Twitter: Jerry Jones on Running Back situation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cydios, Sep 21, 2021.

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    LOL..............DB's do not have a hard time tackling Zeke at all. In fact he can rarely make anyone miss.

    "If the line could get Zeke to the 2nd level" LOL At least admit he cant do it on his own.

    But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO your conclusion is wrong as always. Pollard at the 2nd level is much more potent as he has moves and the speed to make guys miss. He is even better at breaking tackles. Pollard also has the speed to outrun them to the end zone. But obviously you havent even noticed that.

    Zeke simply tries to run over guys and the run ends there as he cant make them miss.
  2. blueblood70

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    i hope they do bench zeke ,

    seriously let pollard play by himself in the I formation and run Kellen moores offense without zeke as a decoy..all pollards big runs last game came with zeke and him lined up in the same backfield and the defense bit on zekes motion pollard get ball and makes soem plays..its nice to see pollards doing well hes a DC but the hate for zeke ,the disrespect is straight ignorance of the game of football..

    do it!! make TP the primary guy. i mean start the game get the first 15 carries for the next 3 games and then we can come here and debate this. Make pollard the guy and see how Daks game changes as well..

    lets say zeke is injured, sit him for 3 games and see how pollard does and come inhere gave new debate, if hes shining superstar and is still doing what he did in LA, then ill eat crow..if not the haters need to shut it up!!

    zeke did not have one good year!! he had one of the best first 3 years in the league period and 2019 wasn't bad one off year and now the stupid fans want him out? put im the backup, haven't heard that one before..

    i sincerely hope zeke gets benched and not payed at all make him inactive i mean he sucks he doesn't deserve another carry EVER!! cut him l;et him go to the ravens or team who runs run oriented offense and then see the mistake give him away i hope Zeke gets released outright becomes a FA and goes somewhere where hes appreciated.

    seriously let the man go free him from this Misérable fan base pout him on the hey lets do the Cardinals, 9ers, lions, would be perfect for him...who else..let him go...have jerry eat the deal zekes paid he can go somewhere where hes welcome not this fan base...

    this happened with Witten, romo, and others.,, just fans turning on them and then trash talking as if they never did thing here..its gets old this fan base flat is well i cant cuss so Misérable bunch of clueless trolls!!

    dont trade him cut him and see how many teams line up for his services and let him pick the one he can be the old zeke..2016 no how about 2018 the last time we went to playoffs,2nd round...on zekes back...hmm maybe KC i mean they are in need of run threat....hmmmm
  3. Aven8

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    He’s not wrong. Awesome situation we have. Has been for years.
  4. Fuzzee

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    You heard it straight from the tweet of Coach Jones......Dude is talking way to much....must of taken his Geritol
  5. Proof

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    the ride has been the issue. nothing to enjoy as of late
  6. Fuzzee

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    You have to look at things thru Jerry's (Jones family) eye's....They know how much value Zeke brings to his business operations....Zeke helps sell merchandise, keeps the Cowboys in the news...and fans come to see Zeke play..good or bad. Jerry is business man, and no's were the money is..... The Jones family is focused on the family business...

    Zeke doesn't have to worry until he fails to maintain fair Value in the Jones business operations
  7. Diehardblues

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    One of the few times I agree with our football Idiot even though he’s just trying to squash the criticism with damage control on public perception.
  8. glimmerman

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    What.. He is not wrong.
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    This is where I see things opening up for Zeke. to get back to his style we were used to.
    They need to game plan for the 3 headed WR monster, once Gallup returns. Unless Wilson steps up in his spot. And more use of Pollard in the slot, or both he and Zeke in the backfield.
    They just can't key on Zeke anymore. Also we have 2 decent TE's that can catch the ball as well. They just can't run block well, or it seems.
  10. CATCH17

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    I think the worry is that Pollard will disappear because of what Zeke gets paid when it’s obvious he needs to be a big part of the offense going forward.

    He can potentially flip a game where as Zeke’s big play ability just isn’t close to Pollards.
  11. blueblood70

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    hes has far more right to discuss team situations about HIS TEAM, HIS PLAYERS, HIS Coaches, got it???he owns it he can do as he pleases , you dont have a team to talk about,,jealous much?

    hes the GM by title anyway, that means he gives opinions about players..not just the owner BTW he doesn't call into these shows or go looking to talk, guess what they stick microphones and cameras in his face and ask him questions, he answers..

    if that bothers you go follow another team..:angry:
  12. Streetwise

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    You have to wonder, do the same fans expect a player on a rookie contract to get a bonus for being top in the league?
  13. Doomsday101

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    I agree and Moore touched on that. The game plan vs Tampa gave DC one thing to look at then to turn around and play a vastly different style of offense gave DC yet another thing to look at. Moore said he does not want to be 1 dimensional where we go in looking to grind the ball all day, he want to use the weapons we have and look to attack weakness of opposing teams.

    Not all teams are built the same and not all schemes are the same on defense so hit them where you know you can do the most damage.
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  14. Sydla

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    You unwittingly showed why it was pretty insane to take the cap hits we had to to resign Zeke.
  15. Sydla

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    Nah, people just understand cap implications of overpaying a position that pretty much the rest of the league has devalued given the nature of the position, it's reliance on OL play, etc.
  16. Fuzzee

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    Dude your way to serious to be on the Cowboyszone....CHIIIIIILLLLLL. Its Jerry Jones at his best..not yours tho...LOL I heard it right here in the zone that Jerry loves the naysayers........Is must be open MIC Wednesday....:lmao:
  17. blueblood70

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    take a leap brah...your schtick isnt funny.....

    its played out old narrtives to get laugh,,tired, very lame, very tired..try something new

    humor isn't your day job,:angry:o_O
  18. Reid1boys

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    how is that answer not perfect? He is 100% correct. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.
  19. INCowboysFan

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    And Dallas has had such great success at the RB position when they have decided to go cheap? I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but maybe the Troy Hambrick's, Joseph Randle's and Darren McFadden's made JJ a little gun shy about going cheap at the RB position. Dallas has had success when they have invested in the RB position. Dorsett, Emmitt, Murray and Zeke. Pretty strong lineage.
  20. cowboyec

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    he's not wrong.

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