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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jul 21, 2021.

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    You know? That may be, but at least, if he's realizing it, maybe this is how we turn to normal. Either way, I think something special is forming with this team. I like the way I'm seeing this team be built. I know last year was atrocious, but rough seasons happen every now and then and last year was a disaster for the world. Sounds like Quinn got this defence hitting hard already. If they can play hungry and Quinn use a style they're familiar with, this team is going to be special in a good way imo. Again, I think akin to the 1991 season. Not enough to win the SB this year, but I think this team is going to develop into something special that should get us into the playoffs. From there, I think next year will be the big one for us. I just feel really positive about this team.
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    I agree. He gets a lot of flack from the fans but I liked Switzer. He shoots straight.
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    I think Jerry is hitting that time where he is reflecting on a lot of things he did both wrong and right.
    I am only going to be 50 this year, and been doing that a lot lately lol.
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    well fur it is ok to be positive, as you never know what will transpire this season or next.
    In 91 we had jimmy running the show, and norv on offense as OC, and wandstet sp? as DC , and Mike kellen and quinn
    are just not comparable. zekey isnt emmitt, dak isnt aikman, jarwin isnt novachek etc etc.

    I think cowboys make the playoffs, but dont know if they can get past div round.
    That is what they have to do to show they are better than recent past teams led by JG.

    Mike is good at talking, last year I expected a lot, due to way they talked, but in first game I was like huh? whats this?
    and the first 4 games were not good, and that was with dak and before a lot of the injuries.
    But this year he has a camp and PS games, so they should do better.
    For me it is wait and see.
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    You really shouldn't debate this issue. Its clear you are wading into water over your head with no facts at all. But, continue playing the moron, if you must.

    You apparently have no memory or knowledge of Jimmy in Miami either to go continue with your theme of general ignorance. Jimmy went to Miami and built Dan Marino's offense the NFL's #1 ranked defense. He was finding pro bowl and HOF defensive players in the draft at a time when Jerry was finding nothing. The Dolphins owner would not let Jimmy get rid of an aging an ineffective Dan Marino. At least in Dallas, the owner waited until the team won a few Super Bowls before nosing in.

    Again, it been no secret why Jimmy left Dallas, and Jerry finally admitted it yesterday. It amazes me there are still idiots like you blathering on defending a discredited opinion. At least know the history of your team and stop making stuff up.
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    Now maybe Jerry can right another wrong and put Jimmy Johnson in the ROH.
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    To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect last year with COVID affecting things in the off-season. I do think Mike had the right ideas. I just think he made things a bit more complicated given the circumstances than necessary. I like that he got a DC this year that should fit the defence more comfortably as Quinn runs a defence this team should be more accustomed to than that of Nolan's defence. Thus, I think we probably make it to the division round, which is why I referenced 1991. However, I think that result, if it holds as I think it will, is going to do wonders for this team. Sure, we don't have the reincarnation of Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin, but I like what we have. I think, all around, we are building something special, and I'm optimistic for our future.
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    You mean the same Dan Marino who but but but I'm making stuff up....lmao.
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    The relationship was broken when Booger asked Johnson to act as if he was approving each draft pick in the war room for the cameras and Wannstedt had to talk Johnson into actually showing up in the war room. Wannstedt's accounting of this has never been challenged by anyone on the inside. This started before the incident in the bar and Johnson's staff felt Booger deserved the shunning he received.

    There was this clear delineation in Johnson's mind as he knew Booger wanted to go into coaching but chose the money path and they both were successful in those paths but now Booger wanted to cross over into Johnson's world for some credit and steal some of his thunder.

    We discuss ego as if it's a negative but without that, neither of these guys rises to where they went. The problem was one wanted to eat into the ego pf the other.

    Booger is out and out lying when he says he doesn't know how he screwed it up. No one, NO ONE, understands the need for ego drive better than someone with a load of it like Booger. He knows exactly why he screwed it up and if he hadn't surrounded himself with family and a bunch of yes men, someone might have enlightened him.

    But, that is all useless because he was never going to stay in Dallas much longer than he did and was already working his way back to water.

    The fact is success bores Jimmy Johnson. When he thinks he's taken a build as far as he can, he moves on to the next one. He is the exact opposite of a guy like Nick Saban. He works to get it like he wants it to enjoy the fruits of his labor but Johnson is all about the build, then he begins to lose interest. He was rapidly losing interest in the Dallas job and Booger's neediness for attention and celebrity status was fatiguing to him.
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    When Jerry bought the Cowboys in 1989, he knew nothing about building or developing a football team.
    Jerry was simply a wealthy oil-man.

    By contrast, Jimmy for over 24 years was a successful collegiate coach at Louisiana Tech, Wichita State, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the University of Pittsburgh, finally culminating with head coaching success at Oklahoma State, and later at the U. of Miami.
    Jimmy recruited players, hired and fired coaches, & possessed quality negotiation skills in dealing with coaches, boosters, alumni, and institutional university employees.
    Jerry hired Jimmy to be the GM precisely because he knew Jimmy at Arkansas, and from afar trusted Jimmy's knowledge and pedigree in building football programs.

    In 1989, Jimmy's overall skill set was ideally suited to rectify and rebuild the Cowboys.
    In general, Jimmy recognized and had expert knowledge in assembling a coaching staff, a scouting department, and the expertise in acquiring essential players necessary to build a championship team.

    Jerry's only role at that time figuring out ways to reverse the financial slide that the Cowboys were experiencing.
    Jerry purchased the Cowboys for $140 million -- $65 million for the team, $75 million for the stadium, and Jerry put up $90 million -- all the cash he had -- and borrowed the rest against personal assets.
    Jerry was too busy, ill-suited, and lack any knowledge of football operations to be involved in constructing a football team.

    More to the point, Jimmy's contract with Jerry, specified that Jimmy was in full control of all the details and intricate football operations for the Cowboys.
    From 1989 -- 1995, Jimmy deserves the full and entire credit in developing, orchestrating, and resurrecting the Cowboys.

    Jerry has been riding on Jimmy's coattails for the last 27 years.
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