Jerry's great OC decision

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. birdwells1

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    I didn't want Kellen Moore to be the offensive coordinator but as I think about it it was a great decision.

    Jerry could not sign a hot shot offensive coordinator while Jason Garrett was a lame duck coach. If Jason Garrett does not get to the NFC championship game next year he and his whole staff will be fired.

    Jerry did not want to get stuck having to pay an offensive coordinator 3 years after he's gone. So he decided that Jason Garrett deserved to have his offense for the last year his do-or-die year.
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  2. conner01

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    I don’t know that he couldn’t but by not extending JG you don’t really want to hire a guy and then replace OC again next year
    I suspect a big part of jerry’s Thinking has to do with a couple of guys he sees as replacement for JG after next season and I suspect one of them is in New Orleans
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  3. CPanther95

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    Sounds reasonable. There's no chance he would retain Moore as OC and not let a newly hired HC pick his own staff. ;)
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  4. Silly

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    Hey Guys,

    I don't think the bar is as high as an nfc championship. I can see JG extended ff Dallas enters the playoffs by dominating opponents.
  5. Sasquatch

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    He simply had to promote Moore in order to prevent some other team from poaching this budding offensive genius. Jerry has spared us years of regret by acting aggressively and decisively to, once again, outwit and stay out in front of the rest of the league.
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  6. Bobhaze

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    There’s nothing smart about keeping a head coach that has 8 years at the helm and two wild card wins to show for it. Jerry could fact should have fired his ineffective head coach after all the time he’s given him.

    Jerry’s setting next year up as an “all or nothing” with an OC that has ONE year of NFL coaching under his belt. Is that smart? I want Kellen Moore to succeed because I love the Cowboys. Do I think this “plan” is in any way smart? No.
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  7. daboyzruleperiod

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  8. Galian Beast

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    My guess/hope is that both Garrett and Richard are auditioning for the job.
  9. daboyzruleperiod

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    Good post. It covers just about every topic in the "Fan Zone". :laugh:
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  10. stasheroo

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    Sorry, but I don't see this as a "Jerry move", but instead a compromise between he and Garrett.

    Jerry and Stephen wanted Linehan gone, while Garrett didn't. That's evident. When he was fired - yes fired - they had internal discussions over a replacement and new structure. Garrett got the staff he wanted, and in exchange, the Jones will not extend his deal unless there are results.

    In other words, "we'll let you handle 2019 your way, but if it doesn't work, you and everybody else are out."

    Think about the fact that within minutes of the new staff being unceremoniously "announced", word also came out that Garrett would not be extended. That's not mere coincidence. That's getting the word out, this was a compromise.
  11. Verdict

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    Garrett is an intelligent guy. I doubt that he is still insisting on the Air Coryell system that isn't working. I think Garrett wants to win more than he wants to be right.

    I do think that he preaches beat the man across from you, but I doubt that he insists that no scheming be used, or that we call a play that has a low chance of success. He's just not that vain or stupid.

    I really believe that this team has been held back offensively because of Linehans tendencies. I think he looks at the "genius" of the play call rather than common sense game management.
  12. Diehardblues

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    Of course it’s not smart. It’s why Jerry’s selfish ambitions aren’t what best for Cowboys Football.

    The point is no named OC we’d want would be interested coming here in this dysfunctional organization and or with this QB.

    And I doubt anyone’s job is on the line. Retaining Garrett is smart with the agendas Jerry has.

    Jerry has a team that’s fairly close to the next level without a HC who wants or will receive all the credit if they do have more success. Jerrys dream deal.
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  13. DaleMc

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    What if we have seen this movie before? Does Jerry see Moore as the "Next Big Thing" and make him his next Head Coach in Training? Could explain some things? LOL Go Boyz.
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  14. Doomsday77

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    I think there is some validity in this OP. There are some that believe we could have waved a magic wand and picked a better HC after all this time. Not sure that is a given. Since the HC is not assured of an extension he will have his finger prints all over this offense you can bet on that. This scenario is all set up for pass or fail. Fine, if he fails then he should go but with modest success he will get an extension and our new OC will get paid. I for one am looking forward to it...NFC Championship win or lose will get it done.
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  15. visionary

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    Yep, make complete sense

    It is "a great decision " by the owner of the most valuable sports franchise in the world to waste an entire season just to save a couple of million dollars

  16. birdwells1

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    Yep I'm tired of making the divisional round being a successful season it's time to get back to the NFC Championship Game Super Bowl or Super Bowl championship if Garrett is the guy to get there next year he'll have to do it if not it's time to move on or matter fact it's been time to move on but hopefully Jerry sees it
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  17. Jake

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    The "great decision" to me was putting JG on notice that 2018 wasn't good enough. Moore becoming OC is a by-product of that decision.
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  18. Texasfootball21

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    Hopefully Zeke the #1 player on the offensive roster can carry a even bigger load next season to make boy genius and the lame head coach look good enough for the clueless GM. Guess we will be starting all over again after next season.
  19. ItzKelz

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    Conspiracy theory.
  20. cowboy_ron

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    With the exception of Jimmy and Parcells Jerry has always picked his HC's coaching staff.....which makes Payton coming here a huge longshot....he wouldn't let Jerry pick his staff.
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