Jerry Jones: Not closing any doors on the possibility of keeping Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redsfan_83, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Echo9

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    Look at this logically. What is the alternative to the answer Jerry gave? For Jerry to say he's gone? Seriously? You all have to know that getting rid of Garret is NOT going to be announced in a post game presser/interview. These things go through PR channels. What ever he said does not matter. Garrett is gone. His contract is up and he will not be brought back.

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  2. Red Dragon

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    The horror!
    The horror!....
  3. Kingofholland

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    I've said it before but it wouldnt shock me to see Garrett promoted to VP of team culture, lol.
  4. MWH1967

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    Ivy league smarts and time on the job. I would put him in an advisory position in a heart beat.
  5. ConstantReboot

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    I will be done with the Cowboys as well.
  6. AmariChill

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    FIRE HIM! I DONT CARE THAT HE HAS 3 DAYS LEFT! Browns did it. Carolina did it. Jags did it. What’s stopping Jerry?!
  7. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Exactly .
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  8. CowboysLegends2

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    I agree with this 100%. I am mad enough that Garrett has been given so many chances to fail but if Jerry doesn’t care enough to make an adult move at this point I can’t care enough as a fan to support his circus.
  9. Ron12

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    If JG is back I am gone but I don't think that will happen !
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  10. TheHerd

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    Garrett will be back in the FO after he fails to get another coaching gig. Jerry's adopted son can't go without.
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  11. vig454

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    Remember when as a kid you wanted something so bad and you were sure you were going to get it but then your parents slammed the door on that idea? No matter how much you cried about it. That's how I feel right now , if JJ is keeping Jason Garrett! :(
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  12. RJ_MacReady

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    Jerry's just "taking the temperature" of the fan$
    I'd say by tomorrow afternoon it should be red hot on "you resign that goof and you'll have a portion of the fanbase walk away...FINALLY".

  13. Ebnorice

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    Been saying this for weeks. Everyone just ignores me.

  14. TheHerd

    TheHerd Well-Known Member

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    Time on the job failing to do anything of import. Advising how to underachieve and fail at the biggest moments in the most unlikely way?
  15. Cowboys22

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    I will spend next season searching for a new favorite team if Garrett remains the head coach. I have been a fan for 42 years and there were large stretches of my life that revolved around the Dallas Cowboys but I will gladly say goodbye if Jones makes that decision.
  16. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    If Jerry wants to see empty seats in the stadium, he will extend the absolute idiot Garrett.

    I have been waiting 9 years for this moron coach to be gone.
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  17. TheDude

    TheDude McLovin

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    ivy league schools have not been meritocracies for decades
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  18. JMPearson

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    His contract is up they don't have to fire him
  19. pacy

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    Don't worry people will still show up.
  20. Dracula

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    JJ needs to find a way to cover his GM incompetence and not have to admit he made and continued to make a HUUUUUUUUUUGE mistake with JG. JG is done as the HC but JJ can bring him into the front office or JG can resign. Either way, JJ will have cover for his ego. JG is gone, all that's left is to finish the process. clap, clap, clap, and spit.

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