Jerry Jones said Jason Garrett would have 5 job offers if fired

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by DallasDW00ds0n, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Back in January 2019....“If Jason Garrett had been out on the market two weeks ago, he would have had five offers for head coaching,” Jones told Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan. “I know that. And so, you’ve got to look at what your alternative is.”

    Alright Jerry, so where are these opportunities? Jason will be a coordinator at best and right now, who wants him? There’s only been 1 NYG rumor, but it’s not like we needed any more evidence to prove how out of touch Jerry is.
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    Everybody knew this was BS. Except for dudes with agendas. Dude is a coward and hes trash. b b but its only been 24 hours since hes been fired. Dudes got as many excuses as Garrett does. I hope his fans follow him wherever he goes
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    Cracker Barrell on line 3!
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    No one even looked at Garret years back when he was a free agent and no one has looked at him now for head coach.

    Jerry thinks were idiots.

    to be honest maybe one of the greatest things to happen to this franchise will be the eagles loss. Forced Jerry to make a change
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    Dude, I’m ready dunk on Garrett’s head as much as the next, but it’s been like a day since things were official.

    Give it a minute.
  7. bewp7

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    he probably did hear that. i know if i was a gm or owner of another team i would try to convince jerry that garrett is awesome and that he should keep him.

    “hey man if u fire that guy we’ll hire him in a second! he’s one of the best coaches in the nfl and i know other people who feel the same way! u groomed a great one jerry!”

    what jerry missed was everyone laughing at him when he walked away.
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    More like pillow fluffer at Bed Bath and Beyond :lmao:
  9. conner01

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    He’s not getting 5 HC offers if a single one
    He will get offers as a OC and I bet he gets another shot at HC in the future
  10. ClappingCarrot

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    I haven't even seen any reports of even Cleveland approaching him lmao

    I'm telling you. Jerry was wrong all along about this fraud who scammed him out of a decade, and is having some major issues with it, which is why we haven't heard from him since two Sundays ago.
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    Has Rivera hired his OC yet?
  12. Ranching

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    I just hope @Reality doesn't make him a Mod!!!!
  13. Ranching

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    Yes, QB coach at Carolina. I think.
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  14. CapnB

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    JG isnt coaching here anymore so why does it matter what offers he gets or doesnt get? Some of yall are just obsessed with being negative towards Jerry or JG.
  15. ClappingCarrot

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    I think every position is available on that staff except for HC, DC, and Head Athletic Trainer.
  16. Cowboy4ever

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    You guys are silly. First there were what, 8 open HC jobs last year? And Dallas just completed a 7-1 run to make the playoffs and won a playoff game, you don't think that makes a difference compared to 3 open positions, after a 8-8 year when your team under performed? JG will be a HC in this league again. The only opening this year that would have been of any interest was the NY one, the others are not good fits for JG. But you guys are delusional if you think a guy that has proven he can win games in this league won't get a second shot somewhere, when you see someone like Pat Shumer who never won anything in this league get a 2nd job or any number of other coaches that get recycled yearly after lack luster performances, Good Grief, H Jackson got 2 chances and after 4 years won 11 games total.
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    I think if he had of hit the market last January, he might have gotten at least one HC offer. This season was his worst because everyone agreed the team was underperforming and that lands right on the HC's doorstep. I think he should take the year off and do a little TV, "Coach's Cliché Corner"?

    There will be more openings next season or we might not have seen them all just yet this season. I still don't get ATL keeping Quinn.
  18. Idgit

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    5 was an exaggeration. But he’s a legit candidate for both OC and HC gigs in the pros and HC gigs in college. That doesn’t mean it won’t take some time.
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    Garrett homers LAWST
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    snakes oilman sellsman gonna snake
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