Jerry throwing shade at Cooper

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NotForLong, Jan 22, 2022.

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    Exactly..........that is why I hope KM gets his arse out of Dallas as fast as possible.

    KM reminds me of some Madden noob that has like 5 plays that he runs over and over and over again. Once you figure out when each of those 5 plays are going to be run, based on formation, down and distance, personnel, you can shut that shiot down pretty easy.
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    QB struggles=WR struggles. It’s not rocket science Jerry.
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    Coop’s performance is on him. And it has been crap. Blame Dak for his shortcomings but don’t give me this garbage about him being open a lot. And then to mention him in the same breath as Adams is completely funny.
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    Instead of throwing shade at Cooper, he should be creating shade on those terribly designed stadium windows.
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    Tad out there criticizing Tyron Smith and Zach Martin.. none of these guys are gonna buy that Dak doesn’t feel that way. Interestingly you don’t see Tad bash Zeke as far as I know. Can’t bash Dak’s best friend
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    What toilet did tad crawl out of or is someone else using his account.
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    I was being funny... thinking of what Adams would look like with Dak lol.
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    I hope McCarthy is gone. His teams lack discipline.
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    I hope you kick that addiction.
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    They lacked discipline under wade and Garrett too.
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    Jerry just mad a Coop because he didn't fold to the pressure at the Star to take a shot.
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    Dak is a receiver killer. Just ask Lamb who more than once this season got his head taken off thanks to another one of Dak's well placed balls.
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    I take this much more as a shot to Kellen Moore than coop
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    No he’s just a great wide receiver
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    I DO NOT CARE the fact that Jerry is a billionare...
    when it comes to NFL he is a clown and a total idiot and a horrilble GM
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