well as far as bringing talent in but they offset that with mediocre coaches. If they take their time and hire the right coach...interview several and see what their philosophy is...we could probably win something.
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    Why are you still addressing me since i'm so "obtuse"? You tried to get me to believe Dak is the reason why Connor Williams be getting holdings like how silly can your *** be? :lmao: You must think i'm naive as you.....
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    Boy, that was a direct shot at MM in regards to the offseason penalty comment.

    He may be safe for now, but he won't be given the chosen one Garrett leash.
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  4. Gaede

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    Not at all. It’s revenge we're after
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  5. visionary

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    Listened to the interview and this is what I got from it in a nutshell

    1. he thinks he put together a SB team/roster

    2. He is going to make noise and will talk to coaches and players behind the scenes but there will no major coaching changes unless someone wants to leave like Quinn or Moore. Position coaches like Philbin may see some changes but the big 3 are safe

    3. he thinks Dak and Zeke and the OL are talented bough to win a SB

    of course all 3 of these things are totally wrong but that is what Jerry believes
  6. Praxit

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    12-5 and exit 1st round. ...Gee, ...I'd be pissed too. Someone dropped the ball, gotta follow your clue marker.
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    I listened and it’s been awhile since I heard him this way. It’s frustrating, which I get. We were probably the healthiest team out there and we screwed the pooch. He doesn’t seem very high on Moore and his play calling. Said really nothing of Mike, which was odd.

    I think he’s sick that we couldn’t even win a playoff game. The dude is 79 and now has to wait again. You have to get lucky with injuries etc to just try again. Tampa for instance might not make it this year because of injuries.
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  8. john van brocklin

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    Coaching has been a definite issue as well as dubious contracts to players on the team.
  9. CWR

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    Well the buck stops with him. To an extent I think he put enough talent on the field to win at least ONE playoff game. Then again, he hired the damn coaches so....

    I'm glad he's pissed. We need an offensive overhaul. KMs run game sucks, and our oline coach played mad scientist all season. I'd love to replace them both.

    I'd also love an offense that focused on Dak getting the ball out quick and the WRs getting some YAC. We have the guys to do that well.
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    #1. Of course he does.

    #2. I mean the bare minimum should be Philbin getting canned. More likely, a flame thrower needs to be taken to the staff.

    #3. Holy hell if he runs it back at OL with the same group and a couple of late round additions in the draft and/or some cheap *** FAs. I can see it now - he'll resign Williams.
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  11. CWR

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    Someone must pay!
  12. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Thank you Jerry, but you gotta make this decision quickly
  13. Hawkeye19

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    In reviewing the interview and trying to decipher Jerry-speak— here is what I am confident in:

    1. He thinks we had a good regular season and had a SB worthy roster

    2. He is beyond pissed and frustrated with how we finished in the playoffs

    3. He is super-pissed by McCarthy mouthing off about addressing penalties as the #1 priority in the offseason. Super pissed. JJ believes those issues should have been dealt with in-season— and Mike’s take clearly did not sit well with his boss lol
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  14. IceStar-D7

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    LMAO...some falling for that Barney & Bailey circus crap from Jerry again. Trust me. If Jerry fires anybody it'll be a coach that had nothing to do with the play calls. He'll just fire a handyman and say "look fans-I'm doing something". Jerry is nothing but a salesman and we're nothing but his cash cows. At least those who want to continue spending on merchandise and going to the games.
  15. Majic

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    Listening to this I think MM's future is in doubt. Change could becoming still
  16. RustyBourneHorse

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    While I like Mike, here's my counterpoint. Maybe Jerry thinks another coach might be able to get more out of them.
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  17. WillieBeamen

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    McCarthy isnt getting fired

    Yall can keep wishing. It isnt happening
  18. Sydla

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    jerry giving us false hope
  19. IceStar-D7

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    I'm gonna take care of it Cowboy fans. Just as I've been doing the last 26 years. You can count on me[​IMG]

    As I can count on you.[​IMG]
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