Twitter: Jerry: "I've got a lot to think about regarding these coaches."

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, Jan 21, 2022.

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    Does the owner review if the GM keeps his job? Once the new GM is named, can he pick his own HC? Asking for a friend Jerry.
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    We’re truly screwed. No coach can fix the owners stupidity .. its sad!
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    I would trade anyone on the cowboys for Debo besides parsons
  4. BAT

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    DQ first quarter defense was really bad vs Niners.

    He was clearly outcoached by Shanahan.

    Fangio and Broncos did same.
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  6. BAT

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    Mike Nolan ring any bells?

    Joe Philbin??

    Ben McAdoo????

    All garbage coaches.
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    "We’ve used up some very talented players over the last few years.”

    Everyone was healthy, we hit big on Parsons, we had a lot of key players in the final year of their rookie contracts, and even hit on our el cheapo free agent signings. There will be less talent on the team next year, and less healthy talent ready to play, come the end of the season.

    If these coaches couldn't move forward in the playoffs with this roster, why would Jerry, or anyone, think they could do it in the coming years with an inevitably thinner roster?

    This year was our best shot, and we laid an egg. Couldn't even take the game after Bosa went out. Jerry knows he doesn't have forever left. We're entering the Jerry Window just as the talent on the team is receding. I'm sure he's extremely frustrated.
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    The SF win might validate Jerry into thinking changes aren’t needed…..:thumbdown:
  9. _sturt_

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    Yes. But. You said "game day." There's no debate that Jerry's made his own talent acquisition decisions at times, and that he, Stephen and McClay have the lead i that area. You said "game day," and I don't believe there's any evidence that Jerry is making game day decisions.

    Not a game day decision. (And to this one, I would add, it's not exactly rare in team sports that GMs reserve the right over their HCs to decide some number of assistants.)

    If true (that Jerry overruled McC), that's big.

    Not a game day decision.

    I have one game day decision out of all that, and one that I'm pretty certain isn't actually supported by anything any of Zeke, McC or Jerry said that pointed toward Jerry overruling McC on that point... but feel welcome to educate me... my ego can handle it if I'm wrong... I even embrace being corrected.
  10. ghst187

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    Pretty sure the “bells” Jerry heard when he interviewed MM was due to MM being a dingaling
  11. _sturt_

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    That was my first thought--and it's not actually wrong. For sure, if SF goes on to win a Super Bowl, that's going to have to matter to the calculus. Even if they don't, it's going to have to matter. Echoing the immortal words of Denny Green... maybe "they aren't who we thought they were."
  12. AKATheRake

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    He sat Connor Williams for a few games and McGovern was horrible. Biadasz improved. Gregory started to get sloppy. Shultz can't block and gets holding calls. Brown was getting PI's like crazy for a couple of games and that cleaned up.

    Those are the guys mainly for the penalties.

    You need better, smarter players. 3 out of 5 of those guys have no contract now and 4 out of 5 of them are Garrett Guys.

    So there's a solution in itself right there.

    What was he going to do Bench Gregory, Shultz and Brown? Who was going to replace them?

    So the DB coach, TE's coach, Oline coach, D-line coach are all inadequate in their coaching?

    Come on! It's the players. They're mentally weak like the coaching staff that developed them and Jerry drafted these guys.

    He's not going to fire Mike McCarthy and if he did to keep Dan Quinn as HC and keep Kellen Moore as OC, he's a fool.
  13. Mannix

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    I haven't heard someone say "dingaling" since the 70's :muttley::muttley::muttley::muttley:
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    Of course he does. What I think makes him absolutely the angriest is deep down he knows he is the one looking worse than anyone else. But he’s too arrogant to be able to admit HE is the problem. It makes him angry that with every passing year it becomes more and more obvious.
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  15. _sturt_

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    What makes him angriest?

    I'd say it's that he knows he turns 80 years old this October, and he likely just missed his best chance to win a trophy while he's still alive.
  16. jnday

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    From what I have read, Payton signed a contract extension and it ends in 2026. I don’t know where people are getting the ideal that his contract ends next year.
  17. GORICO

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    be honest with me Short----- will it include HC?...only one i am really concerned about other than O Line coach and keeping Quinn
  18. GORICO

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    its all on Mc-Cardiac arrest
  19. jnday

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    A big percentage of the roster is Garrett guys which includes Dak, Martin, DLaw, Cooper, Gallup, Tyron Smith, etc. it would take a total rebuild to replace the Garrett guys, which is fine with me.
  20. FiveSuperBowls

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    Jerry please retire!

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