Twitter: Jerry's willing to trade up on draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Dre11, Apr 13, 2022.

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    He is willing to trade down in the draft too or stay just where he is. What he is really willing to do is run his mouth.
  2. kiheikiwi

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    I don't buy it, or should I say - I refuse to believe they would be that negligent.
    When you are not a F.A. player - and believe in "Making your team better thru the draft".
    You should not, can not give up those pecious few draft resources to move up.
    Now, down is another matter.
  3. Setackin

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    Y’all Jerry just says stuff sometimes lol
  4. CouchCoach

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    That depends on the team drafting.

    The perception that they are good at drafting is in error, They are a good drafting team in the 1st and sometimes 2nd and 3rd rounds but after that? They have 4 5th round picks, think the numbers favor them getting someone that can play on the 3rd day?

    There are going to be a lot of backups picked in this draft because it's just that kind of draft, really not that great at the top of the draft except at WR, DE and OT.

    If the Cowboys really think they're a contender, I would rather see them package up the 3rd day (4, 4 5's, 6) and trade that to a rebuilder that will value those picks for their 2nd and maybe 3rd. 3rd day of the draft should be sponsored by Home Depot or Lowes.

    And they need players to step in on day 1, not these projects that they fail to develop. They can fill in with UDFA's.
  5. Hennessy_King

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    Give it all up for sauce
  6. Pokes12

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    Genius GM. Just like telling everyone he was trading La'el or Amari. The signal that others use to take advantage of this old and toothless man.
    Please, Jerry, give it up. You are feckless and a laughing stock.
  7. Dre11

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    They didn't say they were trading Amari, they said they didn't know if they could keep all 3, everybody knew when Cooper got his contract he was gone in 2 years at the league deadline.
    People like you just looking for something to b about
  8. kiheikiwi

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    While this is generally true - in specifically talking about Dallas, the cost of moving up in either the 1st or 2nd round would wipe out all out top picks. ( 1 - 3 rounds) Obviously also depends on how far of a move up.
    As great as one top tier player would be, if it costs your second and maybe third - it's unrealistic given its the only way to upgrade the team.
    Now if it was not a 1st round trade up, maybe lower round picks could be used.
    But not top of the draft trade ups.
  9. Bullflop

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    It's Jerry, alerting all NFL GMs that he'll man the phone, fully prepared to wheel and deal. Will he come to our rescue? No doubt. :lmao2:
  10. TequilaCowboy

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    And I'm willing to give Scarlett Johansson a chance to take me out. C'MON Black Widow, feeling lucky???
  11. KJJ

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    The only thing that’s going to make it more miserable on this board is if everyone hates our first pick. Those fans who haven’t already reached their breaking point most likely will if they don’t like our top pick. The bad thing this year is our biggest need is on the OL and you always hate having to use your top pick on a fat guy that can block. It’s not a glamorous pick but it’s a big need. If we do go that route the one big positive is we’ve hit on our last three first round picks on the OL.
  12. The Fonz

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    Same management same result
    Moving up or down won't matter .only to give the talking heads something to talk about
  13. vicjagger

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    He was referring to trading up from #56 or #88, not #24. JMO.
  14. Flamma

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    If Dallas traded all four of their 5th round picks it might get us up to pick 21. Pick 20 if Pitt really likes those 5th rounders.
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