Jerry's system had one inescapable flaw

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by leeblair, Dec 26, 2019.

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    Jerry Jones wanted to be the head coach of the Cowboys, but he can't.
    So he hatched a plan in which he used Jason Garrett as a figurehead at the head coach position, and depended on Garrett to make his wishes come true.
    By 2013 it was clear that Garrett was an idiot, but Jerry refused to give up. He hatched a plan to win a Super Bowl with great players and great coordinators, with Garrett remaining as the figurehead at head coach so that Jerry could still play with his toy soldiers.
    And it almost worked. Jerry had gotten the players. Scott Linehan revived the offense in 2014 and the Cowboys were back to being competitive. But in 2015, with the most solid team since the 1991 Cowboys, Romo got hurt and Garrett was lost without him. Garrett and Jones shut down the offense and hoped to run the table upon Romo's return. This was idiotic.
    Garrett is such a poor coach he failed to recognize just how good the 2015/2016 Cowboys were. When Dak Prescott stood behind the best o-line in football it made him look like a marquee player, but it was fool's gold.
    But desperate to believe he had a player that would make him look good, Garrett again shot himself in the foot and abandoned Romo for Prescott.
    And here we are in 2019 with the most poorly coached team in the NFL.
    Not because of the coordinators; because of Garrett.
    But Jerry nearly pulled it off.
    His big mistake was he didn't understand how much damage not having a real head coach on the sidelines to give the rest of the team adequate direction.
    Garrett doesn't know which way is up.
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    This reads like an xwalker thread.
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    So let me get this straight.
    • Jerry Jones creates Jason Garrett.
    • Jason Garrett kills Tony Romo.
    • Dak Prescott kills Jason Garrett.
    • Jerry Jones kills the Dallas Cowboys?
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    Was this copy and pasted if so we want a link
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    Just do a google search for 'tin foil hat'.
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    I’m not looking for myself...:laugh:
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    to many zombies. Is Dallas the orginal walking dead?
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    They play like it sometimes LOL
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    Is this a real thread?
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    This read like that scene from Jurassic Park.
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    The missing pieces:

    • Cowboys fans kill Jerry Jones.
    • Cowboys fans inherit the Cowboys! :thumbup:
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    Where do you get this from?

    Orlando Scandrick who was just cut from the team a couple yrs ago says th complete opposite of what youre trying to say here. He was on tc with Shannon and Skip saying they couldnt be further from the truth about Jerry. He doesnt butt in, he doesnt go in the locker room and give pep talks, hes not in meetings.

    Ever think that maybe JGs time was just over and these players werent hearing him anymore? It happens. Hell even last yr these players were 100% behind Garrett, it changed this yr.
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    Actions speak so much louder than words do.
    We all saw it. We saw how any player that didn't go along with Garrett was let go. We saw how incompetent Garrett was from the time he tried to be the offensive coordinator.
    We saw how Garrett went 8-8 three straight seasons and how Scott Linehan came in and revived a dead Cowboys offense and implemented a power rushing attack.
    We saw how Jerry announced that Garrett would have more to do with the defense when Linehan was hired. Garrett was demoted rather than fired.
    We saw how Garrett was lost without Romo and refused to allow Brandon Weeden to play quarterback when Romo was hurt- opting to try and just exist until Romo could return and win the rest of his games to get the Cowboys to the playoffs in 2015- wasting the entire season with his incompetence.
    We've seen the entire careers of Pro Bowl players wasted under Garrett.
    And we saw Tony Romo cast aside for a 4th round rookie who was treated as if he was the hope of the franchise until now another powerful offensive line has been wasted.
    So don't tell me how the players love Garrett. They have been caught in a high paying but silly circus for years.
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    It didn't start with Garrett.

    It started with the spat and split with Jimmy. Jerry wanted to be the owner, GM and have his hands in every aspect of the team and be in the spotlight. With Jimmy having so much control, even with personnel, and getting so much credit for the SB's, Jerry wanted to ensure that no one other than him would have that kind of power with the Cowboys again.

    By not wanting to be overshadowed by a strong HC again, Jerry has basically sabotaged himself from winning and being able to receive the credit he wants since he's not going to win by hiring the puppet HC's he keeps hiring and neutering.
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    lol so your ignoring people that have been on this team and know whats going on. And saying F them i know better and i know more from what i get to see in talk shows and highlights. i got it
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    The OP forgets the disfunction before Garrett. Parcells was brought in while Jerry strong armed local politicians for stadium support. Make no mistake Jerry bought the Dallas Cowboys but for a long time now it's really the Dallas Jones'. It's the sports entertainment industry and Jerry excels at it. Are you not entertained?
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    Without the metrics, stats and analytics.
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    Yes, Jerry's system has one inescapable flaw. Jerry
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    This rant is fool's gold.

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