Twitter: Jerry Jones on Running Back situation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cydios, Sep 21, 2021.

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    Watch Pollard's TD against SD. Every charger moves towards the direction Zeke is heading. Bosa had absolutely no concern for Pollard. His eyes were on Zeke the whole time until Pollard blew by him with the ball. Getting Pollard out in space is key for him. those jet sweeps, screens, etc are really effective plays for pollard's skill set. When he and Zeke are both in the game, the defenses will continue to key on Zeke, at least for now.
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    With a 17 game season it is a good idea to be 3 deep if you want to run the ball 30 times or more a game
    And if they can help in pass game, block and contribute in other ways that’s all the better
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    These people don't wanna hear that Pollard benefits from playing alongside Zeke.. His limitations be damned.. We want Pollard.. Pollard may yet prove to be a good all around player.. But as I said.. he got the ball on 16 of the 21 snaps he played.. The coaching staff seems to have figure out that if he's on the field getting him the ball in space is the way to utilize him.. Anything else is a fail. While Zeke is clearly not as explosive getting to the edge that limitation is less of a handicap than people wanna make it out to be. If you can consistently get 4 ypc between the tackles you're a good NFL running back. When Zeke can't do that we'll need to replace him.. I also think that part of the reason he can't get to the edge is what you already stated.. The whole defense keeps eyes on him everywhere he goes whether he has the ball or not.

    No matter what softheads say Tony Pollard is not outrunning anybody to the edges. Notice how easily the DBs tracked him down on his two long runs Sunday. What he IS doing is surprising them with his quickness.. One because he's quicker than Zeke and two because he's not Zeke and they honestly don't care as much about him... yet. DBs and LBs see a back coming at them assuming it's Zeke and brace for a collision.. and Pollard runs right around them. If Pollard is in the game the whole time that advantage evaporates. It's the 1-2 punch that creates those opportunities for him. But I'm intrigued to see his development going forward. He has run a lot better between the tackles this season so far.. Maybe while Zeke was slimming down Pollard was getting stronger. The bottom line is it's a good tandem which we should continue to use to win game! Pollard's ypc is always going to be higher as long as he is not asked to do the dirty work that Zeke is.. At least it should be.. which is why it bothers me that in so many games it is not..
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    How many GREAT running backs have the Pats had over the years? That franchises all time leading rusher is Sam Cunningham.

    The Lions had Barry Sanders, that did them no good. O.J.Simpson won what? Eric Dickerson won what? Ladainian Tomlinson won what?

    Offensive ilne, pass rushers and QB is where my $$$$$ goes.
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    Sure, he's a good RB.

    But as this league is constructed and with the limitations on rosters due to the cap, Elliott is occupying the cap space that demands he be more than just a "good NFL running back". He needs to be an elite NFL running back. A difference maker, a guy who is a threat every time he touches the ball.

    Do you think he's that kind of TB right now?
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    I have great solution trade Zeke for Ramsey! Oh wait the Rams GM won't do that because no sane GM would choose a RB over a CB!
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    Again, I'm not disagreeing. Just trying to provide some context as to why JJ probably drafted and then extended Zeke.
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    It didn’t appear that way in the last game. In years past Moore would bring him in for like the third series and back out. He’s randomly doing it now and left him in a lot as he was hot.
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    Yeah this utilization is better because it doesn't allow the defense to draw a bead on what they're doing. Moore also isn't leaving Pollard in to block either.. He got the ball on 16 of the 21 snaps he was in the game. He got 4 jet sweep runs and 5-6 more outside/off tackle runs. This is playing to a player's strengths to the benefit of the team. The other part was keeping at it when it was successful.. especially in the red zone. I saw a lot less of the stupid 4-5 wide formations down close on Sunday.. and I liked it.
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    I will answer this question by simply saying this.. Do people think that had Zeke gotten 25 carries on Sunday that he would have had any trouble cracking 150 yards? Especially if he has been pounding on the defense for 15-20 carries heading into the 4th quarter? Who here thinks that he would not have busted loose for a house call late in that game after the defense got worn down? The Cowboys are using Pollard in those space plays and on those late game carries when leading .. So the plays that Zeke used to make in those situations are gone.. By him.. Now Pollard makes them.. Those hung up on that fact need to get over it. This is how the Cowboys have CHOSEN to deploy the two backs. I would bet a month's salary that if they went back to handing it to Zeke 20 times a game they'd get around 100 yards every week.. But they aint gonna do that.. and he has about as much control over it as you and I do.
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    You saw it, and you understand how diversity elevates a game plan.
    Im on record in this forum going back and fourth with certain posters here about the importance of being deeper at the RB position,, now we are seeing how much value there is when opposition has to actually spend time in practice to defend options.
    RBs are cheap and very valuable and I was really shocked that vs SD they did not have that locked in as an offensive game plan.,, thought we would be seeing their cookie rookie Rountree more involved actually, but
    Our run D has been surprising, Ekeler ran 9 time for 54 yards, but caught 9 for 61, and this back 7 is improving weekly.
    If I was DC an putting a game plan vs this Dallas D I would have unleashed the entire backfield, Ekeler, Jackson, Rountree,, but that was not what happened.
    Just saying those RBs out of the backfield that have hands are more dangerous and more of a threat to this D currently,, expect Philly to try and exploit that avenue of possible success.
    I expect a lot of short pass plays with Sanders, Scott, and Gainwell in this matchup.
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    I remember when Julius Jones was the starter and the Cowboy offense would start beating up on an opponent defense. Then, when the 4th quarter came around, Marion Barber would run against a fatigued defense and look awesome. After Parcells left, Jerry, of course, misinterpreted the results on the field and promoted Barber to starter by giving him a huge contract. That decision destroyed Barber's career as well as the Cowboys potential in the playoffs.

    Then there was "Clepto" Joe Randle, the backup who looked impressive taking over for DeMarco Murray during his record season. Once again, Jerry messed it all up by supposing that Randle was capable of starting since he looked so great against a winded defense. Disaster.....

    Pollard can do some really good things....when defenses have gameplanned for #21. I doubt he could offer any reliable consistancy. Although Zeke has been struggling recently, i would still make him the primary RB.

    When Zeke was inactive against the 49ers last season the Cowboys had the benefit of four additional drrives due to 4 turnovers by the 49ers. Pollard gained 51 yards in the last half of the 4th quarter against a worn down defense. Prior to that, he had gained 18 yards on 9 carries for three and a half quarters.
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    Shut up Jerry! Idiot!
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    Bro, the Zeke slander and the Pollard bandwagon riding is getting ridiculous. I agree with you.
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    Not many elite RBs.

    everyone would have one if so.

    need a ground game to win.
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    A GREAT RB might average 4.3 a carry. an average one 4.0.

    Any RB who has made it to the NFLwas a stud in HS was a stud in college, all can play.
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    No doubt we are paying Zeke too much but we have the perfect balance and if Dowdle was healthy we'd have the perfect depth.
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    The fans see it as Pollard vs Zeke while Jerry sees it as Zeke plus Pollard equals advantage. The fans are wrong again.

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