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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jul 21, 2021.

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    All 100% speculation.

    Jimmy has said many times he was "probably" out the door anyway, as he was burned out and ready to go fishing or start a new challenge..

    He never once stayed at any coaching job for more than 5 years. ...before or after Dallas.

    People have said many times that his coaching style wears thin after a few years and it's most effective and gets new life with a new team. HE--always the psychologist-- has said that. Maybe its true, maybe not.

    People (me included) like to glamorize what could have been, but the only real history we have is that he would have left.
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    You are clueless and clearly have no real memories of that era. Jimmy was hired to run the team. The relationship worked fine until Jerry decided he wanted to get more recognition and more involved in what Jimmy was hired to do.

    Jerry is a football fool who should have stayed in his owners box and let the competent people he hired do their job. He just admitted today his screwed up the relationship. Might be time to update your opinion.
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    Saying Jerry tried to change the agreement is not speculation at all. It's exactly what happened. And it certainly expedited the situation. He didn't just pack his bags and go without being pushed out the door.
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    Two colossal screw ups in my opinion. Jimmy was worse to me because I think we legitimately missed a chance at multiple more Super Bowls. Not sure anything would've ever happened even if someone else besides Garrett was in town. It's possible but I KNEW with Jimmy and the team he had built it could have gone on for awhile. Jimmy would have had better drafts to replace lost talent too. I can almost guarantee it.
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    Lmao....unless you were there you have absolutely no more knowledge of what happened than anyone in here...sit you behind down. It's pretty common knowledge for real Cowboys fans that Jerry was to blame and so was Jimmy. Look at everything Jimmy did with out those biased goggles. Jimmy was so successful once he left right?:lmao2:and by the way today wasn't the first time Jerry admitted his mistake but thanks for the input as uninformative as it was.
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    Biggest mistake made by Jerry.
  8. DFWJC

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    Mature take.

    Most or almost all people that know him personally actually like the man.
    You very rarely (if ever?) hear of someone that knows him (not thru the media but for real) that flat out doesn't like him.
    I'm sure they're out there though. Can't be that high profile and not rub some the wrong way directly at times.
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    WHAT???? Nooooooooooooooooo....
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    Johnson was short no matter what Booger did, he never intended on spending more that 5 in Dallas and got a 2M payout to leave town, worked out well for him.

    Johnson was a good coach but let's not make him the white knight in this, he was planning his exit back to FL and this is the guy that waited until he could leave college to get a divorce because that was frowned on at the college level, even Miami. His loyalty index was not high.

    I do think he has grown up some because he had some real problems with his two sons after the remarks he made about the divorce.

    And this is a coach that could walk away after a 62-7 playoff loss so it was always about him.

    Two selfish ego driven men joined at the hip, I am surprised it lasted 5 years.

    However, Johnson belongs in that ROH. Yeah, I know it's one man's choosing but that man saved the Jones family from actually having to work for a living.
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  11. DeathMonkey

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    It was both of them that screwed it up. Neither was fully at fault and neither was fully the victim. Neither understood what Aikman summed up so well:

    “We don’t let our egos get in the way of the ball club,” Aikman said after Johnson’s departure from the team. “We understand that sometimes you have to suppress your own selfish desires to benefit the team. Maybe that is something Jimmy and Jerry never understood and were never capable of understanding.”
  12. DFWJC

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    People somehow conveniently forget a huge part of the story.....
    a major issue stemmed from Jimmy (and his perpetual wanderlust) openly expressing interest in leaving Dallas to go be Coach/GM for the new franchise in Jacksonville.

    Jerry felt betrayed by his friend and it went downhill from there.

    As the years go by and folks get more and more frustrated that we only won one title after Jimmy left...and none in 26 years....they put more and more of the blame on Jerry.

    It for sure was both of them
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  13. Kwyn

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    They hate him, they hate the team and they hate themselves. We could win five super bowls in a row and there’s a hardcore group of them who would still act that way.
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    "new life" with Miami Dolphins...LOL

    ( I get what you are saying....I suppose *if* I had a point it would be Jimmy was nothing in the NFL without Jerry. Has nothing to do with what you said....just a convenient diving board. :))
  15. Kwyn

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    Sick burn
  16. DFWJC

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    Ring of Honor, here we come!

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    You know something? I finally got a chance to actually listen to what Jerry Jones said. I have to admit. I actually believe what he was saying. I think he came off genuine. I think he might actually be genuinely remorseful for what happened between him and Jimmy. I hope he will put Jimmy into the Ring of Honor, which sounds like it might happen. However, I genuinely think he is sorry, and I think he genuinely realises how badly he messed up. I know I might sound naive, but, blimey! It's a shame it took him this long to figure that out, but I really do think he may have realised it. Maybe it's because he knows he might not have much longer left on this Earth, but I really think he's sorry. And you know what? As a young fan who hasn't seen us win a SB and never lived the Jerry years, I do accept what sounds like an apology to, not just Jimmy, but us as fans. Is it just me, or has Jerry become humble since the Texans owner Bob McNair died? He really has become more likeable, Jerry has. And you know? The way this team is being built, this new refreshing attitude from Jerry in today's presser, and what sounds like a hungry team, I really genuinely think we are going to be a very lethal team. I know it'll be slow going out the gate with how many young players we have on the defence. However, I wonder if this was like in the offseason of 1991? Where, from what I've heard from a lot of you, it was clear that the team was not ready to go to the SB just yet, but you knew something special was brewing. I feel that way about this team right now. Maybe I'm misguided, but I genuinely think something special is brewing with this team.
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  18. DandyDon52

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    yes he did lol , still holding a grudge ! after all these years, you would think he could let it go.
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  19. DandyDon52

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    Jimmy was at fault too, he got mad at the 500 coach's remark, and just got in his car and left.
    Jerry apologized, but that wasnt good enough for jimmy, so then jerry got mad, and so it was both of them at fault.

    Jimmys ego was as big as jerrys was, and that is what screwed things up.
    Jimmy had a bad temper at the time, and as we have seen jerry doesnt forgive.
  20. DandyDon52

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    He now realizes he was to blame as the GM, like he said, it was his job to keep it going.
    He only slightly remorseful,he thought all these years, he could do it without jimmy, and with those other coaches lol.
    He is now realizing it may not happen.

    He still holds a grudge against jimmy, or jimmy would already be in the roh.
    but I genuinely think something special is brewing with this team.........possible, but I think it is unlikely.
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